Mars Is Broken In Libra, But What About Aries?

I’m aware of some shadowy manifestations of my Mars (in detriment) in Libra. Eventually I’ll probably get my nerve up and write about it but to be candid writing things like this is doubly hard. First because I have to reveal my weakness in plain terms with real life examples which I actually don’t mind all that much. The part that is exceedingly difficult is the defending this once I’ve done it which becomes necessary because it is not politically correct to say, “This Mars in Libra is a lousy Mars!”

You can get things done with Mars in Libra. I can obviously fight like crazy and exercise like a machine, but the fact is it’s is a lousy Mars. People with Mars in Libra might not like hearing this! You know. There is a high expression of everything and blah, blah, blah. Like I don’t know that! I do know that, but it is still a lousy Mars!

I was lying around last night thinking about the lousy things I have learned about my lousy Mars in Libra over the last week and being very aware I ought to cultivate qualities of of Mars in Aries. Directness and so forth, that is. And then when I came across this, which made me feel a lot better.

This is astrologer (and writer… I love his writing), Elbert Wade on an Aries client he had once. Ha ha ha ha, at least I’m not her! Aries, You Are — But What? by Elbert Wade

Turns out I’m a mess, you’re a mess which must also mean, I’m okay, you’re okay and that’s Libra. Two sides, bay-beeeee! There are always two sides!

Do you have Mars in Libra or know someone who does? Please (asks Libra politely) tell us how it’s lousy… or not. If you can decide, that is. πŸ˜‰

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  1. β€œThis Mars in Libra is a lousy Mars!” I agree, I have Mars in Libra in the 7th. Always agreeing when I disagree in my partnerships. Going along with others rather than bucking. This past tour of Mars in Leo really brought out the worst and the best of me. I wish I could integrate that into a workable pattern, a balance of that stepping up and at the same time, of walking myself down a notch.

  2. I have Mars in Libra, 1st house and I needed to read this! I laughed so hard. I can’t stand my Mars in Libra and I was sadly thinking how lousy it is. Yes, when the dust is cleared, I’m the last one standing by the time I run my mouth. Then I have a horrible cusp, 29 degree Scorpio Moon that does not fit my Leo Sun. I claim the Sag Moon because that expresses me. The whole chart is a damn quagmire! So I asked the Universe, why couldn’t I have been born 12 hrs later and had a nice Leo Sun, Sag Moon, Aries rising and Libra would’ve been thrown into my 7th house, and none of this other nonsense. The Universe said that I could have been born in Afghanistan if I would’ve taken that ticket 12 hrs later; I probably would’ve been that tortured Afghan Girl on the cover of National Geographic Magazine. So I just said, HEY NOW! Detroit is looking good at 9:48 AM with Mars in the first house if that’s the case. I wonder if this Mars in the first house Libra has something to do with talking a lot of crap all of the time?

    In response to Ginjer, when Mars transited my natal Sun Leo, I was chopping off heads as I found them along the road. Now Saturn is in my first house transiting Mars. . . forget about it. All of this life changing crap all over again.

    1. I think Leo with Scorpio moon and Mars in Libra is a very good balance of elements and I love the drama and passion of Water/Fire sun moon combinations. Leo sun, Sag moon and Aries rising is way too much fire. I have an Aries moon and I am so glad my Libra Mars balances it out. I still blurt things out stupid things all the time, but luckily I can go back and clean the mess with some tact and charm.

    2. having a double fire or your fire sun be with a fire moon isn’t always good either, if you have a broken mars. I noticed this with family members too and they have a hard time with libra mars, and i feel for them. I see it in virgo venus and how they have a hard time too in love and relationship always so feeling insecure and unsure. I see it in capricorn moons too, and i see it in aquarius suns, libra suns, (fall and detriment suns) and in mars cancers (fall) and even someone with 6th house venus. (how houses make alot of influence!) So many detriments and falls, it’s some kind of cruel joke from the stars. But having lots of exaltations and dignified doesn’t even mean it’s good life either. sigh. i’m just kind of sad about it, but i think it also means we can’t have everything and what good would that do? nothing in life is perfect and wonderful that’s for sure. And having dignified aries mars or scorpio mars doesn’t mean perfect either, its just they do get what they want in life faster and easier; only consolation is, be a good person and good character and try your best, no matter if have detriments and falls everywhere. Accept and love thyself. And astrology can help alot if others are understanding that ” hey no wonder they can’t be a go getter, they have that fall and detriment, it makes sense” thats what astrology will do, help out ALOT. give more understanding and depth.

  3. Well i have Cardinal T-square – Jupiter in Cancer in 11th house opposition Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn in the 5th house (hate the capricorn), squaring apex planets Mercury, Sun and Mars in Libra in the 2nd house ..Its annoying and I can;t stand this one either cos money is my number 1 enemy atm…If I wanted to be assertive I could be but sometimes I hold my tongue for whatever reason mostly guilt and feeling bad (from other aspects on my chart.) i have a lot of difficult aspects as do most people but astrology has taught me a lot and apparently it’s a guideline for how we can manage ourselves in this life so as not to repeat mistakes in previous lives (if we did indeed have them).?..but I also have to try and learn not to let it deal with me or get depressed over it, I mean none of this is really real’ll wake up eventually and realize it was all a dream. but rather I should deal with it. Am sure there’s worse crap out there than this..:o πŸ˜€

  4. I have mars in Libra too and in the 2md house. I am still studying this but so far I think it may be a blessing in disguise. I say this because this Libra really does help me stay balanced. I have a Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune all in Scorpio. I mean, imagine a mars in Scorpio too! I feel the Libra helps me to be very diplomatic and not lose my temper or be over emotional and cry.

  5. yes, my mars in libra is crappy to say nicely. it is conjust with saturn. so i can make up excellent thought out plans, but by god i stuggle in implementation and initiation for all of it. Procrastination should be my middle name. I have to work very hard and have to do lot of internal work to get up and running. don’t get me wrong, when i do, i do a great job. but it is just LOUSY.

  6. what if you have Mars in libra 6th house which is its natural house how does that make a difference? also even though I have Mars in libra I have Aries rising?? but I love my Mars libra b/c I have Scorpio moon and Leo in sun and Mercury so it helps with my explosive temper to keep me cool!

    1. yes thats a nice way to put it. Leo sun /Scorpio moon and mercury …wow!! everyone needs a nice balance in their charts. I think thats why we have detriment and falls in our chart. too much of exaltation and dignified can be quite too much.

      this makes me understand deeply why my Aries/Taurus moon sister with all her exaltations love a man with lots of Fall planets, both sun in fall and venus fall, but her mercury pisces is blundering while his virgo mercury is exaltation. it’s like some kind of wonderful balance for eachother <3

  7. I have my Mars in Libra and I am very glad I do. I like that I can use tact and making things beautiful comes quite easily to me. I also have an Aries moon. They balance each other very nicely.

    1. I have this Same combination…
      I think it works just fine.. with hardly any of the typical negative mars in libra traits.
      I do avoid conflict as much as possible, but I’m far from being a p*ssy. And if pushed enough to where conflict or self defense is absolutely unavoidable, I will completely obliterate the opposition… but will feel really horrible later in most cases… unless the person really has it coming.

  8. Another lousy mars in libra member here! I 1000% agree with all the procrastination and indecisive comments. I really can be quite incapable of making the most minor of decisions sometimes, weighing up all the pros and cons of both and not getting anywhere. Unless it’s something I have a definite instant yes/no reaction to, I will try make someone else decide for me. Even if I sway more towards one option, if I’m not that bothered, I’d rather someone else decide and a little bit of people-pleasing may be present. If I can’t decide, I may copy whatever the other person has/does as a decider. My hubs HATES this and we (non-serious) fight about it, haha. This is all usually about stuff I feel is not serious. What shall we have for dinner, what shall we do today? Ehh, you decide.

  9. Love it when my mars in aries is productive. Like now, transiting also in aries. Sweat it out. I shouldn’t really exert myself so much though, not in my situation. It reminds me of my trainer, sweet lady, when she said’ take breaks, why do you exhaust your body so much, you’re not being gentle to it. Breathe.’ Good advice.

  10. I Luv my Mars in Libra. It opposes my moon in Aries, and gives me a balanced perspective. I hardly ever allow myself to get angry. It sits in the same house with my virgo mercury/pluto conjunction, trine my venus & sun in Leo, with asc in taurus & lilith in scorpio…Pluto dominant chart, btw.
    I always prefer to be kind & thoughtful…
    But when things get serious, I’m almost always the calmest & most calculating person in the room.
    And when I blow, which is almost never… I remember everything you’ve ever done, and if it comes to having to defend myself or getting even, I’m the worst person you’d want coming after you or who’s gaze you would want to roast under.

    Sexually, I’m insatiable, but I’m Very picky… I’d rather go without than have a physical relationship with someone I don’t respect intellectually or morally…

        1. I can see how some would say Mars in Libra isn’t a “good” Mars..

          I have Mars in Libra but my moon is in Aries.
          For me, it actually balances me, and keeps me calm & tactful when needed.

          I think Mars tempered with a strong martian personal planet (planets that ordinarily make for strong Mars positions such as Scorpio, Aries, Leo or Capricorn) such as a moon or an ascendant, or house ruler kind of nullifies the traditional thought on such outdated astrological theories.

          I also have a 10th house Saturn in Aquarius, Taurus asc, Lilith/Psyche conjunct in Scorpio, Mercury/Pluto/Pallas/Vesta stellium in the same house as my Mars, with a Pluto dominant chart.

          I’m no pussy, and have had to fight all the time growing up to protect my sister’s (and myself, since I was always the “new kid”).

          I’ve been studying people’s charts & personality types since I was 12.
          I’ve learned that astrology, although a legitimate & accurate science & psychotherapy tool if utilized properly, it’s still not as rigid as Freudian based psychology, where I see quite a few psychiatrists come to an “analysis” or conclusion of someone’s psychological makeup based on Freudian techniques which leaves zero room for a person’s individuality or growth. Astrology teaches us that every combination of planets, etc.. makes everyone unique, and no 2 people are the same regardless of their Sun, moon, Mercury, ASC, etc.
          So the people here saying that “Mars is broken” probably need to do more applied observation instead of just reading basic astrological books or horoscopes.

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