Mercury Square Pluto: Sucked Into A Vortex

wellMercury is currently squaring Pluto. These planets clashed in September at 24 degrees. The aspect will repeat at the same degree, exact on November 2nd.

The first instance was eventful, to say the least. A man stuck his head in a machine and scalped himself – my husband was on the scene. I don’t expect this clash to be any less severe so I decided to update this post.

I don’t think you can avoid disturbing information at this time. This may give you trouble as you find yourself simultaneously attracted and repelled. As an example, did you click the link about the man’s head? Will you click it?

You may opt to get into this. Deep info, taboo information and the like. It is Halloween after all. So if you’d like to look at how these planets combine, these posts will get you started.

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You can also click the tag: Mercury Pluto. There are pages of posts. I think you’ll be surprised.

What can you tell us about Mercury square Pluto?

25 thoughts on “Mercury Square Pluto: Sucked Into A Vortex”

  1. Why is this mercury rx nasty this time around? Why are there so many frictions and too many retrograde planets all at the same time? What is this funky planet stew mix & why does mercury have to rule my health.

    1. We have lessons to learn. All of us. Things are rough for nearly everyone on the planet in some form or another.

      To me, it feels karmic and we are reaping what we have sewn. Another Astrologer called the 2020-2024 era as a dark period of time in the USA. This is our Pluto return and ooo boy! It is being felt strongly.

      For years I dreaded the 2020 era due to conflicts in my chart. All I can do is try to survive as I lose people around me.

      Batten down the hatches and struggle to make it through these stormy times.

      Also call on God to help make it thru.

      1. I agree with the fact that we all have things to learn. However my comment was rhetoric, not meant to be taken literal. My mercury is square saturn, people usually take my words too seriously. But thank you for your advice. There are hard times and I am very well aware of all of it. I hope you’ll get through your personal challenges.

  2. As Mercury is retroing over her sun that is being squared by Pluto, she enters hospital via emergency room. My heart sinks sinks sinks.

  3. Mercury square Pluto: I received a birthday gift from an ex-boyfriend today. Also, Tr Venus in Scorpio 9H is sextiling my natal 7H Virgo Juno.

  4. ‘I don’t think you can avoid disturbing information at this time.’
    Goodness, Elsa! For several days, I have knowingly avoided people because of a strange reluctance to hear what they have to say. I have even turned off the ringer on my telephones. And I had no idea that this is ‘in the stars’.

  5. “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies” ~ Tupac Shakur

    Disturbing information does not make it untruthful just very uncomfortable with different degrees for many but more so for those whose eyes have been closed (metaphorically speaking).

    I say bring it on for all, this world so desperately needs to be shown the raw truth as disturbing of so much. Verbal, written or observation and even actual events in history seems to pale in comparison.

    Just my two cents ~

  6. I experienced Mercury square Pluto as making me more suspicious. On the day it was exact, I thought a doctor I had seen had done something fraudulent with the way he billed my insurance. It turns out I was just being paranoid. I’m glad I checked the facts before I flung any accusations…

    1. I think you have something there in your abcs. Your review. I thought of it this morning when I heard an economic analysis, of all things. His thinking is that since the thing happened, people are re-examining their priorities and that is why it seems a bit unstable ‘out there.’ Your comment reminds me that even though their is unstable conditions, I can remain on a stable course. Has to start somewhere. Might as well be with me.

  7. Today a man dropped dead before he hit the ground while mowing his lawn. I hope he can rest in Peace as they say. I got the feeling that if I dropped dead while intent on completing a task, I would be haunting the place. So I have decided I want to go at peace with where I am.

  8. Can anyone elaborate on flip flop information ie: what was always known as solid ‘it is what it is’ information/knowledge is now suddenly no longer and taken a complete 180 degree turn. How does that show up astrologically?

  9. Am a virgo with Leo rising @ 24.
    Fortuna@23 Leo and Venus @ 24 Libra. Can someone tell me what will happen when Mars conjuct my Venus exact snd Squre pluto? What to expect on this Mercury retrograde? Actually Pluto is direct by now.

  10. Living on one of the Canary islands neighbouring La Palma with its current volcanic eruption, I can’t help but draw a parallel between this event, its media appeal, my own response, and the aspect you outline.

    I remember consulting astrocartography after deciding to move here 8 years ago; I was surprised to discover the region’s strongest correlation with my birth-chart was the powerful pluto influence. But I was more surprised by my instinctive enthusiasm, and lack of fear – I realised a part of me was looking forward to the exploration of the netherworld, and even the deapth-charge of death and rebirth associated with this planet.

    I’ve always been a fan of Frank Herbert’s classic Dune, and the teachings contained therein. One quote stands out a propos of this: “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone, there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

  11. Pluto will be crossing my natal Jupiter soon. I had been looking forward to a great jump in my wealth. Unfortunately as the USA Pluto and my Jupiter share space, my wealth might come at the same time as great turmoil in the USA, and coincidentally restrictions from me returning to the USA, unless I wish to renounce my permanent residency elsewhere. I should have seen that coming.

  12. I have experienced a couple of things this weekend. However they had a Neptune feel. Friday night I had a pile of stuff to store for winter and found myself stuck in a spinning vortex where I felt like I was going around in circles without really accomplishing anything. It felt like confusion until I took the bull by the horns. Yesterday was just a beautiful day that I just floated through easily. I found myself thinking I like this vortex I am living in. Connectedness to all and everything that defies being controlled by anything. (Or is it uncontrolled mwahaha? ?). Due to an earlier post where I ventured into wantiness vortex for a kick around, I did think about how liking is much more pleasant than wanting for me. It revives a dig down to use what I have. I was gonna go out and buy candy for Halloween until I looked at all the apple chips I have stored. Sorry kids no processed sugar this year.

  13. Glad I read this. Several people I know have lost their automobiles in the last week and my own is having issues that started last night.
    phones are breaking and tech issues abound. All these things are ruled by mercury as I understand. And I feel like the Japanese landscape after the tsunami in 2011 having had Pluto transits since then to personal planets. Curiously,I think Pluto in capricorn has brought many very young people into my life too.

    Change is constant no matter how much I sometimes wish I could stem its flow for just a little while.
    I’ve got nothing left I can recognize really and don’t know what direction to face to look forward, possibly no direction?

    Three funerals this year alone and maybe another on the way.
    A possible escape route opens as well.

    I have to find a way to go as I know this is a new normal. Way too many fixed signs active in my chart and they aren’t working for me, maybe they never did.
    Anyway,always surprising.

    Thanks for the insight. I’m a bit bowled over by the cars and tech dying all around me.

      1. Hello Elsa, thank you.

        That doesn’t surprise me!
        Every time I drive these days I feel like I’m going into a war zone. I don’t think anyone is paying attention and some seem to have a death wish.
        Good thing the accident didn’t make its way to your home.
        I hope no one died.

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