Mars Conjunct Mercury vs Virgo Mars… In The Car

My daughter has a Virgo Mars which is another Mars Mercury exchange. We were in the car on Friday, I was dropping my kids for the weekend before I left to meet the soldier.

“Yeah, it’s going to be another longish trip,” I said. “So you’ll be spared that.”

“Yeah,” she said before launching into a lecture about that crummy singer in the band she likes.

“Oh, him. Thanks for reminding me I’m going to spared listening to that guy all across the country. I should appreciate that.”

“And I’ll be spared you complaining about people who drive slow in the left lane.”

I turned and stared. “Okay, well I do that so touche’.”

I had impulse to launch into a preachy tirade about why this was justified but caught myself… barely.

Do you go on and on?

12 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Mercury vs Virgo Mars… In The Car”

  1. Couldn’t help but comment on this!

    No, I do not go on and on. But so many people in my life (especially my mother) do…and it is such a bore. Blah, blah, preach, preach.

    It’s exhausting to listen to it. With my Libra (including south node) and Virgo, I’ve felt like I had to listen and engage…be nice and polite…but now, I’m deciding what’s right for me and acting accordingly, which sometimes (often) means exiting when I’ve had enough.

    So happy I can now recognize when I’m feeling drained and set boundaries – all new stuff to me.

    Yay for astrology.

  2. Seldom but if I do it’s usually quite pointed (Mars/Merc in Scorp)and almost always gets the attention of whom ever I’m talking to. Now my Aries . . . Mercury/Jupiter in Aries can go on & on about what’s wrong with people. Probably one of the reasons we don’t do many road trips . . . 🙂

  3. mars/merc in sag in the 9th, so yes, I do! I try to catch myself though. Usually don’t realize it until much later, and then I kick myself.

  4. I’ve been rather talkative lately, but it seems I don’t make much sense or I just go too fast for most people (Gemini Mars/Aries Mercury). I’ve noticed that I need to let people in on my internal thought process more just to be understood. Takes time, but being understood is important to me. 🙂

  5. Yup I do. People will bring up things that I’ve complained about in the past and they just set me off again! Usually it’s about food (You don’t put green sauce on a burrito when you’re getting it mojado style. You just don’t! It tastes awful!). The good thing though is that most people think it’s funny. I guess I know when to stop. My Virgo Mercury is conjunct Venus and sextile Saturn.

  6. Sometimes, usually when explaining something. But for some reason, no one tells me to stop! So when I feel like I’m blathering and no one’s interested, I ask and people say, “You’re fine. Go on.” Whatever.

  7. Sometimes. My Mars is in Virgo too. Not that I know what it means. Sometimes everyone just needs to let it out, and there aren’t a lot of acceptable outlets for that in our society, unless you count sports and shooting things. I think it’s because we spend so much time bottling it up in the first place. Have you tried just letting it out as it comes? Easier said than done legally.

  8. Do you on and on?

    Um I think we missed a “go” there. Which is too funny to me. It maybe exemplifies the mars mercury hook-up. Too much of a hurry to communicate and the action got missed!

    Except that all of the mars mercury people who commented recognize the phrase and jump right in. WAY too much fun. I’ve got mars and mercury dancing in a pretty little sextile. And yes I both go on and on and I on and on.

    So it goes…

  9. Oh my goodness yes. I don’t know how people put up with me sometimes. I have Jupiter trine Mercury (a well as five other planets) in Leo, so I talk all the time, and mostly about me. The people in my life are truly saintly. XD

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