Mars In Aspect To Mercury And The Things That Thrill These Freaks

scalpel.jpgThe soldier, my son and I all have Mars tied to Mercury one way or the other. Mars (cut) the mouth (Mercury). The soldier is going to have his autopsy / biopsy here pretty quick.

“I told Vidroid about your biopsy and he wants to go with us,” I said. “He’s dyin’ to go with us, he wants to take off school and go to surgery instead.”

He groaned because he’s not looking forward to having his cheek cut at all. “Oh my God. He wants to go to that?”

“Yep. He is interested in the blood and the cutting I am sure. He wants to see the procedure and gauze in your mouth,” I said happily. “He does want to see this but also I think he just wants to be around you… well you and I. He likes us and you know he doesn’t get to see much of you and if you get in late when he’s in bed and then we drop him at the bus and you go to biopsy he will barely see you at all. So maybe he should ditch school so he can come with us. His report card is perfect, he never misses school and he never gets to have any fun like this would be for him. So what do you think?”

“Well, P, I don’t know.”

“Think about it, okay? You let me know and I’ll let him know and maybe we can just bring him with us so he can have a thrill. Because I know you don’t want to do this but I also know we’re going to have fun in there and you know it too. We can’t help it because it’s you we don’t know any other way to be and it’s no wonder he wants to come with us. If I was him I’d want the same thing so this is me advocating for him, okay? I am trying to get my kid a ticket to mouth surgery, do you blame me? I’m his mom, it’s what I do. Let’s take him if we can, okay?”

(Can you tell I was in sales? Ha ha ha, more Mars Mercury)

Are you attracted to surgery in any way? Where is Mars in your chart?

15 thoughts on “Mars In Aspect To Mercury And The Things That Thrill These Freaks”

  1. eyew! nope, no attraction to surgery of the phsycial kind. once i cut my finger and there was a mess’o’blood and it made me whoosie.

    mars in scrop-i prefer surgery of the psyc kind. LOL!

  2. Not attracted to it at all, I can’t stand the sight of blood and cuts, not even my own. I have mars/merc conjunct in sag in the 9th, but merc is retro and it’s also conjunct my moon and neptune. I should be more fearless, go figure!

  3. eek.
    i have to put myself into trance when the dentist fixes my fillings to keep from tensing up and freaking out 😛 i can’t look when they stick a needle in my arm because i’ll flinch if i can see when it’s coming.

    i don’t mind blood so much. but surgery… gah! no sticking metal in my body, thanks.

  4. (accidents make sense to me, deliberately opening up the body not so much. at least on an instinctual level.)

  5. I don’t mind surgery at all… I’ve even done it on myself. Lanced a cyst, lanced my cat’s abscess, froze off my own seborrheic keratoses, replaced my own crown with Superglue, cut out a metal shard stuck under the skin on my arm… Mars in Scorpio in the 8th, so it’s cooooool! (But I have a few planets in Virgo, so I’m a stickler for sterility.)

  6. hey Elsa…what happens with all these knives…?
    BE careful when u use it…:) My mars is in Sagittarius; I love cutting mean astrologers….:)
    Good luck for the surgery.

  7. Mars/Mercury conjunct in Scorpio on the ASC. I used to have a sharp tongue but now I apply those skills in my astrology practice – no BS, just go straight to the heart of the matter. 🙂

    Oh, I have no problem with blood, knives, etc. Almost became a surgical nurse.

  8. I am not *attracted to surgery but it doesn’t bother me at all. And I seem to ‘require’ surgery when Pluto transits a house…which is odd.

    Aries Mars trine Saturn in 8th House

  9. “I am neither attracted nor repelled. I have no problem with blood or needles-I used to donate blood regularly before I got anemic, and would watch the little bag fill up-but I have no desire for a closer look at surgery. Mars in Capricorn, 12th house.”

    Thanks, Becca. I have Mars in Capricorn in the 12th too and feel like I’m neither attracted nor repelled by a lot of things too. As to surgery, my first impulse to say I’m attracted to it, but it may be something that repulses me. I’m usually attracted to crime and various things I consider “dark.” I thought I was the girl not scared of bees or bugs as a little child or repulsed at dead animals. Despite that, dead animals do make me shudder.

  10. I highly approve of surgery and many other gory things. I used to want to be a surgeon, but I was lazy and didn’t want to do all that training before I could start cutting people up and making money. I still watch the shows and read anatomy books every now and then, and pay close attention when it’s time for blood-work. I stayed awake when they took my wisdom teeth out, begged to be allowed to keep them, and read all the information my mom got when she had surgery for a hernia. I once attempted to lance my own zits.

    I’m a Gemini. I have Mars conjunct Mercury in 12th house Cancer, trine Pluto in 4th house Scorpio and opposition Neptune in 6th house Capricorn. (Mercury also has these same aspects with Scorpio and Capricorn.)

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