Mars in Taurus – Read All About It!

mack truckContinuing the series on Mars ’round the zodiac where I invite people to post their personal experience and expertise on each placement, we come to Mars in Taurus.

Mars is in it’s detriment in Taurus. Mars is well placed in it’s own sign, Aries because it is swift to act and Taurus is well known to be be patient and some would say, plodding.

On top of that, Taurus, being Venus-ruled is pleasure loving and not apt to want to get in a scrap and disturb the peace.

That said, if you do manage to piss one of these people, (like by telling them to hurry) you better take cover. Once sufficiently provoked they will charge and when they do it will be akin to being run over by a Mack truck.

Tell us something about Mars in Taurus, yours or others.

31 thoughts on “Mars in Taurus – Read All About It!”

  1. I dated a man with Mars in Taurus. He absolutly hated to fight, and would rather suck up whatever hurt or insult rather than fight (although he would fight if you insulted him enough, or made any slight against whatever women he was with – he was Super Chivalrous), and felt everyone else should be the same.

    Which meant when you got steaming mad because say he was 3 hrs late without a phone call (he over slept, and then he had to eat before he left! And if he’d called before he ate I would have insisted he coem out and THEN we find food – which would have meant he’d be hungry for about 20 minutes!) he’d get this lost and hurt puppy dog expression on his face. *headdesk*

    Every inch a gentleman though, once he was there.

  2. My Mars in Taurus once provoked is a crescendo rage. Once you hear me raise my voice you are toast. I am so focused on you that nothing else exists. I don’t swear, which I think is odd but I stay mad for days. It takes 3 to 5 days for me to get over being mad, and once I get over it, I don’t recommend that you remind me because I will get mad all over again.

    1. Me too! I have Mars in Taurus in the 8th House. Don’t get me mad. A few people in my circle have learned that the hard way in the past few years.

  3. I have a family member with Mars in Taurus. He owned a restaurant, and I asked him what made you open a restaurant – entrepreneurship wasn’t a strong suit – and he said “So I could eat ice cream whenever I wanted.”

    He wasn’t joking.

  4. I’m an Aries, with Mars in Taurus. I hate conflict and have a lot of patience but I have a line, if that line is crossed then all hell breaks loose. Also.. really not idea to intentionally hurt/wound my friends or family.

    That said, it tends to be over once the red mist has died down. I don’t hold grudges (probably the Aries Sun and Mercury?)

  5. Just in case its not clear (comms seem clouded lately) when I said this:

    “Also.. really not idea to intentionally hurt/wound my friends or family.”

    I meant.. I ..will.. defend..them, no matter what.

  6. Oh bother had insert on and it ate my words.. this was supposed to read:

    Also.. really not “A GOOD” idea to intentionally hurt/wound my friends or family.”

    sheesh.. *gives up typing for the rest of the day*

  7. My 3.5 year old daughter has Mars in Taurus. She really does seem to dislike conflict, but dang is she stubborn, and quite willful. I’m curious about how this will play out in her life. The few times I’ve seen her really angry, it has been a melt down tantrum of epic proportions.

  8. My youngest son has Mars in Taurus and these comments definitely ring true for him, he’s also extremely compassionate and treats women really well. Anyway, he had never gotten in a fight in his life but one day at school a couple of years ago there was bully beating up the smallest kid at school and the adults did nothing. So a few hours later, in the middle of lunch in the cafeteria he just up and punches this bully. Every kid in that cafeteria stood up and clapped. And that was it for him. End of incident. Talk about a shock to his mom’s system:)

  9. My best friend has Mars in Taurus, and I agree with your sentiments GW, no one messes with her family/friends.
    She’s also a hard-ass and doesn’t take anyone’s BS, which I love and admire. Always standing up for herself and the people she loves. I think the Taurus “stubborn” vibe can be a little tough here, because if she is in an argument, there’s no changing her mind, she is right–and you are not.

  10. My brand new great-grandchild has mars in Taurus, and I am reading all these comments with great interest. Thanks all for the heads-up.

  11. Interesting. Explains much of my daughter’s (Mars Taurus) behavior. Her sisters have taken to hiding their food because whenever she enters the room she takes whatever they’re eating, consumes as much as wants, discards the scraps and continues on her way. If they have the temerity to refill their dish she’ll take that helping as well on her return trip through the room. She does none of this with malice. I think she actually believes all food is fair game and unless you’re strong enough to rebuff her, she’ll eat it.

  12. Rkkggg – my 3.5 year old son too – guess they were born in the same Mars cycle. 🙂 WOW – STUBBORN. Seriously, budging him is fruitless, unless I bribe him with chocolate, and I really try not to do that.

    Dating one too – he is really very hard to ruffle. But I wouldn’t want to get between him and some ice cream.

  13. One of my best friends is a Libra Sun/Aries Moon with Mars in Taurus. She is an excellent horse trainer – observant, gentle and endlessly patient.

    Really always have enjoyed working the Mars in Taurus people (my Mars is in Scorpio). They may not be speedy but damn, are they thorough! We drive impatient types completely up the wall . . . heh, heh, heh 🙂

  14. julianwinter- very funny to read your comment as I just experienced a fight between my Mars in Taurus son and my Mars in Virgo son. Seems Mr. Mars in Taurus took too many pieces of chicken without asking and Mr. Virgo was trying to explain the unfairness of this to him. To no avail of course:)

  15. I have dated a couple of mars in taurus men, aarh the sensuousness is remarkable and both good with money and savings.

  16. My Dad has Mars in Taurus…

    he worked on an assembly line for a soft drink company. a super efficient worker, he quickly figured out if he worked at X speed, he could get his smoke break earlier and have it for longer…
    not before too long he realized his boss was on to him, he’d sped up the belt…so my dad worked faster and got his extended smoke break. this when on…sped up belt, sped up dad.

    til finally he had his last smoke break:
    “right-ee-oh, see you later, I quit.”
    the boss was like “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! let’s slow it down and you can have your break the way you like it!”

    My dad wouldn’t have any of it, smiled benignly and said “have a nice life, I’m not built for a factory, anyway”

    1. wow i’m kind of like that, i used to work for an insurance company data analyzing, and processing forms, and i processed alot in such a short time. I managed to be able to relax and take breaks, because i was working much faster than the others in the department to the point that my efficient manner of working style accrued to about 3 people working as opposed to one. The rest of the department complained about my work style that it put them in a bad light so i was told by the big boss to tone it down. Lol!!! oh my goodness, i left that company though but was my longest. It must be a taurus thing, and mars in earth.

      1. i realize that as a manager/boss position they have to make the rest of the department/employees happy. the same way that making decisions about who to choose for promotion does, like for example if the guy who has a family to feed would be more likely to be kept on because he has so many dependents as opposed to someone who is single with no family or just someone who has a double income family household with no children/dependents. It’s tough i bet. i would not want that kind of heavy responsibility. too tough.

  17. Mars in Taurus makes great dancers.

    My natal mars in taurus is conjunct venus and chiron and opposing Uranus in Scorpio. I can get triggered into violent urges on rare occasions. It takes me a long time to get angry (outside of those rare triggers) but when I do, you better clear out.

  18. Third house Mars in Taurus, speak very loudly
    I like to laugh hard when something is funny
    I like to whistle as a farmer all day (fee fee feeeeeeee) even in solemn places hahahaaa
    I taught my 2 year old daughter to whistle.
    I am very supportive, I hate betrayal
    for years let my mother beating me and I never went against her
    she thought I was lazy and stupid
    last year was the height of insults, I just stop see and talk her.

  19. I dated a Mars in Taurus. Our relationship centered around food and the deed. He was extremely grumpy if he got hungry. He told me early on, “I live on love.” He needed and wanted to see me and touch me at least 4 days a week, and even then, he felt like it wasn’t enough. But he also had a Cancer Moon, so I’m sure that had something to do with his personality too.

  20. I have mars in taurus… Don’t like confrontation & usually will avoid it. Until someone insults my intelligence/character or questions me on something I am certain about. Then watch out.. I will hit you where it hurts (with words). I don’t like getting to that point

    1. Interesting, Nikell. I say that a lot *don’t insult my intelligence*, Im a Mars in Taurus of course. People do tend to do that, because I rather play dead and observe their behaviour. Of course Im old enough to know it only delays the inevitable, but guess what, Taurus Mars DO believe confrontation IS evitable, at least the aggressive kind. I guess people just like to piss off the peaceful, polite types like mars in taurus. Because that pisses THEM off!?? ??

  21. Mars in Taurus in 8th. He’s in a wide trine to my Virgo Ascendant which I like. Gives me perserverance and a liking for the methodical which – as otherwise I have a strongly Airy/Mutable chart – is very helpful.

    However, he is in 8th and he is also square Pluto in Leo. So, the anger volcano is there bubbling away underneath, sometimes quiescent, sometimes not. I do forgive but it’s hard for me to forget.

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