Mars In Libra: Social Knife – Bully, Beneath The Veneer

pink gunMars is in Libra now. He”ll be for the next eight months. I’ve already noticed my interactions with others have become pointed.

I don’t mean that in a negative way. I just mean it. I mean that Mars has a sharp edge but this can take many forms.

I ran into a gal I know on the periphery (social / Libra). She’s very pretty (Libra) but she’s also an avid target shooter (Mars), according to the bumper stickers on her car.

She said that I looked nice (Libra) and she hugged me, before telling me she’d cut herself (Mars) off from the group that gives us commonality. She then hugged me again, and we said goodbye.

Now there is nothing wrong with that. But hopefully you see there is social knife in play out there.

I have also had a number of people try to (nicely) get me to do something they want, even though it’s not fair (Libra). They’re pushin’ it, see? Mars.
I’ve had this happen so many times, already, it’s a safe bet it’s going to be a trend for me with Mars in Libra.

It pays to notice things like this in your life. This way you can design your own social (Libra) strategy (Mars). Because if you don’t answer when shots are fired, you’ll be taken out, eventually.

Remember this: a bully is a bully, even if they’re covered in glitter and bows and calling you ma’am.

6 thoughts on “Mars In Libra: Social Knife – Bully, Beneath The Veneer”

  1. I just never know. All I can do right now is stay focussed on my goals within the existing social order wherever I am. I understand that others may want me to do unnatural acts or take me on a ride through their house of horrors. I need to remember that ‘no’ is an option. I can’t go back. And those who aren’t really here anymore, I gotta let em go. They know where to find me.

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    Heaven help us. Okay. Strategize. Gotta stick up for myself in a calm in rational way, with confidence, so I can walk outta here with relations intact!

  3. Omg, I am the bully, I am pushing my friend to participate in a funny video game! He likes the game but doesn’t want to play it because he is worried about what his contacts on Facebook might think of him when they see it. And I am really pressuring him lol. We both have natal Mars in Libra.

  4. I have Libra Moon, Venus in Aries, Taurus Sun, Sag Rising. I have been ex-communicated from my son, his father, step mother, step sister in life and on Facebook. They all are suffering from addictions and behaving irresponsibly. They want me to let my severely meth addicted son have a vehicle that is titled and insured in my name. I refuse, so I am the most horrible bully and family member on the planet for not giving in, enabling and remaining co-dependent. It is very hurtful at the holidays but I maintain my position.

  5. Re: Rebellious & Independent vs Oppressive, Cloying & Clingy‏

    I was musing about the difference between a Libra reacting and how I (Leo) would have in the case of this “phony” seeming interchange. In the first place, I didn’t comprehend where the bullying came in – but if you say so . . .I’ll go there.

    What I get is that this woman is a complete phony with all that you described torturing her beneath the surface. Hence, she puts on a phony happy face – but the cloying and clinging is what comes through. If it were me, I would have seriously wondered what her deep rooted problem is, but I don’t want anything to do with fakes. So, instead, I would have called upon Leo’s dramatic ability, and thrown out a bunch of fake emulations, just like she did. I’d snicker to myself and be on my way. These kind of people just drain your energy that you’d rather apply to helping people who are sincere.

  6. Gemini (12th house ) mars libra (4th ),Jup retro in 12th, went homeless in dec , stalked out of 3 new housing arrangements by patient I took care of for 4 years (Merc in cancer ) awaiting Ssi ruling over pair of asthma /COPD related comas, $200 cash from govt cut off. had to relocate to TEXAS , medical coverage but bizarre pharmacy snags ( I ran a pharmacy and was married to a pharmacist so I know what Should be happening that isn’t , cabulance company has yet to provide a ride ( despite 87 phone calls ) my dr left my clinic , housing very unstable here. Bullied / showdown/ conflict / eviction threat . Facebook friends unconcerned enough to help when they could. Are UPSET when new landlord posted a happy Appearing photo . Wood horse 2014 does clean house . Can’t wait for direct mars. 5/19. My IC ? Or MC. Can’t recall which is the South Pole. Is in 4th house which represents “rolling stone hood” which after moving 54 times (16 before I was 18) I can fully vouch for .

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