Music, Neptune, Psychic Ability and Etheral Connection

I was telling the soldier a story, he was holding his antenna (psychic) which he does sometimes. He did not seem to be listening to me all that much. I ignored his inattention until it was just totally obvious he was elsewhere.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he said, red-faced.

“Liar. Why are you lying to me?” I asked.

“I’m not lying to you,” he said, lying.

“You are lying through your teeth. Don’t you know your whole face swirls around when you lie.”

He just stared.

“Okay, so you don’t want to tell me?”

“P, I don’t know enough.”

“Oh brother.”

An hour later he picked up his guitar and started playing. He played some songs from when we were kids… “Geezer-y songs” he calls them. “These are our geezer-y songs. If anyone heard us listening them they’d say, whaaaaaaat?”

“They said, whaaaaaaaat, back when we were listening to them and they were current.”

“Yeah, I guess so. We’ve never really fit in this world.”

He started playing another song and then another. I started crying. He continued to play these songs… they were all from one album and I could tell something was going on with him too, but I didn’t know what. It was music I hadn’t heard for decades, but boy did I know it and very moving.

He kept playing the songs, one after another. I sung with him for some of them, we were both struggling to remember the words. I could fill in some of the blanks and he was surprised. “You know that?”


A half hour and ten songs later, I was a mess. I was just crying is all. The stuff was heart-wrenching.

“What you suppose it is, P?”

I shook my head.

“That’s pretty much the whole album right there, in a can. I didn’t know you knew those songs,” he said.

“I know them, I know them,” I said, wiping tears.

“I can see that. Do you know that album came out right about the time we broke up?”

“Uh huh?”

“Do you suppose that album came out and I went and I bought it and you went and bought it? And do suppose when we listened to it made of think of each other and we felt sad because we were apart?”

I just stared.

“Do you suppose that’s what it is?”


“Well, that’s what I think happened. And that’s what came to me when I was (holding my antenna). Those songs are what came to me. We were both listening to them, P. And we were having the same feelings, we missed each other bad, but we didn’t know it…”

I just looked at him. I could remember listening to that music, lying in my bed crying and crying. What can you possibly say?

11 thoughts on “Music, Neptune, Psychic Ability and Etheral Connection”

  1. My husband and I had a musical connection like that. Back in 1995, when we weren’t actually dating each other but he was always on my mind, he showed up at a mutual friends’ house for a small party. It was late and everyone left, but he stayed and we layed next to each other on the floor, holding hands, and not talking, just listening to Peter Murphy’s Cascade. It felt like we were floating or in a trance. I remember liking that album so much at the time and thinking if any guy liked this album as much as I do, he would truly ‘get’ me. I felt like he was “the one” after that magical experience and after some trials and growing up, we have been married 8 years.

  2. Wonderful story, Elsa and soldier! Maybe you’ve already done this, but can you describe what your Neptunian or other contacts are, in synastry and composite? What accounts astrologically for a connection like this? Moon-Neptune?

  3. Really good that you cried, that released a lot of the pain that got stored from the time you lost him in the past, good healing. A very strong heart-soul bond there, no surprise then all those psychic connections.

  4. There is a new movie coming out Nov 21 about musical connections between people. I *THINK* the name is Autumn Rush????

  5. Right before I read this I was trying to make sense of something I had just seen (newly made music video on youtube). I was trying to figure out the meaning when I came upon this beautiful tale of Love with you and your hubby. It gave me some insight. I also was watching a woman channel info about twin flames and she pulled up tarot cards about this. They were relationship cards, one was a couple/courting and the other was a couple/maturity. Thanks for the inspiration. I think the music video is about Twin Flames. Jeni

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