Mars In Scorpio Square Mercury In Aquarius – PURGE

MarsYou may have noticed the site bogging down lately. It’s frustrating. I just had it rebuilt! But the fact is, the database here is HUGE. For example, there are (were) 50,000 threads in the forum, alone.  The only way to address this is to prune the database.

I started working on this last night. I plan to work on it today, for some hours. It’s an aggressive (Mars) but hopefully surgical (Scorpio) cutting of astrology (Aquarius) writing (Mercury).   I pretty much have to amputate a leg to save the whole.

How do you see this aspect manifesting in your life?

15 thoughts on “Mars In Scorpio Square Mercury In Aquarius – PURGE”

  1. As my husband often say sometimes you just have to flush the system to get a clean slate to work with not something anyone really wants to do.

  2. Oh yes. Even in advance of this transit, right after Christmas, I saw so much stuff I want to get rid of around the house. I will do a little at a time, given my schedule but it will feel so good.

    1. Same here! I purged so much stuff at home during the Christmas to New Years break. It’s like I got this wind that went on for a whole week and I’m still feeling like declutteing.

  3. “It’s an aggressive (Mars) but hopefully surgical (Scorpio) cutting of astrology (Aquarius) writing (Mercury). I pretty much have to amputate a leg to save the whole.”

    I love when you lay out my life and actions for me. I’m writing a novel…I’m 45,000 words into; basically half-way. And I’ve been unhappy with the first three chapters since I wrote the last eight chapters. I loved my first three chapters but they seem from a different book altogether. And so I was stuck. I stopped. I just rearranged words until I realized the book had to begin at Chapter 4. That meant losing over 7,000 precious, loved words.
    I amputated a leg.
    And it was the right thing to do.

  4. I need to pack to move, which means I need to purge a looooot. I am feeling way too lazy to do that though. I have until Wednesday afternoon, that’s enough time…

  5. I’m wanting to amputate a leg which in my case is perfectly healthy and should NOT be amputated. So I plan on sitting and staring at said leg until it has finished delivering The Message.

  6. A bit off topic but today is Moonday so that is where I start my focus for the day. Seeing the moon is fall in Scorpio to me suggests a day of negative emotion. Gurdjieff teaches the way of manifestation is partially through the non-expression of negative emotions. So lets keep that on the back burner and shift our focus now to Mars who is domicile in Scorpio and practice bhakti(devotion) to Samael(archangel of Mars). Make sure to pump a little IRON and eat a bit of RED MEAT. This should please the god and put us in good favor with him. Practice the virtue of patience and avoid the vice of anger. Continue this devotion into tomorrow when he is the ruler of the day (Tuesday – Mardi or Mars-day in french).

  7. Mercury rx in aquarius. First break in work assignments, I need to call the plumber. Aquarius pours for all, but my bathroom is leaking. Drip drip drip. And if there is a january thaw, all this snow turning to water could be something else again. Ground is already saturated from winter rains.

    Have been thinking about private citizens absconding public owned lands (for all) for their own exploitation, as well. We don’t need no stinkin rules. Natural lands don’t play any part in the earth’s ecology. We don’t need no clean air and water laws. We got technology. Who needs to breathe. We are beyond that. We don’t need to know what’s in the empty food that is being engineered. So it ain’t filling us up, ain’t giving us the nutrients we need. We can just eat more in desperation for nutrients and energy. That’s my purge. 😀

  8. I’ve cut out a number of people from my life (who claim to love me but never have time for me, or are really draining – this has been going on for years), and some friends just yesterday announced they’re separating.

  9. It is with trepidation I await the effect of Scorpio on my two eldest children. Both have Mars in the 8th in their natal house. My daughter in Sagittarius and my son in Capricorn. My son has a stellium of 6 planets in Capricorn in his 8th house, including Mars at 14 deg, Venus 15 deg and sun at 17 deg. With Pluto hanging on top of these I am holding my breath.

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