Introduction To The Square Aspect

Turkey in the RainThe square is when planets or angles, are in aspect of roughly 90 degrees, a quarter of the circle from each other. The term describing the square is challenge. The reasoning behind this is that placements with these 90 degree relationships will be signs and elements that do not easily combine. They challenge one another. They do not easily blend. The challenge comes in with the fact that in order to progress one must work to overcome this disruption.

A chart full of trines (ease) and sextiles (opportunity) can chug along merrily without conflict but it is conflict experienced and addressed that moves us forward. A life without conflict is like a story without a twist, easy but unsatisfying. Growth requires stretching oneself. Without conflict or challenge there is little impetus to move beyond what is comfortable and make gains which benefit ourselves and ultimately others. Squares present challenges to overcome.

Without challenge, why learn? Without adversity how do we refine our character? Life without conflict is boring. Untested character is without opportunity to accommodate. Working a square gives us experience in problem solving, which in turn makes us better problem solvers, ready for the next challenge. Into every life a little rain must fall. I’ve heard that turkeys will stand in the rain till they drown. Whether true or not, I suppose integrating the energies of a square is a bit like teaching a cartoon turkey to use an umbrella, difficult, weird, but helpful.

Do you have squares in your chart? Have you found ways to effectively blend those energies?

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    Mine’s Sun square Mars. After 28 years on this planet, I’m finally getting help for anger management. The Mars is part of a stellium in the 12th, BTW.

    I’m first! Yay!

  2. Gobble…gobble….I am a turkey and I really would love an umbrella cause I am drowning….Sun square Moon exactly…..this is so hard and I have not paid much attention to it til now…..

    My inner needs speak the opposite of what I project or vice versa. I say I don’t need or want nice things, but I do….I love beautiful clothes and appreciate the artist’s eye in everything that is made to draw my attention by color or design.

    I say I like my alone time, but in actuality I need someone around…that is why my dog is always by my side no matter where I go….I say my dog is a someone…..hahah, I crack myself up.

    When I was a young girl, my father had an airplane named “push-pull” by aviators because it had a propellor in the front and one at the back and that was its function….to push and then pull the aircraft through the air. That is how I feel so much of the time…..I feel pulled backward to gain momentum and then pushed or thrust forward, soaring……

    Great Satori…thank you!

  3. ((denamaria))
    can totally relate! same aspect, with moon in the 12th house… i say one thing, but only now realize that what i need is something else entirely…
    it’s a great impetus for growth!

  4. I have one (1) square in my chart, Moon to Uranus. I wish I had more because I do very little with my “gift” of trines and sextiles a-plenty!

  5. squares aplenty here–eleven i think. like denamaria i find misrepresentation of the self to be a central problem to overcome.
    and it’s so much more fun when sun, moon, uranus, and neptune are all in fixed signs. 🙂
    i’ve found integration is about impossible so i’ve learned to just use the energy they provide.

  6. Let me count the ways…
    Pisces Sun square Sagittarius Saturn.
    late degrees Capricorn Moon square Scorpio Neptune and late degrees Aries ASC.
    Taurus Mars square Aquarius Mercury, Venus and Chiron.
    Leo Uranus square late degrees Aries ASC and Scorpio Neptune.
    Scorpio Neptune square Aquarius MC.
    Scorpio True Node square Aquarius Mercury and Venus.
    I don’t think I’ve found ways to blend the energies but I can detach from challenges really well 😀

  7. Saturn5th house/Sun 8th house
    Asc 1st house/ Venus 9th house and Pluto
    North Node 2nd house /Neptune 11th house

    I am still learning this really cool intense info, not really sure how to interpret these energies. One thing I have learned about myself is that I can manifest things, for the higher good of course =)

  8. So, someone would like more squares? Well, I’ll happily share some of mine! I have at least 8 squares, plus two t-squares, and an equal number of trines, and sextiles. But I’m so busy overcoming squares that I don’t have much energy or time to take advantage of the trines, and sextiles.

    So, I’m in the same boat with people, who have very few squares. The trines, and sextiles are wasted!

    Lastly, at this point in my life, I’d trade the “hot dang” growth for a little “peace, and stability.”


  9. I’ve been involved in the “Inner Guide Meditation” by Edwin Steinbrecher, which teaches an individual based on the natal chart, and the tarot to integrate the energies (along with meeting the totem animal, and inner guide) of squares, and oppositions — referring to these aspects as “high energy” groups.

    It teaches that until you change your inner world, the outer world remains the same.

    With Chiron in Aquarius in the 8th, I’m always looking for the FN cure! So much work, so little time!


  10. I have a lot of squares. I feel that with the square there is always tension and always opportunity to alleviate that tension; for me it’s a case of when, not if. And so…I wait.

  11. I do not naturally have squares in my chart. Its just one big opposition and conjunctions. During the late 90’s and the 00’s pluto tsquared the opposition while it transited through sagg. I began university when it was at 5 degrees sagg. it turned out to be the most unpleasant and galling experience of my life and I still live with the consequences of it. I will never be that innocent person again – I miss who I was. I am not sure that the saying that is used in rehab places is true anymore – “god gives you as much as you can take/stand”. Not that I am in rehab or ever have been. I just seen the worst side of people and gained an insight into the society I live in.

    I can only quote ian curtis “strain. Take the strain. Take it all, deep inside.”

  12. I’ve got
    Jupiter square venus, Saturn square Mars,Neptune square moon, Pluto square Jupiter, True node square uranus and sun, AC square Mercury, Mc square Moon
    You know I’ll be looking that stuff up today. Glad you posted this Satori, I’m just now studying this stuff last week and this.
    And from the looks of it, I’ll take all week to get through these and all the other trines, sextiles and stuff in my chart 🙂

  13. I’m sure I’ll learn to appreciate them by the end of my life, but I really hate squares. My moon squares my Mercury and Venus, which both square my Mars. I hates the squares. I’m ready to stop with the challenges already.

  14. Squares, I haz them 😛 I feel like the grocery cart that has a bad wheel and pulls to the left and you have to fight it.

  15. Sun square Mars
    Sun square Jupiter
    Moon square Mercury
    Mercury square Mars
    Mercury square Jupiter
    Venus square Saturn
    Sun square MC
    it goes on…..

    I am a turkey learning to dogpaddle. Too late for the umbrella. Sqwawk…..

  16. I have thirteen squares if you don’t include Chiron. Four of which are Saturn squares to the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and my Virgo ascendent. I’ll just take a shot of Wild Turkey.

  17. Do you have squares in your chart?
    Yes millions of the buggers.

    Have you found ways to effectively blend those energies?
    No, I run and hide inside my little MoonNeptuneJupiter trine.

  18. I have several squares. They definitely are challenging, but one I rather like is the Saturn square to my Moon/Neptune conjunction, without it, I’m afraid I would be lost in lala land and not even know it.

  19. I have a loit of squares in my chart, including mars/mercury … moon/venus… jupiter/saturn..etc! (Fire – Water)

    I havent found a right way to work with all of them yet.

  20. What is an acceptable orb for squares? Most of mine are wide (7 degrees plus).

    I have Mercury in Libra square Neptune in Sag (4 degrees). Air and fire complement each other though so I don’t think this square is too troublesome. I can get caught up in lala-land but am still able to pay my bills, show up on time, do my job, etc.

    I do have Sun square Uranus (7degrees) – a restless itch, a rebellious side that left unchecked can be very destructive. (This tendency shows up in other aspects as well.)

    With both these squares, I’ve learned the value of discipline. Like the Stones – “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.”

    opal – that’s what I do too 🙂 I run to my Venus-Neptune trine and escape into a steamy romance.

  21. Lots of squares here, including a grand cross…
    The one that rules my life, although I’ve been really working on not letting it rule my life is:
    1H scorp Pluto square 10H leo Sun/Mercury
    My plan of action is to live life optimistically, let go of control, trust…the only option I can see is to surrender to lifes grand scheme and enjoy the ride! Good luck to me!

  22. My 6th house Cap Sun’s ruler, Saturn, is square in Aries in the 8th. I have to work really hard sure. Everyday. BUT an 8th house teacher is interesting and I am slowly getting it. Only now that I am doing what I am meant to be doing – rather than trying to live up to other’s expectations – has the work become something of ease, something simple…..not easy work, just an ease of process. I am good enough because I am living my truth. I am unable to work for someone else (Aries energy Saturn) and my work does involve the occult, the magical, the transformational….before I focussed on art and design for film companies, now on the healing process in my own practice.
    This square insists on self development and expression and authenticity and now that I am getting it I no longer have to struggle with my self constantly…….it has taken me a while, but this is Cap I guess.

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    nancy's daughter

    Moon in Pisces square Saturn/Uranus conjunction in Sag. Saturn and Uranus conjunction is still tricky energy for me to pin point. I experience restlessness and run very hot and cold emotionally. And I tend to faint, which I guess is a moon thing?

    Sun in Aries square Neptune in Cap is tricky too, but anything neptune heals with art! I swear just picking up a crayon and doodling helps me out.

  24. Sun in Virgo square Saturn in Sag on 5th house cusp. Very difficult (can you say self-critical?) when I was young, but got better as I got older (Saturn). It’s a creative drive.

    I have out of sign squares from my Mars in late Taurus to Mercury, Venus and Pluto in early Virgo. Do you think out of sign squares are less of a problem because they’re in compatible elements? Some astrologers seem to ignore them mostly, while I saw one who thought they’re very powerful but unconscious. What’s your opinion?

  25. dorchid, I tend to give an orb of 7, but I could go wider or narrower depending on the planets involved and the situation.

  26. Les, I think they would be less challenging to integrate but still have a dynamic interplay… a nudge that a trine would not have.

  27. what they have in common is their _qualities… and if those can be fused together you get _alchemy.

    well, my squares seem to be moving that way…

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