Venus Squawks At The Moon

Sitting on my back stoop this morning I was having my coffee, like always, and talking to the birds that come to sit on my fence to check me out. “Well aren’t you a pretty little thing.” All of a sudden it occurred to me that I’ve become a closet birdwatcher. Over time I’ve noted the different varieties, looked them up, and thought quite a bit about their territories and their behavior. Why is that in any way noteworthy? Well, I remember in my young life saying, “Birdwatching? Who would do that? It’s so booooooring!”

My venus (what I like) is square my Capricorn (Saturn) Moon (what feeds me). I have made many a judgement (Saturn) about an activity that actually fulfills me (Moon). I guess I should take a closer look at the things I turn my nose up at and not be so quick to judge. I have seen the Boring Birdwatcher and she is me.

Is there an aspect in your chart that trips you up?

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16 thoughts on “Venus Squawks At The Moon”

  1. Oh this rings so true!! Never seen it before – Moon square Saturn, judging what feeds me. And yes, I used to laugh at birdwatchers, and yes, I now have the binoculars and the guides!

  2. Satori….I love bird watching too and never thought I would be doing that. A friend of mine…her sister is an avid bird watcher (she happens to be a Capricorn) and in the past I have thought, “how silly and boring”, but I now have 3 birdfeeders and I have gone and bought myself a book so I can know more about them….

    I really enjoy reading your posts and hope to see more!

  3. Somewhere there’s a bird on a limb with some other birds saying, “Seriously, I watched her all morning. She called me pretty. I never thought I’d be that bird…”

    Thanks for the post. Made me smile.

  4. haha irongypsy

    I love birds. 🙂

    And I guess everything in my chart has tripped me up at some point in my life….

  5. My guy has 4th house virgo moon and we keep a “birdlog” next to the window. He gets a real rush from documenting the back yard happenings.

  6. My taurus said: yes!
    Life, life, life

    My kids named their canaries:
    Copetes, nieve, pajarraca, Egipto, and Felix.
    And they made them the natal chart !!!

  7. I was visiting friends out of town and they had a book of all the local birds and it included recordings of how each of them sound. I listened to every single one while we were there (and some of them more than once). 🙂 @Satori I don’t think it’s booooring at all either!

  8. Thanks for the subject, Satori; and for sharing !

    For me, it’s been pretty recent too. I had my chart done for the first time, like 15 years ago; and the astrologer cast me as a Leo ascendant. Last September, I got a progressed chart reading from a local astrologer; and he cast me as a Virgo asc. Shock and horror ensued…
    Having been married (very unhappily so) to a Virgo for nearly 20 years, and having gone along all that time believing that my sun matched my Asc.; this was quite a shock — and pretty upsetting.

    So this is the issue : I am embarrassingly domestic, and perfectionist about it. What I thought was my Venus in Cancer, or even what I affectionately refer to as ” my inner Jew ” expressing herself (I’m Irish); has more to do with my Ascendant.
    Case in point : I cleaned two different friend’s houses in two days, simply because I was there; and there was a task to accomplish. What a frigging bore !!! Leo rising isn’t BORING, but Virgo is a persnickety, sometimes critical, germ-o-phobic, wet blanket. While most can appreciate having a clean house, especially if they did’nt have to deal with it themselves; that’s not nearly as exciting as creativity on the scale that Leo can bring it.
    So while you go on about what a bore you’ve become, at least you’re admiring beautiful creatures at your leisure; and not indulging your OCD-hypochondria and fucking cleaning everything in sight. BORING !! No wonder I don’t have a boyfriend — I’m a Virgo Ascendant, kitchen-scrubbing bore !

    I’m lookin’ for a 12-step group as we speak…

  9. ReikiHeart: hmmmmm… (trying to figure out how to get you to come clean my house) !!!!

    my fellow birdwatchers: ::makesgoofybirdsongapproximationwhilewavingarms::

  10. LOL, Satori ! Evidently, you need live no greater than three hours away from me ! Where are ya ? Sheesh…

  11. Did you know…..

    The Java Finch in one of the most populous (more per square foot) non-native birds in Hawaii. When I was still living in military housing I had 2-feeders , and it was almost “manitory” to fill them up 3x a day. My then-spouce would growl ’cause they targeted her car instead of mine….. I ignored it ’cause her cat looooved getting close to the birds.

    Also….. there is 3-types of Cardinals there as well (also non-native). 1). Brazilian Cardinal (grey with red on head and white wings, 2). South Asian Cardinal (Black with red on it’s rear) , and 3). the Northern Cardinal (red ones we are familiar).

    So if any of you peeps ever get to Hawaii…. Keep an eye open , you just never know if you’ll see something familiar from home!!

  12. My capricorn saturn clucks at my aries moon. I learned to bird watch fairly early, I used to call them out at my grandmas house when I was a girl. When we moved out west, I was amazed at the difference in the birds.

  13. sooooo sweet! I love birds:)

    As for an aspect of my chart that trips me up–Jupiter-Neptune opposition. I call it the pogostick to space.

  14. Sun-Saturn (conjunct), sun-Neptune (trine).
    I can adamantly declare I’m not anything remotely like how I am (or are how I’m not) until the mounting evidence becomes too high to ignore. And while I can hold onto the seed of what I really am, it’s very easy for me to wear another’s veil for a time until I snap out of it.

  15. My astro knowledge is woefully inadequate to the actual question you posed.
    (and I love your writing and the topics you tackle, btw).

    Been pondering the issue since your post, though. It is so very ponder-worthy!

    I think the personal schism that looms largest and has the most dissonance for me is-People.
    I simultaneously loathe and adore people.
    On the one hand-“Hell is other people” (Neitche?), yet I can’t deny that I crave society and become physically and emotionally drained if I indulge my recluse/hermit impulses for too long.
    It’s a lifelong dynamic tension. Helluva balancing act from time to time. I wish I did have some understanding of the underlying astrology–especially if it could offer insight for any ways to better harness and transform the energy involved. (another good reason to save up some Elsa pennies, eh?)

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