57 thoughts on “Quit Fixing People: A Virgo Rant!”

  1. Elsa I really liked this quick 1 minute video. It’s so true. There are a couple of friends – should I call them ex-friends – who would keep doing this. Another way people try to fix things is by saying “you should do such and such.” I find it very patronizing, and it’s been bothering me a lot lately. To the extent that I have been actively avoiding these friends. Funny, it started with me walking around saying “It’s all good”.

  2. @llama…my mom has done this to me my whole life, and up until very recently it would provoke such a deep emotional crying rage from me. I’m an adult! I’m not supposed to respond like that! LOL.

    She undermines me because it isn’t what I ‘should’ do (ie what she would like me to do, because she obviously knows whats best for everyone all the time). It’s taken so long to recognize that it’s a pattern I internalized, that I undermine myself as a result. I’ve also noticed myself behaving in similar ways. Happily my pluto sq pluto and pluto conjunct moon is really helping to illuminate all this and sort it out once and for all!
    I find that the closer the relationship you have to a person the more justified they feel in telling you what you ought to be doing, what’s good for you and what’s wrong with you.

    In the name of Pluto, Underminers begone!

  3. Hey Elsa … what you need to do is make this vid go viral! LOL

    Just kidding. Loved the rant. I’m with ya on this one.

  4. Avatar

    I’ve seen this before whilst going through your channel on YouTube and it made me laugh then and it makes me laugh now. Hahaha. I’ve taken the line ‘fix yourself’ and use it a lot especially when I haven’t asked for the help.

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