Mars in Aries – Read All About It!

Continuing the series on Mars through the signs, I am hoping the community here will offer their own expertise and experiences when they can to build a resource for people out googling…

Mars rules Aries so is extremely high functioning in it’s own sign. Aries is known for brash action and when it comes to fighting these attributes are an asset.

All fighters know that striking hard and fast lends an advantage and if this is confusing to you, just consider my Mars in detriment (Libra) in comparison.

While I am standing there trying to decide if I should fight or not, Mars in Aries knocks me out cold and walks away without a scratch.

Tell us about Mars in Aries, yours or others.

24 thoughts on “Mars in Aries – Read All About It!”

  1. I dated a Scorpio with Mars in Aries briefly. Keyword there is briefly. As long as I was elusive, he pursued me but the moment I stopped, he lost interest. Just as well ’cause he had waaaaay too much baggage.

    But we all love our own Mars in Aries person!! Hi Kashmiri! ::::waves happily::::

  2. I’m new here. My mars is in aries and I’m pretty combative, but I try to stifle it most of the time. I don’t think that’s working very well right now, though, maybe because Mars is in Taurus, which is my sun sign? I keep butting heads with a Sagittarius friend, unfortunately.

  3. Mars in Aries. I admire strength and courage. Prowess is attractive! 🙂

    Neith – Me too, but it’s inverted. As long as I’m elusive, they pursue me but the moment I stop they lose interest. Weird!

  4. My dad had Mars in Aries, I have Mars in Scorpio. To know my dad is to know his explosive and sudden temper. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to get around it really — the only reason why we get along now is because I don’t live there anymore.

  5. I’ll wait until you get to Mars in Libra, but couldn’t help to note and relate to your comment about your Mars in Libra contemplating the pros and cons just before getting their clock cleaned.

  6. One of my sisters has mars in aries – it takes very little to make her haul off and clock anyone who stands in her way or hassles her. That was when she was young. Then she got older she got in fights everywhere she went – now she is medicated….

    I dated a man with every personal planet in aries and I love Aries men having Venus in Aries myself.

    They are so straightforward in action. However the self centeredness of someone with that much fire… was not to be tolerated long. Like Neith said “briefly”.

    Mars in Aries has a short fuse

  7. My grandma has this. She’s accomplished more in this life than I could ever think to. I’m sorry to say I don’t know as much about her as I would like but she goes after what she wants and usually has gotten it. Her Mars is conjunct her moon in Aries in the 11th house and, over the years, has become one of the top Mary Kay consultants in the nation, with flanks and flanks of women under her and surrounding her life. She also has the “WE CAN DO IT” mentality, inspirational mottos and pep talks peppering her emails to me and on her website. They’re actual, not theoretical for her.

  8. Mars in Aries, 9th house. I learned young to curb my temper, living with two drama queens, an outburst from me was not to be tolerated. After that, I only fought when it was life-threatening.

  9. Yep, my Mars in Aries ex used to say (frequently) “hit first and hit hardest” and he employed it to his best advantage all the time. Very aggressive and skilled fighter.

  10. “Yep, my Mars in Aries ex used to say (frequently) “hit first and hit hardest” ..”

    yeah, as the soldier would say, “Dick dance around and you’re gonna get your ass killed.”

  11. Mars in Aries in the 7th: I either dominate or am attracted to strong partners, best if I can have a bit of both! It’s on the DC’s cusp so I also tends to project it big time. I dislike fighting and witnessing fights, yet I’ll interfere to prevent them if it’s doable & a friend is involved — that’s a form of fighting in it’s own right!

    However once I sued a lawyer, representing myself cuz I was broke, he was represented by another lawyer, and a third lawyer attended as witness. I was utterly terrified but I was beyond pissed off. practiced the warrior pose daily for months before the hearing. spend hours at the law library. I came prepared with boxes of indexed documents. shot them like arrows for 3 hours, never once missing my target. I won.

    oh and I love Aries Men! am very appreciative of the hero in all men.

  12. hi neith! lol…

    i do have mars in aries…i remember once, i was about 15 years old. i was walking home from track and field practice one summer night, alone. all of a sudden a doberman pincer came rushing at me with teeth bared.

    …i came to, having launched myself over a chain link fence with no recollection how i had done it…literally left my body. i had in fact pissed my pants as well, no kidding. i was stunned…

    (and this is why i was so impressed by the mars in pisces dog chasing incident. yes mars in aries can be incredibly brave but sometimes with mars in aries the instinct is to RUN LIKE HELL and this seems to be a manifestation that non-aries people miss)

  13. Muwahahhaha!

    I do not have a Mars in Aries but I’m all about striking before anyone can make a move 😛 I do have a Mars-ruled chart but my Mars is in Leo.

  14. I know a Mars in Aries who hates to fight, he’ll turn away — maybe it’s that “run like hell” thing that Kash mentioned. He has road rage though.

    What I like is the way he doesn’t hold onto his anger. It’s hot and firey and then done.

  15. mars in aries on the dc here… yes, i can relate to kashmiri! sometimes it is all about running as fast as you can- move and get the hell out as fast as possible!!haha

    i think that i move really fast, in general- energy is intense short spurts- and it took me a while to learn to manage it. i also notice that people can be intimidated by this, as i need to take action right away and not talk about things for hours… this just happened to me while visiting the states… i was part of a group of elderly people all 85+ debating whether or not to call an ambulence— i was jumping out of my body and just did it- though i violated the ‘chain of command of the elder knows best’- and was then advised of this by my grandmother (saturn sits on her libra asc)

    my track coach in h.s.kept telling me… you have body of a long distance runner… and would add all long dist. races in addition to my sprints- and i would just get sick- vomiting… kicked ass in short distances though.

    this is true for all matters in the bedroom as well- lets get on with it, now!! this can be somewhat incompatible with the ‘slow staters’…

  16. Mars in aries on cusp of 2nd/3rd. To describe this I will use an example where I was away from home. I was jumped at in broad daylight by someone, he kept mumbling like in a situation where you met someone familiar but he wasn’t familar to me and he had a weird behavior, blocking my way at the same time but it went on for a bit. Luckily nothing happened. That same day a very drunk man sitting down on the pavement shouted and crawled to grab my feet. My mars in aries got into action. Had I been dwelling on this too much that day, I would have been dependent on a friend or someone for a few days when going outside for sure. So that day I went at 11 pm to get bread- alone- on a sketchy street. This might seem really idiotic or irrational and I don’t recommend it to others but doing that saved me from my own future fear and I have enough fears. That’s mars in aries, do or die. Now.

  17. Don’t mind swearing but I keep it to myself. Might have called some a boiled turnip or a punty cunt in my head when the ocassion required. My mind never shuts up and the simple thought of meditation… I am attracted to daring (still safety- conscious) guys as well. People who are into sports, active, exercising, adrenaline seekers through sports-mars square uranus. Dancers/singers too- mars square neptune. I like assertive people- mars square ascendant- exactly because I can’t properly use my aspect, it’s either anger flares or passive shut down. One day when I get the hang of it. One day I will transform all of the hostile, agressive energy from myself and the hostility I receive from others -mars square descendant into something good. You just wait.

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