Weekend Love Forecast – Dynamic Intuition: Delicious, Dreamy Plans

Jane snow furFriday night, the Pisces Moon conjoins sign-ruler Neptune. Tune in. Not in a Mercury way, tho Mercury at the end of Taurus sextiles Neptune through the weekend. No, this adds an internal mood attunement… to the grid that attaches us to the rest of… everything.

It’s not so much monitoring emotion as it is letting what comes through come through. A pure connection furthers a supportive and hierarchy-leveling bond with those in your sphere, near and far. Water finds its own level: accept the gift.

Late Friday, the Moon moves from Pisces to Aries, end to beginning again. It sextiles Pluto in Aquarius, so groovy mood zoomies (that actually take you somewhere). We’re emotionally compelled, and yet it becomes a dry heat. Getting out and about with others is a magnetic affair.

Taurus Mercury sextile Pisces Neptune confers a wee bit of psychic magic to the mix. Gauge your communications as they come in and go out. Trust that you’ve got it right, and put that thin veil to good use. Trust the tide of your mind and your mouth.

Saturday night, the Mars-ruled Aries Moon sextiles Gemini Venus and the Sun and conjoins the north node. Mercury-Neptune enhances an already delightful mood of life-affirming pleasure-seeking through a sensory-soaked, wonder-filled attitude of delight. It’s like you know what will work and can skip ahead to the good part.

Sunday morning’s Aries Moon makes its way into and through conjunction with Chiron and Mars. All day, the mood is brisk and volatile (easily ignited). Don’t fall into the obvious traps along the way; you know better. The Moon spends the rest of the day racing through the end of the sign. Continue to lean into attunement with the Mercury-Neptune guidance, and let your mind glide through the fast curves. Trust your words to put out any errant fires that pop up.

Mercury heads into its on rulership in Gemini, Sunday night / Monday morning. Soak up all the juice you can. Do you have any weekend plans?

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