Saturn Conjunct Pluto Cycle

I’m working on the Saturn in Capricorn class and I’m surprised how it’s going. I’m about thirty-five pages in and Satori has not even started her part. The writing (Mercury) has swelled (Jupiter) and the class is becoming a lot more intense than I envisioned.

“Today” this can be chocked up to Mercury’s conjunction to Jupiter in Scorpio but it’s also because of where we’re headed.

Where we’re headed is a Jupiter concept. It’s the horizon.

What’s on the horizon is the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn circa 2020. That thing is going to knock people for a loop.

The current chart I’m working on brought up the last Saturn Pluto conjunction that took place in Libra in 1982.  Roughly speaking, it’s a thirty-eight year cycle:

Full (opposition) Sep 30 1834
New (conjunction) Jun 6, 1851 – Feb 9, 1852
Full (opposition) Nov 1 1866
New (conjunction) May 22 1883
Full (opposition) Dec 6 1898
New (conjunction) Oct 4, 1914 – May 19, 1915
Full (opposition) Feb 17, 1931 – Dec 13, 1931
New (conjunction) Aug 10 1947
Full (opposition) Apr 23, 1965 – Feb 19, 1966
New (conjunction) Nov 7 1982 – pictured
Full (opposition) Aug 5, 2001 – May 25 2002
New (conjunction) January 12, 2020.

These are the dates of the exact conjunctions and oppositions. The effects of these aspects would extend out at least six months.

What were you doing circa 1982?

17 thoughts on “Saturn Conjunct Pluto Cycle”

  1. My dad die. And I fell in love with my husband, who was having both Pluto and Saturn conjunct his moon. (And opposing my Venus) What an intense year!!

  2. I was born 😉
    So, no, I don’t remeber much from the 12th of November 1982… I’ve been living with their quincunx to Chiron in Taurus my whole life though. And Chiron was opposite Venus-Juoiter and Sun around that time as well. Talk about painful love! Especially as Chiron was almost conjunct the star of Algol which is all about the Medusa themes….

    Take a guess at how many hours I’ve spent. Study astrology as well money spent at a therapist… ?

  3. November, 1982 would be about the time when our first son was conceived…My natal chart has Saturn widely conjunct Pluto in the 3d house.

  4. In 2002 I lost both parents to old age and my little sister moved to England when her husband got a job transfer that unexpectedly became permanent. Nieces and nephews took jobs and partners in the U.S. and South America To say my whole family structure was obliterated is an understatement. I’m the last of my family in Toronto, Canada. All others have passed as well. I was having big career success though!(8th)

  5. hmm, interesting. In ’82 I was living abroad (conjunction in 12th). 2020 pluto/saturn will be exactly conjuncting my mercury in the 3rd. Siblings? Writing?

      1. I know right?! On October 9th I was listening to Boston at work and texted the Libra to say “we met 40 years ago next month” I didn’t say anything but I was also thinking that I met the Leo Sun/Scorpio Moon first best friend the same day at a school band concert. Then on Friday or Saturday, I noticed that the Leo had joined Instagram but I didn’t follow her I let her choose me which she did on Sunday. I had not heard from her in 7-ish years and that was just a note on Facebook I haven’t seen her in person since September 1994. I’m so pleased! It seems like a wonderful gift which makes me sound like a dork but that’s ok.

  6. If you were born with Saturn conjunct Pluto, can you expect to be more prepared or more equipped to handle the energy of the Saturn/Pluto transit?

  7. 1982: my parents split (exact conjunction on IC)
    2001: ex and I split (opposition across 5th/11th houses)
    2020: ??‍♀️ (Will be in my 6th opposite natal Mercury)

  8. uhm, started school, realized humans were awful.
    my mother was sick a long time. didn’t know til later she nearly died.
    this is not encouraging. granted, i’m a lot older now.

    well, heck, at least i can prepare.

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