Mars In Relationship and Cancer Men Playing “Piss Off Mommy” Games

So Scott is a Cancer and in a classic “piss off mommy” move, he told his mother, over dinner that I said they were married. ::laughs::

Now I did say that and I have for many years, but what’s he doing telling her, huh?

Well, I’ll tell you. I have been her nemesis, the bane of her existence for 30 plus years. I just won’t leave her baby alone, see? So what’s Scott do? He feeds this. He does and he always has. He baits everyone and when I call him on it we both laugh like hell. And it hasn’t always been this way. He’s used to deny it but that’s worn thin.

So we were talking about his latest move… I accused him of “elder abuse” for torturing his mother like this and he copped:

“I like women when they’re out of control. When they laugh, get really mad, or have an orgasm, that is. That’s what I like to see, Elsie. So sometimes I do bait you…”

So I just wanted to post this in regards to my temper. And I just wanted to ask you guys if you relate.


And for the record, Scott has a Venus, Mars, Pluto conjunction. So he perfectly capable of being a manipulative prick! Not that I am complaining. It’s one of the things I enjoy about him.

“I love to get a rise out of you, Elsie,” he’ll say.

“Oh shut the fuck up!”

“That’s what I mean.”

“I said shut up before I kill you, Scott and you ought be taking me very seriously, you bastard…”

“Yep, that’s what I like…”

::shakes head::

So is anyone else gonna cop to pulling shit like this? Come on man. I know you’re out there.

31 thoughts on “Mars In Relationship and Cancer Men Playing “Piss Off Mommy” Games”

  1. And regarding the married to his mother thing…

    “So did you tell her that you agree with me?” I asked.


    “Why not? Because you do agree with me, so why not cop to that too? Tell her about yourself!”

    “I don’t know.”

    “Oh bullshit. This is Elsa’s ass. Let’s just hang it out to dry! Yet again!”

    He laughs.

    I laugh too. It is what it is.

  2. I grew up in a family that had a pretty wicked sense of humor. I have toned it down alot in recent years, but I do occasionally still intentionally provoke a reaction from some people.

  3. This has been done to me, and I do think I do it to others as well, but not really consciously. I have to think about it. I kind of despise people who do this, but it also has to do with why they’re doing it. If it’s malicious, it’s just not cool. If it’s for poking a little fun and you know the person will realize any second now that you’re pushing their buttons, then ok. But still.. it’s a little mean to us gullible people out there.

  4. Years ago I worked with a woman who knew of my mixed ethnic background; this woman would do and say the most heinous things, and then tell everyone it was me; as in “you know how people like THAT are”. When I cornered her about it, she giggled and said that I wasn’t going to make anything of myself anyway, so she hadn’t done any harm. From that moment on, I never missed a chance to make pointed remarks about rednecks. Of course, this did not endear me to anyone, so my satisfaction was limited. I am embarrassed . . honest.

  5. I was going to only cop to doing this to my mom, but the more I thought about it, I realized I do it to others too…not maliciously but man, sometimes it’s like winding up a toy then setting it down and watching it take off.

  6. I found a funny Cancer quote relating to this:

    Republicans understand the importance of bondage between mother and child. – George W. Bush

  7. I know I don’t like being fucked with/being provoked into emotional responses. My Libra friend likes to be flippant and sarcastic and simply roundabout about talking about himself. He is probably like my Capricorn friend who says he only treats me and his little sister the annoying way that he does. Tonight I met a Pisces who loves to build a lie to tell me enough that I believe him. He teased me as usual saying that he isn’t attractive to women (when someone told me he actually has a lot of them over) and trying to make me say he is attractive. He just likes making these kind of jokes but they annoy me and make me uncomfortable. Sorry to pull this again but my mom’s close group of friends were very witty and ironic and used to tease her to try to get a rise out of her, she would march out fuming with her pride hurt and they of course meant no harm and love her. She couldn’t be angry with them for long and would come back. They would tell her she was just asking for it. Being so gullible and aggressively curious/impatient with the scoop being delayed, I’m asking for it most of the time too. So yes, people usually manipulate me in more ways than I’ve just mentioned (lying to me or deliberately annoying me) and I don’t like it too much. But when it’s all in good fun, it’s okay to rise above it like my mom.

  8. Wow, I talk about my mom a lot. I “piss off mommy” by treating her selfishly/badly. Did Scott talk about his mom as much as he liked to get a rise out of her?

  9. I remember staying with a friend while visiting overseas at her parents. Her mom was really house proud and family proud, but extremely, tribally protective of her nest.

    Well, one day I fell asleep on the train home and got pickpocketed. I lost my wallet, my ID, everything. I am in a foreign country. She thought it was so funny and couldn’t stop harassing me about it. It broke down and told her she was cruel–she couldn’t stop mocking me until I left. “You’re so mean, boo hoo!” She even bought a wallet for me as an Xmas gift, as a “joke.”
    Or lasr conversation involved her very arrogantly telling me “There is a lot of laughter in our house.” I knew exactly what she meant: I was a stiff, prissy bitch for not getting her “jokes.”

    It is so true that the more you show upsetment, the more some people come after you to wind you up. I haven’t figured out to completely avoid this type of person yet!
    Luckily, her daughters were gems and only treated each other like that (FAMILY!).

  10. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t mind when people do this to me. They’ve got to be pretty damn smart to push my buttons. I can admire someone who can make me mad – because it’s not easy. People don’t get at me that easily. So when I go up in flames it entertains me. It is the skill I admire. It’s the same I love in politics – the manipulation. I can loathe a person but admire his skills.

  11. My Father’s chief joy in life is pushing peoples buttons. Made me nuts as a kid because he’d push and push until it went from funny to cruel (and with my volcanic temper, that’s just insane). So I don’t do it to other people – I could, I just won’t.

    He still does this (though he’s mellowed with age) and really doesn’t get it when he goes to far and hurts someone – he’s a Pisces with a Sag Moon & Mars.

    Christine is right, if you don’t feed these people they get bored and find a new target.

    Winding people up, pushing their buttons, however you want to phrase it is fine if everyone is having a good time with it.

  12. Generally when I do this, it’s very blatantly obvious what I’m doing, and that it’s meant to be humorous… But not always.

  13. I do this a bit but in my own sarcastic humor way…not meanly. If someone opens them up to a little jab, it is hard to resist (again, I only jab if it someone I know can take it). Also, I am not one to keep at it either if it is not funny for both of us. I generally make myself to be too goofy for anyone to be mad when I get stupid like this and when they realize the irony/funniness of it all, we can do that for a good bit to each other. I grew up with my nuclear fam just poking fun of each other’s comments….just good fun–maybe even witty in a dark-ish way. At the same time of my doing such nonsense; it is teaching me to take it too. So long as it is NOT mean, it’s ok by moi.

    Best to ALL!

  14. Man, Laura Elizabeth, I was an angry nut-job of a child as well!! I remember punching a wall when I was 14 and fracturing my hand…
    Old Pops was like: get it together! I never did that again
    Luckily I did. My eyes wobble when the angry feeling comes and I excuse myself from the room.
    Man, life is so much easier being an adult!

  15. Ouch Christine. For the most part I’ve pulled myself together, but there is still that volcano underneath. It’s easier to control as an adult, but I’m not sure being an adult is easier. Just different 🙂

  16. If I could, I’d’ve voted for both “this is done to me all the time” (not so much now, but in school? Oh god) AND “I think it’s cruel.” Since I could only pick one I went with cruel, though I’m too nice/too Libra to slap people who do it.

  17. It’s strange. I have the same planets in conjunction as Scott (Mars/Venus/Pluto in Libra), but I’ve never thought of myself as a manipulator. I don’t even think I _can_ manipulate others! I don’t play those kinds of games. I’m a very WYSIWYG kinda gal.
    My fiance, however, loves to provoke others, although he won’t often do that to me. I won’t stand for it. If you’re jerking my chain just to see what’ll happen, and I catch you at it? I WILL go atomic on your ass!
    If it’s playful, though, that’s different. Fun amongst friends, right? It’s when someone is seriously, no-nonsense trying to manipulate me or those I love, it’s on. That bird won’t fly.

    I chose the “I think it’s cruel” option, although “People actually do that?” was tempting. It’s behaviour I don’t understand.

  18. OMG! I know this is an old thread, but Elsa directed me to it. Now I see what she is talking about! What about a guy who knows you like him and says “and i hate thongs and women who wear them!”…and the one he is dating is a total whore!…lol You know she’s wearing ’em! He pissed off mommie alright! Me! Oh and the time he called and said they were friends and nothing else and then he’s telling me she’s the one having all the fireworks! Bastard!…lol

  19. And Elsa, today he said again this “relationship” his is in “really isn’t what I think it is…he’s just trying to keep her happy!” OMG!!! Isn’t that taking the words right out of yer mouth!! I couldn’t BELIEVE it!! And you were right again, he said he wants to be unfettered and doesn’t want to be in a relationship. Just maybe an occasional one night stand or something I guess…but he said before this is not his style. Uhmmm…not sure about that because I did not meet him in a bar. I still think he is making all this up!

  20. Dawn, remind him he is a million years old, not a little boy and see how that flies, LOL.

    Don’t worry, you can’t get rid of him, he’s a dependent. 😉

  21. Ha ha ha ha! I did say “don’t piss off mommie!” about the other woman. He was said “WHAT??” and I said “well you don’t know what that means, but I do” and he got all pissy and said “WELL THAT’s GOOD!”…LOL!!! He is acting like now he has to make her happy and he really doesn’t want to. YEAH RIGHT!! Is he playing me or WHAT?? He is pissing off two mommies!!

  22. Yeah sure am!! : ) I told him again today the best way to handle her is “not to piss of mommy” when I told him she could email me and I would straighten her out and he replied “no – I won’t go down that road. She can figure it out for herself and if she doesn’ be it!”

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