Saturn in Scorpio – “You’re Trying To Kill Me…”

scorpiopaintIt was Sunday night. I’d already written Monday’s post about the movie, “Defiance’, when I got on the phone with my friend, Ben. The post is about living while people want to see you annihilated.

Ben is a Scorpio. He’s got Saturn transiting conjunct his Sun (and Mercury) at this time. We’ve been talking for thirty years.  He’s an Aquarius rising.

I’m a Capricorn rising but our ascendents are conjunct, out of sign. Consequently, we have these outer planet transits in tandem. There’s an affinity via our common experience.

“She’s trying to kill me,” he said. “I know she is. I told her I knew what she was doing.”

“You said that to you? You told her, you’re trying to kill me?”


“What did she say?”

“No, I’m not trying to kill you, she said. Don’t lie to me, I said. That’s how I answered her. Don’t lie to me.

I thought this was hilarious. You can see why we have been friends for thirty years.

She is trying to kill him, by the way. But I don’t think she’ll be successful and either does he.

He said he had resources that she knows nothing about…which is a feat since she’s one of those people who think they know it all.

Do you have Pluto transiting your 12th house too?

Have you learned to use your secret power?

20 thoughts on “Saturn in Scorpio – “You’re Trying To Kill Me…””

  1. Pluto is transiting my 7th and has about wiped out my resources and relationships…wishing I knew my secret power about now, But I have faith that my hard work will pay off and the people that need to be out of my hair will be washed away and eventually reinforcements will arrive.

  2. I have Pluto transiting 12th, and Saturn return on Sun Saturn conjunction at this very moment; it is hard, but I certainly don’t have anyone trying to kill me, either I’m blissfully unaware of that 🙂
    But my past is definitely haunting me: some unfinished business with separation and loss has come.
    The secret power: I’ve been trough it already, so I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to deal with it, albeit more gracefully this time (I hope 🙂 )

  3. Double Scorpio here with Saturn transiting my Sun and Mercury. I totally feel like something sinister is being done to me. I’ve resolved to letting it happen and seeing what comes out the other side. Not 12th house Pluto, but I can relate.

  4. Right before beginning of Saturn in Scorpio has been rough on my father-in-law, he’s a Mercury/Venus & Mars in Scorpio w/Scorpio Rising. His fight with cancer has been a rough ride, from 2011 and on. He fought hard and won the first round, 2nd round, he’s fighting again for his life. It’s not the same, though. Before, there was a chance, even 50/50. Now, it’s as if the universe is against him, telling him it’s time. His Gemini wife has already made plans for us to go places such as concerts, museums, special events where they used to go together as a partner. She’ll be alone; she’s been looking around the big house, all the paintings from museums, france, italy, and african masks from south america…all the beautiful, material wealth they brought together as a couple, seemingly empty. There’s no joy to share it with the one you love when they leave this place.
    i thought i’d share, because life is fleeting.

    1. Do not save your loving speeches
      for your friends till they are dead.
      Do not place them on their tombstones-
      speak them rather now instead.

  5. I have Pluto just squeaking into my 12th house (Libra Sun/8th, Aquarius rising 3 degrees, Saturn transiting in my 9th house (hey, I survived Saturn in Libra in my 8th and lived to tell the tale!). Since the New Moon in November I have been vibing with dealing with my own personal power viz a viz my inner critic and the people in my life that embody the “inner critic” and taking my power back. It has been a real shift in mindset. Now that I think of it, its really been revving up since Venus conjunct Pluto a few weeks ago. Also, Chiron is within 3 degrees of my natal Saturn in Pisces 2nd, so I am thinking a lot of healing/reconciliation and not taking any bullshit from anyone is going on. I am finally getting rewarded for taking risks in my business and feel much more confident – I feel like I’m “owning” my work now instead of apologizing for dropping out of the corporate rat race. I don’t know…this is something I should reflect upon since the 12th seems to have such a spooky-ooky self-undoing vibe – it seems like its the contrary to me so far.

  6. ok him there is no rationale for a human to keep his finger in the socket while his hair goes zigzag unless something else is missing. only ben can figure this out, go within or go without.

  7. Pluto is in my 12th house natally. Since I’m getting older and heading into my crone years, I might be able to pass on some wisdom I’ve gained through some purgatory experiences I’ve had due to this placement. Throughout my life, the fear of annihilation has been pronounced. And I don’t believe it’s the result of a persecution complex. I do believe that there have been people in my life who have wanted to destroy me — not necessarily physically, but rather emotionally or mentally — because I represented a big enough threat to them due to what I said, or did, or just because I was present in their life. I’ve never been clear about why — only that I was a threat that they wanted to eliminate. Period. Needless to say, this phenomena has often been terrifying. Enter the mystery of the 12th house. I’ve come to realize over the years (almost 50 hard-earned now), that the most powerful and harmonious way to handle such counter-threats was to adhere to the Taoist way of being, namely Wu Wei or “action without action”. This is so 12th House. But this doesn’t mean being passive. Not at all. Wu Wei requires supreme attention and awareness. Astrology is an excellent way to raise consciousness about this. In many instances, I’ve either had such “annihilators” seemingly miraculously leave or disappear from my life; or I’ve been able to remove or extract myself from their lives with little energy expended on my part — so long as I remained conscious and aware of how I needed to flow or move in the situation, whether it meant to stay and remain centered in the “eye of the storm”, or exit left – fast. If I allowed my ego to enter into the situation and exert any control, vengeance or retaliation — Bam! It got ugly. The 12th house is NOT ego domain. I have many psychic wounds to confirm this…This may describe my particular take on Pluto and the 12th House, but hopefully these words may help another too…

    1. thanks, michelle…i also have pluto in the 12th and have experiences just
      as you described. although i have not always had the wisdom
      to leave my ego out… in the end the ‘secret power’ prevails….
      the 9 lives of pluto in the 12th!! i like your way or working with
      the energy though and will keep this in mind

  8. Thank you, Michelle. This is very wise advice. Pluto will finally be leaving my 12th house and entering the 1st house in January. I’m looking forward to it as I have had some strange encounters with people. Some situations were not what they seem. Subterfuge? It’s only in hindsight that I can see that someone had an agenda and I didn’t see it until it was too late.
    It happened again this week. A colleague had recommended a business venture to a group of people saying how great it was. Two of us took her up on it. When we got there and went through it it was all wrong for me and the other person. Could we say anything? No! We would look like whining bad guys while she was all smiley and saying how great it was. All I can think is that this woman has no objectivity about other people’s situations or she is extremely competitive in a passive aggressive way. This also makes me think of Mars now transiting Libra. I don’t even want to dwell on it – I just want to focus on my next project. Another wonderful post, Elsa!

    1. I know.
      But see, Ben has taught students for 30 years. Those students are EVERYWHERE. He’s their favorite teacher of their lives, pretty much across the board.

      So my son has a favorite teacher. If Mr __________ were to call my son in 10 or 15 years and tell him he needed a favor, it would be done.

      Or how about when I had to move this site in an emergency? My husband called in his soldiers from 25 years ago…who jumped at the chance to help their old Sarge, who they know made them into the men they are today.

  9. Michelle and Lindsey….same for me. Pluto natally in my 12th. Same experiences, pounding after pounding but…somehow I kept surviving and getting wiser. Lately, I am feelicom much tougher. I agree that staying aware and conscious is vital — but not an attitude of expecting bad things, or even accepting the unnecessary roughness of life. Somehow, my instinct tells me you have to keep a sense of humor and your mind on the good alternative no matter what — while also being ready to get Marine strong if needed. I noticed lately I traveled a long distance feeling like I had to keep my “power” under wraps and as of a week or two ago….no more of that. I feel a huge positive change ahead and so this post is really resonating.

  10. Im 29 is it normal to have Pluto in the 12th house and Saturn return … Sun was conjoined to Saturn in the 10th recently… Im a bit put off by this. I know my dad is crazy for sure. I always feel powers that be on earth are supressing, I don’t know how to surmise but to roll with the punches. I also feel all eyes on me kind of thing, watching my every move, not being able to trust friends or even family. My life is in shambles and I want a partner to escape with but have found none, not bc their unworthy but bc I havent felt their true love and vice versa. How bittersweet life can be sometimes.

  11. I was dating someone in all manners of the word was just plain disrespectful and thought that because they make more money than me, go to university and a whole host of other things that they thought that they could kill me too. Didn’t work of course, I killed them in a manner of speaking. They didn’t know that as a Scorps I can find out information quicker than anything and with the age of the internet it was easy to find out why they decided to bully (Mars in Libra natally) me into submission and why they pushed so hard to have me sign onto their agenda without me actually thinking about it. Idiot!! And yet I’m suppose to be the stupid one because I work in the restaurant with the Golden Arches and they can’t even tell a lie without being caught out in 5 seconds flat and the expect me to co-sign to their bs! Yeah… I’m the stupid one alright. Hahaha!! 🙂

    My Pluto is transiting my 4th, however I have Mars in my 12th currently so I have my fire power, the plant of War is not going to stop me!

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