Introduction to Planetary Joys

happy globeWe all know that planets have their favorite spots in the zodiac. The Sun has its home in Leo, Venus exalts in Pisces, and Mars has a terrible time hanging out in Libra. The signs have the power to strengthen or weaken a planet while the planets give meaning to the signs. But did you know this works for houses as well?

In traditional astrology, each planet has a house in which it rejoices. Basically, the action of the planet and the function of the house are simpatico. In fact, it was this blueprint of planetary joys that helped to give houses their original meanings. By learning about planetary joys, you gain not only a better understanding of the planets but of the houses as well.

Below is a list of planetary joys to get you started:

First House – Mercury
Third House – Moon
Fifth House – Venus
Sixth House – Mars
Ninth House – Sun
Eleventh House – Jupiter
Twelfth House – Saturn

As we continue through the series, I’ll go over each planet in turn. But in the meantime, there are a few things to keep in mind: First, this only applies to classical planets, so Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto aren’t included. Second, each planet only has one house it rejoices in, so not every house gets a planet. And third, there are no “anti-joys” in the way there is both exaltation and fall by sign.

So that’s the basic idea of planetary joys. I’ll be back with bells on to talk about Mercury and the 1st house shortly!

Have you heard of planetary joys before? What do you think?

20 thoughts on “Introduction to Planetary Joys”

    1. Yes, it’s very similar! It’s just the house that gives the planet strength rather than the sign. 🙂

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    Mary Pat Kuppig

    If you’re gonna talk about the first house next, please let me know if I have this right:
    I have Uranus R at 18 in the first house, Mercury in the 5th in Scorpio. Is this why I feel like my speech is often misunderstood and why I used to be criticized as “a nice girl, but she’s got a big mouth.” Also can’t seem to stop saying the F word. Thanks!

  2. I’ve read about it but not sure I quite understand it yet. This is rooted in highly complex but advanced Hellenistic astrology, so I’m really looking forward to your series on this topic ☺☺

    I have the Moon in 3rd house in my Solar Return, but that’s using Whole sign houses. Also my profection year is Cancer, which will make the Moon my Lord of Year (however I also have natal Mars in Cancer, so the Lord of Year hands over to Mars. Which I guess reduces the joy part of the Moon ?)

  3. @Midara, No! I have never heard of this “Planetary Joys” but I am excited to learn more! I have two! Mercury in Sag in the First (but being in Sag does that cancel this?) and Jupiter Zupiter, in the 11th!
    Thanks for posting a new and fun subject for us to learn! : )

    1. I wouldn’t say they cancel each other out – it just adds layers of meaning. In this case, Mercury may have to use Jupiter tools, but he does it damn well!

  4. I have none of these houses placements but feel like I have lotsa joy in my life. What up with that??. People with these placements must be over the moon with joy.

  5. I have a question for this post, if it’s traditional astrology, do we use another house system too? (I always look at my chart in placidus because it makes the most sense to me) but wondering if it’s traditional astro then we can use something like whole signs or equal to take a peek? Looking at it that way, with whole signs/equal I have venus in a joy, a bundle of joy.

    1. Yes, in traditional astrology, whole sign house systems are primarily used. The placidus system was introduced much later in the 17th Century.

      You can actually overlay the two to get a deeper picture. For instance, when it comes to Eclipses check where it lands in both Placidus and Whole signs, you’ll find there are themes pertaining to both.

      Check out the Astrology Podcast on YouTube, lots of resources for learning about traditional astrology ☺

    2. Mermaid is right on the money! Planetary joys are rooted in traditional astrology, and traditional astrology tends to favor whole sign houses.

      I would also just add that this CAN be used with any house system you prefer. For example, I use equal rather than whole sign houses. I think there’s a lot of value to be gained by combining traditional and modern techniques. 🙂

      1. Thank you, Mermaid & Midara! Very good about the eclipses, I’ll check both systems from now on. 🙂 I checked all three systems, placidus: venus in 4th, equal+whole signs: venus in 5th.

  6. Oh yah, Jupiter is in my 11th House partnered with Venus. I love finding Jupiter loves it in the 11th House. Without going to check, I hope my progressed chart finds some planetary joys, too!

  7. I just went to see if I could do a Whole or Equal House chart on and it seems to have taken that option away? Or is it hiding somewhere?
    Also I just also noticed Jupiter is a singleton- it makes no aspect to anything and is in its own house alone. @Midara does that add anything or diminish it?

    1. Hi! If you go on in the extended chart section it has this: +options for zodiac and houses and the first to appear is House system option, all the house systems appear in there.

  8. @X-rayed Hi! Thank you I found it! I don’t know how I missed it before.

    So now @Midara my Jupiter in the Whole Sign chart has moved to the 12th! It’s a Water House with an Air Sign Jupiter. Making bubbles??

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    I have a Libra Mercury in the 1st House. I know the joy. Im told I can charm the birds from the trees.
    I love to speak and write and work to give hope, inspire and comfort people with words
    But what if the planet is in the opposite house or in an opposite sign (Taurus-Scorpio, Capricorn-Cancer, 6th and 12th house… and so forth.
    Is there opposing energy in the case of the opposing house or a diminishment if in a fall or detriment sign?

    1. In all the research I’ve done, I’ve never come across the idea of an “anti-joy” or that the opposite house is a negative placement. And my years of practice haven’t given me any evidence of that either. So planetary joys are all…well, joy! 🙂

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