Has Your Destiny Changed, Post Uranus Square Pluto?

zodiac-cardsMy destiny has changed.  So many things have happened, completely unexpected.

It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad; if I wanted them to happen or I didn’t. The chips were tossed in the middle of a storm, with the best of intentions. They’ve landed.

When I look at my future today, I see possibilities that I would have never considered, prior to this country. I know I’m not alone. I don’t think anyone, anywhere ever thought they might vote for Donald Trump for President of the United States. Yet now look!

I am not telling you I will vote for Donald Trump. It’s just a good example of the shocking changes so many of us have gone through.

Do you ever think of what your ultimate destiny might be? Did this transit change it at all?

40 thoughts on “Has Your Destiny Changed, Post Uranus Square Pluto?”

  1. Yes, definitely. As far as my ideas about relationships and partnering- what it was from when I was 18 up until a year/year and a half is 100% different. So much so that I feel like I don’t even understand where my head was, so many relationships were clearly doomed to failure.

    I mean- whatever,that’s life. I’m glad I escaped and no matter what happens I cannot be fooled again by myself or others. It would be nice not to be alone eventually, but for now, I seriously can’t be bothered.

    I am so drained I think that I just want to live in a way that fills me back up. So it gels and it stays that way. I was never self-protective really. Too trusting and thinking too much of the other person. I have been so burned that I will never let my security be undermined by anything ever again.

    That’s my new filter. 🙂

  2. So if transiting Uranus in Aries is in the 10th house where transiting Pluto is in Capricorn on my 7th house, directly on my descendant, and where my natal Pluto is in Libra 4th house (opposite the transiting Uranus) where a conjunction also sits with my natal Uranus in Scorpio 4th (blasting back to that Cancer ascendant who is opposite transiting Pluto)…should I be dead? lol How do you master Cancer under an assault that bad? I read that when everything else is gone ~ and I mean ever-y-thing..home, family, lover, career, kapoot ~ that Cancer leads one to connect with “mother” earth. I’m hoping psychic abilities kick in soon 🙂 Maybe she’ll reveal some of her secrets to me, through electrical Uranus, while I’m drifting in the wind…I’ve got a kite going on with Saturn Neptune Pluto and Eris/MC. Transiting Saturn is right on top of that Neptune trining itself in that kite formation. It feels important but I’m still putting the pieces together…not sure how this is all going to play out in the end. Should the results of the Uranus Pluto squares be evident by now?

    1. I have tr Uranus in 10th house Aries and tr Pluto in Cap with a Cancer asc….

      I have certainly had a very hard time with my health…..

      1. I have the reverse Uranus Aries in 4th opposing my natal 10th house Libra Sun and Jupiter, Pluto in Cap conj my natal Mars. I do not however have any 7th house Natal placements.

  3. Yes, it has. In my personal life things are still not completely clear, I haven’t quite landed. Thought, there is this feeling of a calmness after the storm. I’m digesting what happened. Pluto was square my Sun and conjunct Neptune right before Pluto squared Uranus. It’s a lot to look back on and its clear that I need to move forward a changed person. I just don’t know which way to move, or I know and I’m too fearful or maybe even the best answer is not to move. Right now, I’m working on patience and faith. I don’t know right now but I have faith that I will and I will be patient until it becomes clear.

    1. Moon conjunct natal Uranus today with Jupiter conjunct natal Mercury, Jupiter sextile natal Saturn and Uranus conjunct MC already in effect. It just came to me, my answer! Astrology blows my freakin’ mind!!!

      1. I had surgery on 12/29 and even though I had my head and heart set on a quick recovery it has been nothing close to that. I understand the surgery is comparable to a mastectomy surgery and it was more painful than I guessed ….and I forgot that at this age you don’t spring back so quick. I have also been taken over by candida because of the antibiotics and I am finding it hard to eat anything. Sleeping a lot. Moving from a chair in the family room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom. This is about as much as I can do all day. I would have thought 11 days in I would be nearly healed and I am shocked by all this. I like to fancy myself strong and full of life. This has been a hard slap in the face.

        The recovery and detox is going to take time. I pray I don’t lose my business in the mean time. People have actually been rather ignorant about it. They can go somewhere else. I started that business without one client. I know how to do it. And I can do it again. 😉

    1. Avatar
      Warped by Wuthering Heights

      You will, soup — you’ll detox and be reborn better than ever (Pluto), and you’ll experience a surprising (Uranus) success regarding work (10th). But for now, just take it slow and pamper yourself!

    2. I hardly recognize this today. What a horror. I try to forget it. It was bad but I have seen worse since. Who could have predicted in 16 where I would be today. Not me. In fact, if someone said it, I would have laughed and said, I am not moving anywhere so that’s impossible. I dk who that person was now. I am completely unrecognizable but so grateful for the support because that was a true low. Painful.

      I didn’t lose the business. I kept it till they closed the state down and put me out of business. Then I moved. 800 miles away from anything familiar to me. And I am not mad about it haha

      I don’t even know who she is. I was drug down so low to such a dark place I had to fight my way out, alone. I have no idea how I did that. Things that used to bother me… don’t faze me anymore. I lost my entire identity along with the rest of it. Good. I didn’t like that one anyway. It was killing me.

  4. I feel like the worst is over and I can finally get on with life, wherever it leads me. Everything has just been one nightmare after another since the 2008 recession and the Obama presidency. Geez, we really need to turn the page in this country.

    If anyone had ever told me in the past that Donald Trump would be running for president and could win, I wouldn’t have been able to stop laughing. But, if you look past his blunt talk, you will see a very accomplished man that has done incredible things in his life. The only thing I know for sure is that you can’t predict what will happen in life. Right now, I’m just taking it one day at a time.

  5. I am where I never thought I’d be, trying to be molded into a person with little value, except towards another and how they should look. I’m not even sure what my purpose is in this situation. It feels as though I have lost my autonomy. I haven’t lost it, but I have hidden it. Trying to figure out the next step without blowing everything to shards.

        1. You are now powered by Pluto! GO!!!! 7 YEARS LATER… you got Pluto in Spades right now. Set the world on fire. You got this! Pluto conjunct sun and a P) Scorpio moon. FLY! Get what YOU want.

  6. Absolutely! It’s been a wild ride through the rabbit hole just like Alice in Wonderland and I’ve gone through an unimaginable transformation. It’s been unbelievable. It’s been insane. I am no longer the same person and there is no way I’m looking back. I didn’t know how dead I was until that Uranus/Pluto electrocuted me back to life with a renewed sense of passion and fierce desire to obtain the dreams I truly deserve to have. Tossed everything that held me back all these years out the window. I’m getting a tattoo to mark this deep transformation. A mermaid!

  7. Yes,yes,yes! In 2011 Pluto crossed my Asc, then Uranus conjuncted my Sun. Quit the big job, sold the house and moved to the South. As soon as we got here that spring the square kicked in and has been igniting all my Aries planets since then. I am an entirely new life form! Not even possible to articulate all the change. I never had any idea this would be my path. In fact, it was just about the last place on earth I ever expected to find myself. You just don’t argue with Pluto and Uranus!

    1. Avatar
      Warped by Wuthering Heights

      Wend, you’re giving me hope! Pluto is closing in on my ASC for the second hit, Uranus is creeping up on my Sun in 3rd near IC.
      Time to make a vision board with pictures of “Wend-y” houses as my lucky charm!

  8. Great question. I must say, I was sort of let down by Pluto conjunct Uranus. The square back in March 2015 was almost straight on my Moon – 15’18 Capricorn to my 15’39 Capricorn Moon. I got big news during that time, and expected things to happen immediately.

    Well, they didn’t. Both Uranus and Pluto went retrograde relatively soon after the passage. And I now see that especially Pluto had some business to do in the 4th house, where it went. Incredibly, or not, I had a decision I’d made regarding my work confirmed exactly the day Pluto went to my 4th house, equal house, where it won’t return in my lifetime!

    I hope that everything that has happened in the past 6-7 weeks will ultimately lead to where I thought I’d be by now. Certainly, I feel much more confident about destiny being in play here.

  9. The logjam has begun to loosen, that’s for sure. It’s a long story. Along with the Uranus-Pluto square, Uranus is trine my Sun, its last pass.

    But it looks like I won’t know what’s really happening till the eclipses in March.

  10. Elsa, fantastic insight as always referring to the Trump phenomenon as evidence of unexpected changes we never thought possible. I mean, a half dozen years ago if you posted a prediction on this blog that Donald Trump would be the likely nominee for the republican primary in 2016 and had a strong shot of being the next president, looney bin thinking would have been the most appropriate conclusion. But this is where we are at today – and it’s reality!

  11. I think last Saturn Neptune square made all the Pluto Uranus themes a final, undeniable reality. ‘I’ evolved with ‘newer truths’& I don’t like either of ’em. But the thing is I have let go of a habit to try to have everything likable in life. Drastic Sudden changes that straightened out morphed realities.

  12. May be somebody like me would like to search the internet reagrding what such transits might bring.
    It brought out an intensely passionate, romantic side of an otherwise typical Capricorn. Made me cling madly to a relationship that was not meant to be. In the process of securing my future with a certain someone(illusion) I lost my Job, Reputation, Social Standing (Big things for anyone but specifically for a Cappy) also a couple of suicide attempt within a week, a long psychotherapy, hospitalisation n other worse things lol by means of Shame, unfounded allegations even legal troubles. In the next phase, I was legally expelled from my parental family to have brought ’em social disgrace (it was mutually agreed from my end though, I was fed up of seeing ’em troubled because of my shit)
    I still did not give up on the relationship however. Kept hoping for things to get better.
    The final blow came during Saturn Neptune square where I was brutally convinced by the certain someone that neither there is any feeling left for me nor a future and I am responsible for it all!
    So, here I am, with my birthday cake…written “birthday to me” on it…I got a candle meant for a 1 Year old ( numerical one)…I ll celebrate(or whatever suitable word may fit) alone and make a wish that “not ever in my life I should be cursed with a wish.”
    Hence, It brought me a rebirth.

      1. Synastry wise? Yes. A lot of neptune along with Saturn, nodes, vertex aspects with moon & Venus.
        And Pluto & Uranus manifested during a Venus retrograde, while Saturn was transiting my mars squaring my moon & vertex. Final results came during the 1st Neptune Saturn square while past was being brought to my present by an inverse nodal return.
        Oh and if we go by equal house system like Elsa does. Uranus is uprooting my IC at 16 Aries now. He’s almost done, I think. And Pluto about to be done with my 12th house trip n hit my AC thrice this year (& then my Sun), while Saturn returns in my 12th house.
        A very convenient set up by stars I think. Hahahah

  13. I have the two conjunct. You’d think I’d have some cushions. But maybe I do because things could always be worse.

    I see other people here in dire straits and puts things in perspective. I have to learn how to use my Pluto power and it’s scary and potent it feels

  14. My destiny & post Uranus Square Pluto? I fell while hiking & had a fairly severe concussion. Could’ve been so much worse as there were boulders all around me…didn’t hit my head on any of them, but the fall itself sure rang my bell! And here I thought you actually had to hit your head on something to get a concussion. Wrong. Oh, to be sure, my angels were looking out for me! Learned way more about concussions than I ever wanted to. But when you’re dealt a hand you try to make the best of it. It’s been a challenging 3 years, however, I’ve grown in ways I truly don’t believe I would have otherwise. Elsa, as you well know, there’s nothing like a health challenge to narrow your focus & solidify what’s truly important in your life. Am I glad it happened? Welllll. ..yes. It’s taken me on many twists & turns but ultimately for the better. Still navigating thru some things, but ain’t that life?!

  15. I was born during a Uranus Pluto conjunction, Pluto crossed my IC when I was 11 and the result was textbook. Father abandoned us and moved far away, my mother moved us into a skid row apartment. I was devastated.

    Uranus is conjunct my 10th house Jupiter now, Pluto is hovering under my decendant. I am 52 yrs. old and I bought a little home for myself in 2015, a first for me. My son has been away in college for 2 yrs. and I am finally settling the dust in my life and clearing away the obstacles in my path to responsible self supporting.

    I am now getting my IRS debts together for resolution and preparing for a more tax friendly independent business setup to control my debt. It feels so good!

  16. Yes! I have a natal Sun in Aries (16 degrees) opposed Moon in Libra (12 degrees). I spent the last few years in power struggles with a Boss that made me cry ALOT because she challenged me to grow in ways I wasn’t ready for. I worked really hard to meet the challenges and found that I clarified my own values and emotionally toughen-up. I learned alot about MY values. The Moon is my second house ruler, Pluto rules my sixth house and Uranus rules my MC. Alot of the power struggles revolved around values and being forced to do things that went against my values at work. I remained firm in doing what I felt was right and took alot of abuse for it. I learned about power (use and abuse of power specifically). I think the Uranus Moon transits were worse than when Pluto was on his own. Then, I felt the struggle and my emotions felt very raw. But when Uranus joined in I had the most difficulty in controlling my emotions. The combination of feeling emotionally raw and not being able to control my emotions sent me to counseling a few times, lol.

    At the end of it, I received a very big promotion (my MC ruler Uranus had moved on to my 11th house Sun). The job offer seemed to come out of no where and happened very suddenly. Honestly, I’m still amazed I was given the position I currently have. I skipped a few major steps in the chain-of-command.

    I would never want to work for that Boss again, but I am extremely grateful for the lessons she taught me. And she still checks up on me and gives me professional advice. Our relationship is much different now though since I am her peer. 🙂
    Pluto still isn’t done with my Sun, so I know I still have alot to learn. It’s interesting I had power struggles with Women and all Female Bosses during my hard Moon transits. Now I have a Male Boss and a Male Assistant Director when Pluto is about to start squaring my Sun. I’ve already started to have some power struggles with my Assistant since he has run the show for several years and I was hired over him. But, these are the next lessons I must learn and this is how I’ve been challenged to grow. I never really gave power much thought before these transits. Now, I am very aware of it and very conscious of how I wield it.

  17. Way to go Sherry…buying your first home. That’s huge…congratulations!! A son in college..getting things together. You go girl…you’re makin’ it happen!!

    And Kirlie, I can so relate to petty power & ego struggles at work. It takes a lot to reach inside yourself & stay true to what you believe..and not just go along & be part of the herd mentality just to “fit in”. It does come at a price, but at the end of the day, you have to live with yourself. We all have our lessons & path in life. I was born with a strong sense of fairness/justice (Cancer Sun/Libra Asc). It has been a wild ride with that combo…but wouldn’t trade it! Not to mention Mars in Aries. Yowza! Pickin’ your battles has been a huge lesson for me…and…not to fight others battles…that’s their lesson. I too wound up going to counselling because of work issues…I had to find a way to deal with my anger. The truth doesn’t usually go over to well in an office!
    What a trip life is. But we chose to reincarnate here again to dear planet Earth. And what great grist for our Soul!

  18. Every thing changed. Tonight – really thinking about it. Saturn Conjunct Venus – oppose my Mercury. Uranus on top of my Venus (hit pretty hard by the square) – Pluto in the sixth house. Mercury on my Saturn in caprcorn – also in the 6th house. Yes – changes with work. In the spirit of Venus in the 9th – wouldn’t it be great to have a travel job. REally looking at it hard tonight. Not in a sorry way – but in a what is best for me way next. My Fed boss retired today (I am a contractor) -so winds of change and more change.

  19. I really don’t think it has. My destiny is as is, or isn’t. Saturn currently conjucts my Sun to the degree, and my destiny is to get rid of what I created when it opposed my Sun. Uranus sq Pluto didn’t do much for me personally, but I’ve seen it in international relations and society.

  20. I am in my mid 20s, with a stellium in 1st house of Capricorn, and I still don’t have an answer to this question. I don’t know what I want out of life. I don’t know my purpose, and quite frankly I feel dead inside without one. My long-term goals have been supremely foggy for a number of years–probably because of transit neptune in Pisces.

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