Mars In Pisces – Read All About It!

This is such a Mars flavored blog, it occurred to me to co-create with the community here; a resource for googlers researching Mars through the signs.Β  I thought I could write an anecdote for Mars in each of the signs and others could add their experience or expertise and this could become quite valuable over time.

Regarding Mars in Pisces, it’s very subtle. I was profoundly seduced by a man with Mars in Pisces once, he went to elaborate ends to create fantasy in order to get the girl.

I was chatting him up in bar along with one of his friends, running interference for my friend who was trying to pick up the third man in the group.

Throughout the conversation, Pisces Mars was blowing on me. Yep, he was blowing on my neck but he was so tricky about it, I thought it must be the breeze from the ceiling fan spinningΒ  on the ceiling high above.

He kept blowing, I kept glancing up at the fan, he would blow, I would look at the fan and the thing is, I didn’t figure this out for more than a year.

I did marry the guy though… πŸ™‚

Tell us about Mars in Pisces, yours or theirs…

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  1. My friend with Mars in Pisces:

    We were out for a walk and a dog ran out to us, barking his head off. i was quite scared, but my friend just said
    “Hey! Hi!”
    He started clapping his hands slowly and loudly, walked closer and closer to the dog, who backed up and gave a confused “arf?”

    Then he picked up a rock and tossed it to the dog like it as a ball, and the dog…sniffed the rock and looked at him like: ?????????

    i was totally impressed!

  2. Jilly it does, but I would prefer this stay strictly on topic as it is designed to aid beginners!

    Good luck to me, staying on point talking about Mars in Pisces. ::rolls eyes::

    But yes. The intention here is that people can come read about MARS IN PISCES and not be confused.

  3. Lol kashmiri – I liked that story a lot!

    It’s funny “being on a walk” was brought up. I’ve developed this habit of going on walks and zoning out on my ipod every morning. Burns off the nervous Gemini energy I guess! I would imagine other Pisces-Mars people find walking to be among the best workout activities for us – relaxed, not too intense.

    What struck me as very Mars-in-Pisces is how I react when I encounter somebody walking towards me on the sidewalk. I’m always the one to move out of the way. I see them coming from yards away and even then I start to move aside! Onto the grass, onto the bike lane in the street…I don’t care! Don’t let me get in your way!
    I smile at people if they aren’t engrossed in a conversation or lost in thought or don’t look like they want to be bothered…or if they smile at me, of course! But other than that, I usually just emphatically make way for them, I don’t miss a beat.
    Must look a little odd, but it makes me think of a river rushing around whatever obstacle is in its way and then going on as normal πŸ™‚

    1. wow….I never really thought of this. It is true about me too! I am Mars in Pisces and I also move out of the in the grocery store or mall or whereever! I am the one who swerves. I am always accommodating and serving too. But to stick with one thing here, yes…I too move out of the way. It’s like swimming. I usually move pretty fast and I am not very patient with the Gemini Sun so I just weave in and out of human traffic too. lol Sometimes in the past I remember wondering how some people plow ahead without even noticing their Sagittarius people! lol Most likely to bump their heads or stub their toes.

    2. omg! this is shocking. I TOO have Mars in pisces, And I MOVE OUT OF THE WAY TOO. As you said…I spot them all the way down the sidewalk. And I too will move…anywhere…onto the grass, anywhere. One woman felt compelled to stop and tell me “its ok, you dont have to move. I dont need that much space. The sidewalk is for everyone.” using a tone of voice like a substitute teacher telling a kid that its ok to eat their apple at their desk. very reassuring. I am not a scaredy cat by a long shot. im just very accommodating and gentle. I also laughed because although I do not have a Gemini sun, I have a Gemini rising. and i am VERY light on my feet. it is indeed a very fluid like movement. I also have noticed that I can effortless dance around obstructions, light posts, sign, and not miss a beat. And I actively choose to walk a lot…put on some music and zone out. it clears my head, is refreshing, and you never know what you are going to see. I too will smile at any living organism. dogs, babies, 90 yr old women. lol. what even funnier is…I am a sagittarius! I cannot escape my Sun. so I do trip and stumble at times. but mars kicks in. and I magically do not fall. I have tripped over beams…I even fell into a manhole once. up to my waist. and in less than three seconds I climbed back out and kept on walking. I recalibrate very quickly where other mars placements might just fall. Ive fell in ways where it seems other worldly that I didnt actually hit the ground. somehow before certain impact, my body reacts before I can think to react, and I break my fall. i would like to ask anyone on here with Mars in pisces this..DO YOU GET COLD FEET? like literal cold feet? for some reason my feet have a hard time staying warm. Im a guy…not puny but not massive. my body stays at a decent temperature. but my feet? feels like Antarctica sometimes! in fact my feet being cold makes me feel cold. i can’t describe it. if im in bed, and under the covers…my feet still have a hard time warming up! I have had this happen since I was a child. I have chronic popscicle feet!

      1. OMG I have super cold feet too!! Always have. Everything else on my body can be warm, but the coldness of my feet makes me still feel very cold. It also takes a really long time to warm them up, and even then they never actually get fully warm. Maybe its just a coincidence, but I literally laughed out loud when i read that!

  4. My sister with Mars in Pisces told me recently she dreams regularly about kicking the crap out of someone who physically abused her when she was a kid.

    1. Wow…I always dreamed I would try to punch someone but then I like missed or it was too soft. When I was a kid I would wait until the person wasn’t looking and then take out my revenge! It was very sneaky and indirect. Or do something manipulative. The thing is….I had an abusive husband for thirteen years and never fought back until the end. Then, instead of dreaming about beating him, I actually hauled off an back handed him in the kitchen!! He didn’t know what hit him!!!! It takes a lot for a Mars in Pisces to act out what they feel….but when they do….Watch out!

  5. Francetta, love the Mars in Pisces “I’ll get out of the way”. I am extremely conscious of people around me and absolutely despise standing in the way. When I moved to the city, I nearly lost it dealing with all the people that just STAND THERE as if they don’t have a care in the world.

    Ironically, my mars has been more activated by this my overly acute self awareness in my new environment. In turn, I’ve been learning more about my anger instead of feeling guilty or suppressing it (another mars in pisces quality).

  6. kashmiri – Your friend from the story? πŸ˜€ Gemini + Pisces is a funky cocktail of mutable energy as I see it – sometimes it amounts to “scatterbrained in the extreme.” But their flexible natures really do complement one another…it is hard for me to describe, but I’ve heard it said that Pisces “picks out your file” and changes ever so slightly in order to relate to you better. This is a “mode of attack”…becoming the other person emotionally, picking up on their vibes for a moment can be very strategic, while still being somewhat fantasy territory too.
    Gemini picks up the slack by relating to the ‘other’ on a mental level. I think these energies can be blended to make one a fantastic conversationalist.

    alicia – I can relate…People standing around like that, I would find daunting. I would hate feeling like I’m being watched, too.
    When I went to D.C. a few years ago, I found walking up and down the street amongst a huge crowd of people (strangers nonetheless) to comforting in a way. Kind of got the Pisces “we’re all one” type of vibe a little bit, I think! But maybe that’s my Neptune rising peeking out.
    I would like to hear more stories about “dreaming of violence” if anyone has them…last night I dreamt for the 2nd time in a week that I had to defend against some thug breaking into my house πŸ™ Last time I had a knife, this time I had a gun LOL!

  7. kashimiri:

    Wow! Impressive story of your friend! How she can turn a somewhat hostile gesture around into something friendlier!

  8. Avatar

    Elsa so funny, my Dad, A Pisces would always say, “Blow in my ear, and I will follow you anywhere!”

  9. I’ve got Pisces Mars, and I find that whenever someone else opines about Pisces Mars, I’ll think – yup, that’s true in my experience of it – even if they are opposing ideas.

    Which led me to consider that for me, Pisces Mars is a flexible Mars energy. Lots of options as to how to manifest, but none of them are permanent, and none are the ‘true’ expression of my Mars to the exclusion of the others. How much of the choice of option is free will, and how much dependent on something external, is still under review. πŸ˜‰

  10. My gran was a double cap who grew up on a mountain haha and she had a pisces mars conj saturn.

    When she was a kid, people used to let their horses just roam around and she would steal one for a day & ride it around and bring it back.

    She had no problem with that haha.

  11. hahahah this is such a funny story. My experience with Mars in Pisces is that sometimes I’m not as direct as I’d like to be. I dunno about seducing people, but I do think I can charm people very well and I also will go to elaborate ends to sweep someone off their feet.

    I think I read this before somewhere, and I do find it somewhat true, that Mars in Pisces is afraid of their own anger. I find it hard to feel OK about being angry. I don’t think this goes well with the rest of my personality lol I think I’d prefer Mars in Aquarius.

    1. This is fascinating! I am mars in pisces and usually I am fantasizing about something!! A lot of my day dreams have been about scenarios having to do with violence. Like what I would do if I was in a car with a kidnapper….or how I would react if a stranger came into my house. I plan out strategies in my mind. Because I am Gemini Sun, I like to write scenarios down. I write fantasies down that turn into short story thrillers. lol

  12. hmmmm

    I too am a Gemini with mars in pisces
    and adapt I do…..whatever someone wants – well ok who am I to tell them they should not want that? I have a unclear idea of my own energy and have a hard time setting limits with a clear penchant towards codependency. I have learned to stop helping people so much. I adopt children and puppies and being needed is a huge trap I fall into.

    I have a problem expressing anger and tend to have the wrong emotion at the wrong time (doesn’t help having the moon opposite) like giggling at funerals and crying when I laugh. It doesn’t seem ok to be angry .

    One thing needs to be mentioned though is the amount of energy I expend on things no one else sees or understands. The direction is towards the spiritual, the intangible – have very little interest in material things.

    I was married to a man who also had mars in pisces once (Gemini too). He would get sick when he was angry. He loved to draw and sculpt and play music. He also liked to dress up in costume complete with elaborate makeup. One time I came home and he was in full make of a 70 year complete with gray hair.

    A lot of mars in pisces people repair or fix something for a living. I take things and make other things out of them. Clothes – toys – dishes – what I can do with leftovers could fill a cookbook.

    There is an undeniable psychic benefit to this position. Good radar.

    1. OMG!!! I love to dress in costumes! I did not associate this with Mars in Pisces. I actually got into exotic dancing and had the boas and sequin dresses…I wanted to be a real dancer but I had an accident and broke both legs. But I always had a desire to express myself and dress in costumes. Now, I am a storyteller and dress up as Characters. lol I am also a wiz at using leftovers creatively!! I also am prone to taking in stray animals and children! I was in a codependant relationship for thirteen years ugh! Totally devoted. It is not easy being me!

  13. slippery. win my battles by looking ahead and finding ways of avoiding them in the first place, by preventing an issue or having it already addressed before it comes up… avoiding confrontation and just doing what i want to do anyway
    and, sometimes, getting majorly riled up and going overt when someone who appears helpless gets beaten on. something like a white rage. when it passes i feel like some immense force has moved through me. unnerving and something i have to keep a close eye on… takes a lot of energy to hold it in positive intention…

    (i have a pisces mars. in the seventh.)

    1. I am having a terrible time getting through student teaching because I have to watch children get bullied as the other teachers turn a blind eye on the play ground or the teachers place labels on children who are different. It makes me so upset! Once, I worked closely with this one boy who was not staying on task with his morning math work. I discovered he had an amazing imagination. He would just look at me with these dreamy eyes. I went home and looked up his birth chart and sure enough, Mars in Pisces lol……but yeah, I become enraged when teachers label children and do not have any insight! Kids are misunderstood all the time…and fall through the cracks. If I complain, I look bad. Ugh! When parents and educators don’t understand spiritual things, they want to control children with psyche drugs .

  14. some of it’s also, expecting what other people are expecting and presenting that and just going on doing what i’m doing. it can be done without lying. just don’t open up if i’m concerned someone might react badly. (and i keep tuning in as i collect more information, but my gut’s often pretty good about picking up on these things.) people tend to see what they believe should be there.

  15. I briefly was romantically involved with a guy with Mars in Pisces. I’d met him while checking out a school program. We intensely hit it off immediately, but he had emailed me his interest overnight while I wasn’t checking email, so I didn’t even know until after I saw him next (indirect assertion…) Then we had a lot of intense phone talk over the next couple months before I moved out there, but as my move date came closer, I noticed some oddness about him…

    After I moved and started the program he was acting really pulled back, but I didn’t want to force the issue right away. Eventually I had to confront him and he said under duress that he didn’t want a relationship at the moment. But apparently wasn’t going to tell me this at all without me forcing the conversation…just thought he’d somehow slip away and I wouldn’t notice?! And then had the gall to expect me not to be mad about it. He was really, really uncomfortable with our direct conversation about it. And I’m normally the non-confrontational one! Lol

  16. Mars in pisces here. I hate argueing and violence yet I do get angry. But my dad doesn’t even know how I’m when I’m angry.
    I think I don’t like to show it, because that would also lead to somewhere and I like to be safe.

    I would also like my mars to be in some other sign as I feel that I’m too lazy in pisces.

  17. i have mars in pisces but i’m not timid at all infact quite the opposite. i’m seen as a quiet sweetie usually so when i get pissed off and fight for whatever right and fair no matter who i face i shock ppl.

    i have to say that i was more on the timid side when i was young. i have grown out of it and i’m glad :).

    and i agree with Tipi i think i’m too lazy having mars in pisces (well my capricorn sun does not approve of it lol)

  18. Hmmmm I hate arguing ! ANd i can totally relate to what Francetta said!(Comment no4)

    ”Must look a little odd, but it makes me think of a river rushing around whatever obstacle is in its way and then going on as normal”

    This thing happens when i walk and when i drive! I dont get angry, I just flow around other people and cars:)

    I notice that its better to use my energy in small doses during the day! Otherwise I get soooo tired and lazy! – Especially in the summer !

  19. I can relate to most of that is written, especially to wyrdling’s experiences (Mars in 7th as well)

    I’m ready to devote my life to bringing out that Pisces Mars fantasy into reality… it’s hard to put it in words, and I feel that art is the only way.

    I also don’t ever get into conflicts, nobody can ever tell that I’m angry. I do get angry but then cry to the point of physical exhaustion to calm down.

    This energy is difficult to channel, but I wouldn’t give it’s beauty away for anything! πŸ™‚

  20. I do not enjoy sports much, but I could swim all day long! It completely calms me down to be under the water and just enjoy that blue color and the light rays!

  21. I’m sun – gemini, mars – pisces, moon&rising – virgo. I gotta admit, I get paranoid quite often πŸ˜€ and that includes getting out of the way too.. let’s say I like to keep distance, a little territory for myself, whenever I’m in public. Anger. I have a lot of it, but I don’t let it out, as it seems to me something really bad may happen. Dreams. Sometimes I wake up crying and I don’t remember what the dream was about to make me cry,lol. By the way, my NN is pisces as well, but SN is virgo,hello!?? I have a few of virgo in my chart, so should I go against “my nature”, I don’t get it. I should really change someTHING, because anyhting really fuckd’up may happen, I swear, haha. Anyone? Any familiar …well, anything??? πŸ™

  22. I’m an aquarius sun lady with moon, mars and venus in conjunction in pisces! Cancer rising! I smile at strangers.. walk (or wavering) through people.. I’m very compassionate and i’m dealing a lot with victim syndrome.. mostly on my part! All my pisces planets square my neptune!! DOUBLE PISCES!! I’m very peaceful, friendly and… i must say odd at times!!
    It’s sooo true that I don’t really like to be angry… I’ll feel sorry about myself whenever I’m mad!! Although I’m trying to change that… I’ll mostly keep quiet and hope it’ll go away…. also trying to change that!! I have to deal with lack of motivation and to control my daydreaming!! I love all this pisces… even I seem to cry for no reason sometimes… I love feeling! I think that the gift of pisces but it’s so universal it’s hard to understand myself as well as I understand others..

  23. Although my Mars is in Pisces, my chart is dominated by Saturn in Scorpio. I wouldn’t say I’m lazy. I’m an amateur bodybuilder & find that I often have so much excess energy that I HAVE to burn it off. Also, I like grappling & struggle play. I also enjoy watching boxing & MMA fights.
    However, I am extremely emotionally delicate when it comes to sex. I’m bisexual, but I haven’t been with a man for YEARS, in part because I get too emotionally connected to my lovers.
    As for arguing– I enjoy debate, but not personal verbal disputes. If a stranger starts a fight with me I will typically walk away. If a loved one starts a fight with me, I will try to walk away, because I have a hot temper once angered. Actually, I can’t even remember the last time I lost my temper…it must’ve been at least 7 or 8 years ago.

  24. I am Aquarius Sun with moon, venus and mars conjunct in pisces too:D, mars with venus square my Neptun which is in 3rd house
    I simply love people and often have heard form men: “Oh God! You are so sweet!”… what makes me a little angry;)

  25. i have a mars-in-pisces friend; she seems to know exactly when to pop in (via email, now that she’s moved) with just the right flirtatiousness at exactly the right time. she’s extremely subtle and very effective. without us ever really had at-length conversations, she’s uncanny in how she picks up what i’ll be receptive to. just once-in-awhile silly little exchanges that leave me feeling, indeed, like…my neck’s been blown on, exaaaaactly. (given her virgo venus, i suppose that somewhere along the way i passed an audition.)

  26. This is sooooo funny- I can’t help but post a comment, even though it’s very personal… When I was persuing my husband, he jokingly asked me if my ‘patch’ matched my red hair. I told him yes, and it smells like peaches. The next day, I went out and got myself some aromatherapy oil in the scent of peaches and when I knew I was going to see him, I dabbed it on liberally… He actually noticed and said I smell good enough to eat! (that’s Mars in Pisces)

  27. I have Mars in Pisces opp Moon in Virgo, with Cancer Rising. I’m hypersensitive to everything around me, almost *too* empathic. I had to move away from the city because I couldn’t handle crowds. Now I live in a rural area and I love it. I also move out of the way when people come my way, and smile and wave. And animals love me! Which is cool, because my house is surrounded by dairy cows. πŸ™‚ Also hate to express anger, but generally I’m way ahead of most people heading off any possible conflicts by eliminating them ahead of time. I find I need a certain amount of “alone time” each day to find my center. I arrange for that by getting up before everyone else and meditating and exercising and doing my thing for a few hours, and then the rest of the house wakes up. Laziness and directionlessness has been a real problem for me, but transiting pluto has been trining/sextiling my Moon/Mars opposition while progressed Mars has been conjoining my natal MC and is only a few degrees away from transiting into Aries (won’t that be a shock!) so I’ve been waking up a bit from my old languor.

  28. Have Mars conjunct Mercury in Pisces in the 5th house, I agree with the ability to move like a river. Despite my size, I can move around without bumping into anyone. The moment I think I may bump into someone, I can maneuver in a way that can be best described as a river described earlier and never have I actually bumped into someone. It’s like a mid-course correction or something. I see it in my son too, who also has a Mars in Pisces.
    I agree with Ella…Swimming is a sport (though totally not into sports) that just relaxes me and energizes me completely. I could float for days

  29. Oh, hey, it’s the Aquarian-Sun, Moon/Mars/Venus conjunct in Pisces, square Neptune in Sagittarius party! Weeeeeuuuuheuh!

    So, That dandy cluster of planets lands on the cusp of the 10th and 11th houses. The Moon hangs out in the 10, while Venus and Mars do their Idealist/Loner Dance in the 11th.

    I have a love for really disturbing films and creepy atmospheric music. I tend to dance around people and respond emphatically, yet my direct rage tends to warp upon manifestation. Natal saturn in Scorpio conjunct Pluto has some fun power games with this. In the end, much of this energy comes through turning that rage inward, not through repression but through ripping away the layers of irrational flotsam and attachment to find the result that best clears the field. I need a lot of time in peace to plan and get my anxiety in order so that when I act it’s like a cobra striking or a tiger taking down an ox. However, my greatest obstacle from this comes from the “revenge” fantasies that sap my energy and get me worked up over nothing. It’s as if my channels spring a leak and all of that stimulation spills out all over everything, freezing into Fear and Doubt. It takes a while to bounce back from this.

  30. Avatar
    Blessed Place

    Just have to bump this one… The Man has a Pisces Mars – I could write a book on it. Pisces Mars and Gem Venus – mutable to the power what?!

    A lot of what’s been written resonates.

    Lazy – very. He loves to swim but only in the sea. Takes no exercise whatsoever, other than sex – last summer he once tried to get me to reverse the car about 50 paces to save him walking, I’m quite serious! He’d spotted some strawberries for sale at someone’s garden gate, and I stopped and parked up a bit beyond the stall. He is lazy in bed too – has endless stamina for sex, but prefers the woman to do most of the work!

    He can harbour a grudge for many years against those who have thwarted him – not that anyone would ever guess in public. He can keep a polite and charming facade in any circumstances, hiding his feelings well. But never imagine he’s not plotting his revenge πŸ˜‰

    Fantasies in romance – yes, but not about future events, more to diffuse anger. When he made me angry – quite often – he’d instantly dream up some fantastical scenario which would disarm me completely and have me helpless with laughter (and eating our of his hand)

    Hates confrontations about emotional stuff – yes, much more than most men. Will just start ranting rather than reveal his feelings

    In terms of work, profession, getting his own way in general: Yes, he is immensely subtle, discreet, and manipulative, and is very good at psyching out people when he chooses to bother.

    His Pisces Mars is part of a Grand Trine with his Sun/Uranus in Leo and his Saturn in Scorpio – a pretty lethal combo in terms of him knowing how to use his personal power. He’s also incredibly secretive about personal stuff, esp his private life, and in general prefers to go under the radar although he could have a quite high public profile if he chose to

    Professionally he is a champion of unfashionable causes and unsung heroes, and has endless patience in achieving his goals – some have taken 25/30 years. His work requires a high degree of sensitivity to some quite volatile people

  31. I have Mars in Pisces, square Venus in Gemini, too, BP. πŸ™‚

    I’ll have to keep this window open for later (if I don’t get this broadband error after my computer restarts).

  32. It’s been great reading other people’s experiences.

    For myself, another man with Mars in Pisces (in the 4th House), I can relate to much that has been written. In terms of sports, I only go for swimming and soccer (Pisces rules the feet); for the rest the Mars energy is mostly channeled through playing music and writing.

    Romantically, I’m at best overly idealistic, and at worst sentimental; at one point I was in love with a roommate (shades of the 4th house) for four years, all the time trying all too subtly to get her to notice. At the end I only told her when it was too late, and there was nothing left to do but write a song about it and move on.

    I do think, cultural stereotypes being what they are, that this Mars may be more easily managed by women than by men.

  33. Another Mars-Pisces guy here who isn’t much into sports (exceptions: tennis, soccer, hockey) and not overly aggressive or ambitious. However, I am indeed assertive and can work tirelessly if I don’t have any emotional baggage keeping me in a rut. I also work great/best behind the scenes. It’s not true that I am afraid of or feel guilty about anger. I will avoid a fight if it seems pointless, but I am not one to easily accept defeat in a physical or verbal altercation. In fact, I can be quite the beast. It’s true that I’m deeply affected by softer aspects of life such as art music, etc. I have a active fantasy life. However, my libido is very high and I don’t need for sex to always be about transcendence. So I don’t meet the stereotype on those two points. Obviously the variations in our experiences can be attributed to the fact that Mars can’t be looked at apart from the whole chart, but I also wonder if the fact that I’m a little “tougher” than excepted of Mars in Pisces is because in my chart 29Β°58’23, I’m pretty close to Aries. A similar thing occurs with my Venus which is at 0Β°18’23 Aries. I don’t really like to take the lead romantically. I like equal participation.

  34. So much of what is written here is in stark contrast to the Mars in Pisces man in my life. Maybe I will change my mind once I get to know him better. He is in great shape with probably the best body of a man I’ve ever been with — and to this end, I attribute it to the Piscean need for beauty. He works out to have the good body women desire, i.e. for sex. He is turned on by female vulnerability, and secretly wants to be every woman’s White Knight. What kinda guy goes to strip clubs to save a girl from the pole? Mars in Pisces. Definite sex addictions, many f— buddies, used to smoke pot but turned that impulse towards meditation and Eastern religions. Lazy in that his energies are scattered, has dreams but lacks the confidence of a stronger mars placement. Very romantic. Very much wants to seduce and woo in a traditional way. Not a swimmer but a skier, so similar energies there (Pisces ruling the feet).

  35. So glad about finding this thread! Mars Pisces 5th house. Only 3 things motivate me:
    Romance, Kids, and Fun. I probably should have been a toy maker.
    Create fantasies: you bet. While my friends oohed and ahhed over Willy Wonka, or Narnia, I wished fervently that I’d created those sets. I can’t imagine not having several costumes / masks in my basic wardrobe.
    Lazy- hmm. Seems that way to others, but it’s really about working like a fishy. Flow, contemplate, nibble rocks, flow some more.
    Anger. Yeah, most often stuffed Til it becomes depression; except as Eris pointed out. Situations that victimize kids, that white-hot rage comes out.
    That requires recovery.
    Romance- my middle name. With Neptune conjunct ascendant everyone has White Knight potential.
    Play (5th)I finally figured out if I made my file cabinet like stacked toy boxes, I actually filed stuff. Sorta. At least they’re in the right place to find.
    When I can see my work as play, I have incredible endurance. I can flow for days without coming up for air. Otherwise, it’s generally smarter for me to plan on 2 day interest: close connection to moon changes, I’ve noticed.
    Sports? Gentle. Swim, walk, yoga, dance.
    To Get what I want: sigh. Confusing. Lots of prayer involved. I’ve got Leo 10th sun, Scorpio asc, and Saturn in 1st house. I double and triple think what I want. Create a big Scenario,question my self worth and ability to get it, pray over analyze (mercury Virgo). If, after all that, I still want something, I “flow” gently towards it. I’ve tried using other energy, but end up getting sick from stress. ;^)
    I wouldn’t change my mars. It’s actually a gift in this driven world. But I have had to change some self- judgement; which, after all, is a good thing.

  36. Ps: about motivation. I listed 3 things above that motivate my MarsPisces5th on a day2day basis. There’s one other, and that’s God.
    i don’t know if it’s a Mars/Pisces thing, but having a better relationship with God motivates and sustains me more than anything, for long-term projects or action.

  37. Mars in Pisces here i laughed when i read some of the posts because in some ways thats me, my mars conjuncts my saturn and that aspect feels like driving with the brakes on stop start, stop ,start, very frustrating i don’t like loud noises, or aggressive or controlling people, when im out and about im in a fish bowl in my own little world i love to fix things my tool box is impressive i have been told is better than some men’s…lol maybe the venus in aries could be attributed to that there is nothing i wont do give me a paint brush and a hammer !

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