What To Do If There Is No Good Option?

horns of a dilemmaWhat if there is no good option? There’s a phrase I like that describes this condition: “on the horns of a dilemma”.

I find this situation comes up pretty regularly when people have Saturn transit in hard aspect to their personal planets. A natal aspect of this type will have the same affect. Conjunctions included. Sun conjunct Saturn for example. It’s a “hapless” thing, I suppose.

Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn has made situations like this, drastic. It’s might be an all or nothing or just especially gut-wrenchingly painful.

I suffer this kind of thing a lot, especially now with Pluto conjunct my ascendant. I tend to be upbeat so I think or sing this old song to maintain perspective, “Clowns to the left of my, jokers to the right…”

It is sort of like die by knife or die by gun? Ultimately what difference does it make?

So how do you handle something like this?

What do you do if all choice suck?

18 thoughts on “What To Do If There Is No Good Option?”

  1. Elsa, I’ve had the same problems, with Sun and planets in the late degrees of Capricorn…I just try to minimize the possibility of truly catastrophic mistakes or events…

  2. Between Scylla and Charybdis. Non action would hurt all the same and you’d wonder what if. Bad options suck too. Damned if you do damned if you don’t is hard. I’d say to make a choice and deal with the aftermath regardless. What is one to do anyway, that’s part of life. I don’t have a better idea.

  3. A friend came to me yesterday with a no win situation. She and her two college age sons and her sister with two college age sons had planned on going to Disney World today. They saw the Covid numbers and thought they’d wait until after all of the holiday travel ended and take the trip (her sister has a timeshare and is using her airline miles).
    My friend’s son’s girlfriend, who has been staying at my friend’s house, felt bad yesterday and tested positive. What to do? No one else in the house feels bad.
    Obviously, someone is going to be upset. Her sister if she backs out of the trip. Her sons if they back out of the trip. My friend who took the week off from work. It sucks. BUT what if they go and spend the entire week sick in a hotel room, instead of comfortable at home? What about every person they come in contact with and the danger they pose to them. Or the people those they come in contact with, what about their families and friends?
    Sometimes you have to make the really tough choice and if it turns out that wasn’t necessary count your blessings. Or lucky stars.

  4. I have been stuck in a no win/win situation since COVID started. Even right before. I am slowly seeing a light but there are most definitely energies that are still putting me into a somewhat forced situation that will alter the course of my life and it will take blood sweat and tears to get through it all. I have a Sag Saturn 1st/2nd house but I am not having a Saturn return. And as far as I can see, the first part of this equation sucks, the middle a bit too but hopefully the end will be bright!

  5. Just wait for Uranus to smack the decision-making out of your hands, and then it turns out there was a third option. Satisfaction not guaranteed, though 😉

    1. Uranus currently in my 1H, natally 8H. I have to admit I am kinda sitting n waiting on it, because it feels like im living on a 2 of swords/stuck in a rut for a good while now. Go uranus. Next october square to Tr Saturn will hit my NN 1H, AND the nodes return home as well. Not sure it will be dramatic as much as sudden. hmm. kinda scaring but look fwd to it 🙂

  6. Natal 10th house Cap Saturn opp my 4th house Gem Sun. Seems I am always on guard from some outside authority although I am conventional and very law abiding. Why I constantly have to exert my own rights/authority just for some fair play is strange. I came from a very upstanding family background too.

    1. How’s your Venus? Recently I read that your 2nd cusp shows what you esteem/value and the resources you have (covers emotional too) and that people with Jupiter ruling 2nd or in second have this sense of always having their backs covered.

  7. It’s “damned if you do or damned if you don’t”. So just do your best. And know that change is the only constant!

  8. Definitely feels like a lot of people, myself, and family included, are being pushed to the point of making a choice whether we want to or not over the past couple of weeks. Mine is relationship and also family / covid / travel situation.

  9. What can I say… you just have to put on your big girl or boy panties/briefs-boxers and suck it up. Then do damage control. The only way to get past it …is thru it. Generally, there’s no mitigating. I have a natal Angular Grand Square (Pluto Mars Sun ASC-Taurus) Ugh! Now Transiting Saturn is squaring my 4 natal Scorpio planets and will shortly kick off the grand square at high degrees. Next up…transiting Pluto will get in on the game once it reaches Aquarius. Boohoo! Good thing we have astrology.

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