Pluto in Capricorn – Read All About It!

pluto inanI started writing about Pluto in Capricorn in 2006:  Astrology and Ted Haggard: Pluto’s Transit Through Sagittarius… Followed By Pluto’s Ingress Into Capricorn in 2008. 

I’ve written well over 100 posts since. I thought it might be interesting to check some of this out…

2007 –

Astrology And The Collective: Lower Your Expectations – Is This A New Trend?

2008 –
Pluto in Capricorn And The Responsible Use Of Power: A Dilemma For Goats

Mississippi Ban On Fat People Eating In Public, Oppressive Government And What’s Embedded In Your Psyche

Astrology And Dating: Peter Pan Syndrome vs Real Depth: What Is In Vogue In 2008 With Pluto In Capricorn?

Astrology And The Shadow Side Of Parenting: Pluto’s Transit Through Capricorn

Maturity – Are The Times Changin’?

Astrology And Trends In The Collective: Powerful Feelings Of Insecurity Unleashed

Astrology And Trends In The Collective: Lack Of Ambition And A Sense Of Entitlement

Astrology, Violence And My Assertion That Pluto’s Transit Through Capricorn = A Collective Pluto Moon Transit

Pluto In Capricorn: The End Of The United States As I Have Known It?

Pluto in Capricorn: Anguish, Karma And Comeuppance

2009 –
Pluto In Capricorn – Never Mind The Collapse Of Society: What About You And The Instinct To Survive

Pluto In Capricorn And The Expanding Black Market: A Real Life Tale…

Pluto In Capricorn: The Stimulus Package And The Shadow Side Of Business

Pluto In Capricorn – The Real Effect Of Local Business Collapsing

Pluto In Capricorn: Watching Business Die

Business! With Pluto In Capricorn It’s Become A Dirty Word!

Pluto In Capricorn: Cracks In The Foundation – Parenting

Pluto In Capricorn: A Collective Pluto Moon Transit… A Personal Story Of Poisoning

Pluto In Capricorn: Family Destroyed

2010 –

Reality Check For Single Parents Who Date
Trends In The Collective: Strong Hands Marry Strong Hands (Saturn In Libra Square Pluto In Capricorn)

Pluto In Capricorn: Building A Business While Business Decays

Pluto In Capricorn: Are You The Little Sister? Psychological Effects Of Birth Order In Families

Pluto In Capricorn: Psychology & Shadow Side Of Parenting – Single Mothers: The Government As Co-Parent Of Your Child

Pluto In Capricorn: Psychology Of Parenting /Government / The System As Parent Redux

Pluto In Capricorn: The Government As Co-Parent Of Your Child – UPDATE

Trends In The Collective – Pluto In Capricorn: Pulling Back From Overblown And Inflated *Everything* McMansions, Sexual Offender Lists, Social Programs, Political Correctness- You Name It

Children Who Do Not / Cannot Surpass The Accomplishments Of Their Parents

Pluto In Capricorn: Shadow Side Of Parenting – Just Because She’s Your Mother, This Doesn’t Mean She Likes You


Cracks In The Foundation And Monsters That Come Up From The Sea In The Fog, With Your Name On Them

Pluto In Capricorn: Collapse Of Ambition, Death Of The Backbone, Etc.



6 thoughts on “Pluto in Capricorn – Read All About It!”

  1. Wauw, I am impressed! I love these articles and I just think they make more and more sense. You have been ahead of these times we are living now. Survival instinct, parenting, collective moon-pluto transit…

  2. I get this now. I am remembering pluto’s tranist through my 12th. Actually got into a very long relationship and ended up crawling out of it. Was reading books like Re-inventing Eve, Women’s Mysteries, and Chalice and the Blade. Even read the Course of Miracles twice. Hadn’t watched TV in probably 15 years, but turned it on and could not believe what the news was in the huge metro area in which I lived. And then I caught John Bradshaw’s inner child series on PBS and did my first regressive work. Decided there was no way in hell the stuff I touched really happened. It was a deep cleanse. I was in a really good place. Then ended up moving back to place of origin and buying house I wanted and there they were, my family. And it was all right before my eyes in livid color.

    My progressed moon is moving into conjunction with my pluto and the same twisted sister is giving me the same crap that made my life a living hell since moving here. My progressed moon is squaring my progressed moon’s position at the time I moved here. Her libra moon is square my venus so she can be very smothering and very vicious about it. Oh dear, holidays with the church lady.

    To think, some people never have to deal with a pluto tranist in their 12th. And to think I have to deal with them. 😀

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