Pluto Transit The 12th House – Mine – Two Thirds Down, One To Go

capricorn goat charmIf you use Equal houses as I do, there are thirty degrees in each house. My ascendant is 25 Capricorn. Pluto is at 15 degrees, so I’m twenty degrees down, ten to go.

I bring this up because I’m beginning to feel I am through the worst of this transit.  I was going to state this a couple weeks ago, but thought I was scared. Capricorn, right? Don’t tempt fate! Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!

I do have planets in the later degrees of Cardinal signs, so there is definitely some danger in speaking up…unless I’m very specific. So I’ll be specific.

This transit has taken me out of sight. I saw it coming. I’ve written about this transit since 2007. These are some of the best posts on this site – tag – Pluto Transit 12th.  It makes sense, if I could see it coming, I should also be able to see it ending.

If you head into a tunnel, two-thirds the way through, you probably can see the light at the end of it, if you look hard enough (and provided you’ve not been blinded). That’s what I think is going on here.

One reason for my optimism is that I’ve regained my health. I was rotting out for a number years.

You can read all about how I walked around with open sores on my face for months and months. Who wouldn’t withdraw in that circumstance? But I was eventually diagnosed.  I have slowly and methodically taken care of all medical problems.

This last year, in particular, I have been focused on resolving multiple, serious problems. If I count physical therapy, I’m sure I’ve been to more than thirty doctor’s appointments, plus two hospitals and two hospital stays, this calendar year.  But it’s done now. My health is stable. I’m educated around what I’m dealing with. I’ve accepted it all of course. My burden. I seems light as compared to what it could be.

So now I wonder if I won’t slowly move towards the light.  This is what makes sense to me. I expect to slowly become more visible, and ultimately emerge, to walk the earth like a land animal again.

I’ll tell you one thing. Post this last surgery, I look a lot better than I have in years. People have made remarks.

It’s reminder, when you see someone out there, appearing to be falling apart, they are probably ill.  And if you think it can’t happen to you, well, Capricorn says, then go ahead and tempt fate!

24 thoughts on “Pluto Transit The 12th House – Mine – Two Thirds Down, One To Go”

    1. I’d have cheated on this long ago. But I’ll be damned if I send myself back to the hospital. Plus, my husband glares every time I even begin to mention it. 🙂

      1. Great to hear, Elsa!!
        Using Equal House there are 2 degrees before Pluto crosses my Asc at 17 degrees after passing over my natal moon. What a tunnel, reminds me of the process of digging that’s been going on in Seattle (for years) including running into burial grounds/bones to complicate things.

  1. I am so happy that you are feeling well and can foresee a happy ending to your Pluto transit through the 12th house. Great news!

  2. I’m also a 25 cap ascendant and feel the same way. i just have to get past the ongoing square to my 17 libra Pluto. Ive been digging a ditch (figuratively)…in reality, lonely hard work not recognized.

        1. I was cleaning my office today and found notes from a consultation I had with you four years ago. A real look back in time… I can’t even express how wonderful it was to find. I have the audio in email but this paper just popped up amid a pile of very boring stuff. It’s been that kind of day (4th house full moon)

  3. OH FOR SURE!!!

    Not to get political but when Trump was gloating about Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia this thought occurred to me. Don’t count yourself exempt from illness or tragedy.

    I feel like when driving the freeway by a car accident that’s why people look onto it in a way that they’re almost washing their hands from the accident as if to say; oh you not me.

    This year I’ve had 5 hospital stays and I’m on a walker. People look at me with morbid curiosity because I’m young and need a walker.

    I’d say pray for those you see falling apart because God forbid but it can totally happen to you.


    1. Yep.

      I’ll never forget the stunned feeling when I drove to town, got out of my car and realized, I had to grab onto it, to *not* fall. I was like, huh?? Duh??

  4. Congratulations and good luck to you, Elsa. I’m a 24 Cap Asc, Pluto transiting the 12th has not been fun. In a few years Saturn will join Pluto in my 12th, both will cross my ascendant, and square my Sun/Mercury conjunction. I’ve decided that the best way to handle this is to let go and surrender, and every day I request of the Divine, “help me to make the world a better place” as compassion and service are good antidotes to fear and despair.

  5. Elsa, I’m a 29 deg cap ascendant. Natally Pluto is in my 8th at 0 degrees libra. Probably since the end of 2008, I’ve felt hopelessly stuck in my business, watching it bottom out and barely begin to crawl back now. However, it is slow and hard. Ialso fell into a fair amount of debt which also puts the urgency on the business to come all the way back. I literally have felt like some one is blocking my success;(. Also, do you think thisis worse than when it hits my ascendant and first house? Praying I’ve had the worst of it…

  6. Congrats Elsa. I’ve had my own health issues so I can totally relate.
    I so admire your spirit! You haven’t given up and your seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I know your faith is a big part of all that, And your indomitable spirit!

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