Leo – Big Honest Love!

What? Too much?

Leos have quite the mixed reputation in astrology, and much of it is deserved. Self-absorbed? Check. Attention-seeking? Check. Obnoxious? Arrogant? Imperious? Check, check, check. When the sign expresses itself negatively, that’s usually how it comes out. It takes a lot to love a Leo! But maaaan, what you get in return? Priceless.

Leo rules the heart. When a Leo loves, they LOVE. Their whole heart fills to the brim and pours out love like a waterfall. They positively gush with praise and adoration for the object of their affection. If a Leo has their eye on you? Prepare for the tsunami.

Having four planets in Leo myself, I can say from experience that not especially enjoys this. It’s really easy to give major side-eye to anything that effusive. Like, is this for real? It leaves the Scorpios and Capricorns in the room looking around for the hidden camera. But let me dispel those fears.

I throw praise around like confetti. I stop strangers on the street to tell them how cool they seem. I routinely write my friends and family long letters of appreciation just to remind them of how loved they are. I tell my significant other that they’re the most beautiful human on the planet at least three times a day. And I can tell you this: I have never given an insincere compliment in my life. Not even once. And this holds true for every other Leo I know.

See, Leo loves sincerity. Almost as much as they love themselves! (I kid, I kid.) Leo can smell false flattery from a mile away, and most find it to be absolutely repugnant. First, it’s insulting. Not only does a false flatterer think the Leo is stupid enough to believe it, they’re also basically saying they can’t find anything sincerely nice to say! Why else would they have to lie, right? Second, Leos all shine in their own unique ways, and one of their duties on this earth is to help others shine in their own way too. False praise will only point the person in the wrong direction! I just cannot fathom any reasonably healthy Leo inflicting this on another person, let alone someone they love.

So the next time your Leo hits you over the head with their love manifesto, just smile, soak it all in, and maybe even come back with your own. Let that Leo love keep on shining!

Have you experienced the Leo love wave?


23 thoughts on “Leo – Big Honest Love!”

  1. anonymoushermit

    I’ve also met the nasty side of Leo. Overbearing, tyrannical, etc, etc. I’ve kept those Leos at arm’s length!

    The other Leos are awesome and are worth having a relationship with. I could have built up a bigotry against Leos, because both my overbearing parents were Leos, but I didn’t. After I left home, all I met were gracious and warm Leos. The worst ones smother you with their hands, the best ones support you in being your best self and want you to shine!

  2. I had to laugh in appreciation for the Side-eye thang you speak of! I have major Leo (Saturn,Mars and Pluto) squaring Scorpio a plenty. So I’m always giving myself the side-eye from the inside.
    It’s a great perspective Midara very shiny way to reLight that sun and lighten my heart!

    1. My sister is a Leo and I’m a Capricorn. She gives enormous bear hugs, constantly sends me kiss emojis and cannot stop herself from beaming at me with a big loving grin on her face. She has helped me open my heart up so much more and I reciprocate with her in the same way. I think every sign that is reserved, shy or afraid needs a loving Leo in their life. For the record, when I’m not around her I’m my usual cool, reserved Cap self. But that Leo sunshine is just beautiful!

  3. i love leo energy lol ;p but i do notice this with Fire signs/fire dominant, they will give love easily and appreciately, and with open arms. ive not experienced that with signs who are strongly restrictive (saturnic) because they are shy and afraid. That’s the thing with fire, their bravery to love. 😀 its really heartwarming and we all need fire in our lives 😀

  4. Somebody on reddit asked “what’s your favorite sign” and most people said leo. How apropos. Generous in all things, sexy, war but ultimately kinda dumb.

  5. I have a Leo cousin who encouraged me to do something I had just been toying with for awhile. She told me, you should do it! It must have been the way she was so sure of herself, it made me feel sure of myself. She just believes in herself and I feel like that shines on others. She told me once, if I’m afraid to do something, that means I need to try it. She created a one-woman show and took that thing on stage!

    I also had a close Leo friend years back. He was fun and generous and loyal. You definitely feel like the sun shines on you with them.

    I do have Capricorn so, yes, sometimes they are a bit much at first, until you get to know them. I really appreciate their love of themselves because instead of forever beating ourselves up, shouldn’t we love ourselves a little more?

  6. My mother and girl you hit the nail on the head; her love and sincerity limitless. My grandson ,enormous personality and courage ,tsunami
    Sized. You just put a smile on my face; because love given never goes
    Away.very thankful

  7. I know a very generous, encouraging, affectionate Leo and these traits are indeed taken to a very high level! Not afraid of overdoing it!
    I think Leos are (generally) enthusiastic people, they want good things to happen and life to be exciting.
    I laughed at your “I stop strangers on the street to tell them how cool they seem”. I have 3 Leo planets myself, and do that too. (I do this on the subway & gets laughs – so far)
    I think Leos are sincere. Probably they don’t feel they need to make believe.

  8. I do love the bright side of Leo..My experience is that the light dims and can be very dark but then maybe that is just My scorp sun.

  9. Aww this reminds me of my Leo aunt, she is just like this. Her love is like a tsunami, its overwhelming. She pours it on you straight from the heart. I have Sun and Venus in Virgo and I have to admit I turn red under such a bright beam of light, like getting sunburn haha.

  10. Leo rising and this is me. My ascendant ruler, Sun in Pisces (conjunct Moon in Pisces)is square ruler Neptune in H5 (Leo’s domain) on SN. Neptune H5 trine Venus. When I love, I love so hard. Heart center painfully on fire when I love. And I do praise and adore other peoples uniqueness.

  11. I have had mixed experiences with Leo Suns. One girlfriend is positively as you described. The other girlfriend is negatively as you described.

    My son is a Leo Sun but he doesn’t “shine” in public. His SN is conjunct his 5H Leo Sun but I do see him following his 11H Aquarius NN. He’s definitely a group person; no spot light, please!

    1. wow also our leo aunt is like that ..11th house, big social groups and married to a pisces sun male (she has cancer and scorpio placements which would explain her love for water sun husband)lol

  12. I knew a Leo man who was such a fun loving soul. He threw the best parties, made everyone feel at home and laugh a lot and was always getting folks together for this or that for fun night out. Example: He invited me out to a wine bar won night to see a “performance” where he preteneded to be the father or the bartender and they would get into hysterical tit for tats until everone in the bar was sitting there with their mouths open or cracking up at the shinanigans pouring fourth. Hysterical! He also threw the BEST Oscar parties where we all voted on which films would win. When he won, he blew from an old horn to alert the room and make sure they noticed…lol He lived FULLY and with great HEART. I adored him. Unfortunately, he has passed from our lives, but definitely NOT forgotten! His Sunny love with live on in our hearts with gratitude for having known him.

  13. DArn!!!! More typos! Is it me?? “…for A fun night…”
    “…pretended to be the father OF the bartender…”

  14. This is exactly like me, but only sometimes.
    The other times I just simply can’t do it.
    Maybe because Pluto is conjunct my Leo Sun.

  15. Leo with a Scorpio Moon can definitely smell any and all false praise bullshit – this is why I now respect my biological sister who I used to dislike when I was younger. I’m a Sagittarius with tons of Cap though, so, I never expected to be falsely praised.

  16. I’ve liked Leo energy for a long time. There’s some difference I feel between them and me as a 5th house Sun(and Chiron and Lilith) that is hard to describe. Some of my Leo friends love straightforwardly to perform, my friend was voguing and making weird eye contact with the audience. My other friend loves it when this musician makes direct eye contact with her when he plays guitar. Which I find SO awkward, what expression are you supposed to have to let them know you appreciate it?? Pete Holmes, a comedian I like described one side of him as the “watch me dive!!” There is something straightforward and simple about the pure performance/love of an audience dynamic. I feel that I’d want more, or how brazen would it be to be sure of an audience’s love? I seem to want to juggle many balls in the air.. to have the adoration of the audience but also to be flickering through experiences and stimulating environments, I dont know. It’s an intangible thing about Leos just as I am seeing this thing about Pisceans that they crave this intangible womblike union with the lord and think people are missing that (from my study of Pete Holmes..)

  17. I guess Leo would rule fun, wouldn’t it? I don’t know what the deal with fun is. Guess it’s anti Buddhist :p related to aversion and craving.. and yet I’m sure most people need it and get stodgy without it. Was watching a British tv show Miranda where the heroine is clumsy and makes up various games and antics such as putting googly eyes on fruit and making them “fruit friends” or dressing up as Waldo and having her friend find her in a crowded store. So many of us have forgotten how to play games and be creative as adults, my mind seems to not even bend that way and it’s sad.

  18. I have mars venus Conjunct Leo 7th

    My love life has been an absolute nightmare starting at age 5. I’ve been actively dating since kindergarten. I am the little girl sitting in the classroom with a thought bubble above her head daydreaming about a boy.

    I like this aspect – it’s my strength and dedication and courage and confidence. It’s always there when I need it. People see me as a pretty lady and are drawn in, but I feel as though it pushes people out just as fast.

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