Are There Connections Between Charts Of Family Members?

family study“Do you find connections between the charts of family members? For example, my two sisters and I all had Virgo moons. Two of us had Cancer risings. The other sister had a Virgo rising.

In my husband’s family everyone has different sun signs, but three siblings have Leo risings…”

Yes, absolutely. Astrology mirrors life and and you definitely see themes running in families.  The similarities in charts is no different than noticing a family tends to be slim or wide-hipped or maybe everyone has bushy eyebrows or dimples.

There may be three sisters, where two of them look very similar. The third sister may be somewhat oddball but she would still share traits with her siblings.

It’s not just appearance. Depression runs in families as does quirkiness or eccentricity or intensity.

Everyone in my family is buoyant, confident and outspoken. This is due the family Moon Jupiter exchange. Note that themes in families can show themselves in a number of ways.

As an example, my Moon aspects Jupiter.
Both of my children have a moon/Jupiter aspect.
Both of my sisters have their moons in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius which gives similar effect.

My father has a moon Jupiter conjunction. This signature comes from his line, rather than my mother’s which is another interesting way to see this. Your inheritance, basically.

Tell us about one of the themes that run in your family. Describe the aspects as well as how they manifest.

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  1. I share Jupiter Trine ascendant with two of my three children. The third has Moon conjunct Jupiter. My two girls have my mars/merc. conjunct. We are happily hotheaded!

  2. (Saturn in Virgo time sorry – think you mean your sisters both have “Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius”?)

    oh yes oh yes! My son has Mars trine Venus and this runs back on both my mother’s and father’s sides of the family for a couple generations! (I don’t have it, though.) My sisters and I all have personal Cancer planets in angular houses (one sister and I have both Mars in Cancer and Venus in Virgo.)

    Also, my son, me, my mother, both her parents, my father, and both his parents (!) all have important planets and points (and many of us, more than one) at 29 degrees of a sign! I think that’s an interesting one to repeat.

    This stuff fascinates me. (prolly would, I’ve got significant Cancer/4th.)

  3. No really, I can’t get enough of this. 🙂

    AND my dad and sister have Mars *exactly* sextile Venus. And my other sister has Mars *exactly* opposite Venus.

    So I’d be the only person in my whole family without Mars and Venus in exact aspect. I knew I was an oddball.

    My boyfriend and his dad both have Taurus Mars trine Virgo Venus. (My son has the same Taurus Mars trine Cap Venus.)

  4. just went looking for a family signature on astrodienst but i couldn’t find one. my dad and i share moon-nep, moon-jup in sag and my mom has her moon in pisces (jupiter ruled?), but my brother doesn’t fit with a moon in cap. we all have something around 20 leo, but not very tight on that degree. more things work pairwise than on the whole. this is the first time i’ve ever looked at my mom or dad’s chart though and lemme tell you it makes a lot of sense to see that my mom has a stellium (moon-mars-venus-jup-NN) opposite my stellium (sun-venus-NN)…a lot of sense!

  5. I have an Aquarius Moon and so do my two younger brothers. I have heard that the eleventh house rules adopted children – and both my bros. are adopted, kind of a funny coincidence (?)
    Growing up our best friends were the next door neighbor kids – two Aquarians!
    Also, it seems like half of my relatives on my mother’s side (her included) all share a Scorpio rising and/or Scorpio Mars…

  6. A while back I read up a bit on the Vertex (?) and found that both my son and daughter had some aspect in their charts that was exact sign and degree as my vertex. Have to do some more research about the rest of my family. I find this very interesting.

  7. My mom my sister and my brother are all Sagittarians. My dad is a Scorpio and I’m a Pisces (the far-out in the middle of no-where February child). My brother and I both have Virgo risings and he has a Scorpio moon. There is a total lack of air in immediate family’s Sun, moons and risings. Wow, when i went to look I saw that my mom, sister and brother also all have Venus and Mars in Capricorn. Freaky. Not sure about my dad, don’t have his chart for some reason.

    Interestingly, there are a lot of people I talk to who say they have a bunch of birthdays smashed together in their families (all November and December for instance) with one lonely duck in a total other part of the year. Wonder what is the significance of that.

  8. My mother: 8th house Moon
    My sister: Moon in Scorpio
    Me: Pluto in the 4th

    Both my sister and i: 12th house Moon

    Disease and death surrounding our father(s) at a young age.
    Dark undercurrents running through our family that no one seems to (want to) notice.
    Trouble with manifesting and dealing with our receptive side and our vulnerability.

  9. There’s a lot of significant Saturn, Neptune, and Mars contacts in my family, which makes us all repressed, dreamy, and ineffectual at times. Also moon squares to personal planets. Emotional conflict I suppose.

  10. interesting sophie.
    well, lets see, saturn is big in my family- and so is uranus. but saturn dominates/controls uranus. we all have 11th house suns. we have uranus prominent- angle. yet, saturn rules the roost and uranus plays out differently- second fiddle.

    my grandmother has saturn sitting on her grandfather has on the mc. my father uranus in the 11th &cap.moon handel on the bucket in the 6th. i have saturn as my bucket handel sitting on the desc., cap rising, uranus angle.

    i have always felt stifeld- by the rules, the heirarchy, the formality. but saturn rules my chart and demands respect.

    so, while i love the stodgy bunch, i moved across the ocean- and created a new family-a different culture, a differnent dominent, uranian line. uranus is strong. saturn is present-yet he is conjunct mars and is quiet busy trying to keep mars in check to rule the whole chart- so uranus calls the shots. saturn conjunct mars line-my husband, his father, my daughter- action combined with discipline… a found a bunch of wierdos! and boy does it feel good!

  11. Me : Sun in Virgo, Moon in Scorpio

    My eldest: Moon in Scorpio

    My youngest: Moon in Virgo

    My husband: Moon in Virgo

  12. Hubby and daughter are both Pisces.

    All 4 of us have water as either Sun or Ascendant.

    Son is Scorpio Asc, daughter is Scorpio Moon. He is Aries Sun. She is Aries Ascendant.

    Both kids have Saturn in the 3rd.

    What I find especially interesting is the transiting Saturn-Uranus opposition. My son and I both have it on the MC axis (him with Saturn conjunct MC with me having it in opposition). Husband and daughter also have it exactly inverted right now in the 6th and 12th (but not on the Asc). I don’t believe this is random.

  13. All the women in my family have Cancer influence. My mom and nephew have Moon in Cancer and my sister is a Cancer.

    All the guys on the other hand have Aquarius influences. My dad is an Aquarius, my oldest brother has Mars in Aquarius, second older brother has Moon in Aquarius and I have a Sun-Uranus conjunction, which makes me pretty much an Aquarius.

  14. mercury/uranus exchanges.
    we’re geeks.
    and weird

    the girls all have virgo and aquarius as either moon or ascendant.
    uhm, i mothered the other two to some extent and my moon’s near their ascendants. my ascendant near their moons.

    my parents have a moon/sun conjunction exchange between leo and gemini (in sextile, no less) and my jupiter and saturn line up with them to some degree (in orb, anyway.) haven’t looked at the other kids.

    anyway, it’s easy to see how the family relationships are written there in the charts…

  15. I don’t have charts on my brothers, but I do have them for my kids and the ex. First thing that jumps out at me is that all four of us are left handed charts. Not sure the significance of that, but there is very little going on in the “middle” houses.

    My children share a Moon Pluto opp, with Moon in the 4th and Pluto in the 10th. I have no idea what that means astrologically, but I’m sure it has impact. They also share Venus and Neptune in the 12th – I join them on the Venus.

    My son and I share Chiron in the 7th. Daughter, ex and I share Mars in the 2nd.

    I’m glad you touched on this, because I’ve noticed it before!

  16. This was a really good post. I am now going to pull out my children’s charts and look at them more closely. Also, I will work harder on getting my sibs’ charts.

  17. I think that in my family Uranus is pretty strong somehow.. My father and I are Aquarius with Jupiter aspecting Uranus (me conjunction and him opposition), my cousin and his son have Moon aspecting Uranus (him conjunction and his son opposition) and his girlfriend and mother of his son is also an Aquarius. My mother was a Cancer sun conjunct Uranus!!! My other cousin is Aquarius rising… Lots of Uranus!!

  18. Just checked – me, my brother, father and mother have absolutely zilch in common astrologically (to the extent that each of our sun signs is in a different element: earth, air, fire and water). But that just goes to prove the point, as we are all very different people and have never been very close.

  19. My mothers’ Venus is in Scorpio and I’m a Scorpio. Dad’s Venus is in Gemini and both of my brothers are Gemini. My descendant is goes on, my brothers are 4 yrs. apart both born under Gemini, one has a Cancer rising and the other a Capricorn rising! I’ve just examined the surface so far..

  20. I will never forget when Elsa read my chart for me. I have Saturn in Scorpio, and when I mentioned that both my parents had that placement as well, she said “You were their Saturn Return!” Still makes me laugh.

    They also both have Chiron in Capricorn, and I am Cap Sun while sister is Cap Rising.

  21. I have always found this topic quite interesting. My mom, dad and sister and I are:
    – all feminine sun signs – including my 3 half brothers.
    – 3/4 of us have fire moons
    – 3/4 of us have fire mars
    – 3/4 of us have virgo as a personal planet
    – my dad and I are Virgo rising
    – my sister and mom are fire rising

  22. I think it is amazing sometimes how a pregnant woman in my opinion will be a week early or late from her due date because it will be the best energy for the balance of the family. I mean, there must be a reason why “baby just doesn’t want to come out!”. Maybe the child would benefit from that air moon, when his due date would have made him an earth sign. Little things like our moons can totally change our experience of life.

  23. Myself, my Mother, and my Sister all have Moon in Cancer. My parents are both Libra Suns with Scorpio placements. Myself and my Sister both have Leo Mercury, and my Sister and Mother both have Leo Mars. Myself and my Father both have Scorpio Mars. My Mother and her Mother are both Libra Suns, born on the same day. Lots of similarities there!
    Depression & artistic ability runs in my family…

  24. I’ve noticed astrology connections between my mom, sister and me. dominating signs are Scorpio, Pisces, Aquarius, Virgo. Both me and my sister have Scorpio rising, and Scorpio Moon on Asc, as well as Uranus on Asc. I’m Pisces Sun , she’s Virgo Sun.
    My mom is Aquarius Sun, Virgo rising, with big stellium in Pisces (including Moon). All of this makes us very connected beyond family ties.
    on the other side, there is dad, who is Cappy Sun, Canser rising, Libra Moon.
    also interesting is that all three of them have Venus conjunct Jupiter, and only I have Venus square Jupiter 🙁

  25. My grandfather on my mothers side has Cancer rising 26°. My mother has a Cancer rising, and so has my father. My Sun sign is 27° Cancer.
    My brother has Sagitaire rising, so has my grandfather on my father’s side, and my fathers Sun sign is Sagitaire!

    I have one aunt with Scorpio Sun, one with Scorpio rising, and her three children have a personal planet in Scorpio.

    we have a pretty big family, and I’m collecting all the BC’s to look at astrological correlations.

  26. Avatar
    Stellium in Taurus

    Family patterns:

    All three of my kids have the moon in fire by sign, water by house. Two of them have the same moon sign as me, Aries.

    My Aries moon is conj. my maternal grandmother’s Aries sun, which is opposed my paternal grandmother’s sun in Libra.

    Two of my kids are double with a luminary at the ASC: first daughter is Leo rising with moon conj. ASC, my son is Aquarius rising with sun conj. ASC. Second daughter also has moon conj. ASC like the first one, but it is out of sign.

    Aquarius is extremely strong in the family: me aqua rising, ex aqua rising with five planets there, son double aqua, mom aqua moon.

    Saturn: my son has the same Saturn sign as me, and I have the same Saturn sign as my dad. One of my daughters has the same Saturn as her dad.

    Mars: four of us have Mars in late degrees of fixed signs (Leo, Taurus, and Aqua) making a T-square of Mars! haha this is funny to me.

    Venus: three of us have Venus in fire signs making a grand trine of Venuses between us. The other two have Venus in Pisces conjunct.

    I know another family with an interesting pattern:

    1st daughter has earth sun
    2nd son has fire sun
    3rd daughter has earth sun
    4th son has fire sun

    I’m sure I could go on but I need to get back to work!

  27. My Mom, Dad, brother and I all have a Fire Sun.

    My Moon is my mother’s Sun sign (conjunct).
    My brother’s Moon is my Sun Sign (conjunct).
    My Sun exactly trines my father’s Sun.
    My brother and I are both Earth rising, Fire Sun, Fire Moon.

  28. Not my family, but I’ve found atleast two families (they are related) where for at least four generations the first borns have ascendants almost exactly conjunct the father or mother’s moon sign. The parent’s moon fell either in the child’s 1st or 12th house.
    Even a tragic stillborn firstborn son though his surviving siblings don’t have that aspect.

    Another case is same saturn sign between parent and child. Very commonly I found siblings with different sun signs, one sibling’s ascendant or IC will be same sign as the other’s sun

  29. I come from a Mars in cancer group as the women and men have such including my self trine to Saturn squared to Neptune and sextile Midheaven then Mars in Libra is second and finally Mars in Aries..Leo. The Cancer is a traditional value tool.

  30. Avatar

    On my mothers side there, going from my grandmother to my cousins, there are 9 Leos and 2 Aquarius… Not one other sign!

    My fathers side is filled with Cancers although Cancer is not strongly represented in my chart. But you have Mars – Uranus going through that side. He was highly unusual and eccentric.

  31. 7 of us siblings have Aquarian Rising – 3 also have Aquarian Moon, I’m the 8th member with Aquarian Sun. Parents were Capricorn or Leo.
    We all have future thinking, love to invent, love tech.

  32. Well I have just become aware of something that not only I see strongly in the way I react to things ,that the way of reacting ;exist in my children ,I heard my youngest who is 37 say “mom mom what we’re gonna do is “like a plan when things got worse,the emergency plan .I was preparing for small claims,a flunky tenant owing me back rent ,in principle I had to attempt the damages.So no consequence either way, I mean nothing to fear
    But what I learned,was not only is conflict overwhelming
    For me (court:someone else controlling)things no matter how small ,provoke my sons preparedness.So I have decided if and when I hear these words,”What we are going to do…”this is code, my response will be “yep,that’s what we’ll do.”Because in their mind they are 4 years old and
    They are looking for safety.I heard this I learned this we share only Saturn in Capricorn but so much more in our
    Fear box.

  33. Love looking at families. As soon as new baby born I’m looking at their chart.

    My family has these notable patterns:

    At least 4 female generations have Gemini Moons. My grandma and I also share Gem Asc, and our Gem Moon same degree, conjunct our Asc.

    Another pattern is Neptune: Conjunct suns or Asc or Moons and/or Pisces Chart signature.

    I see patterns duplicate in those who marry into the family too. My mother-in-law and I shared Gem Moon. My husband has STRONG Scorpio family theme: He, I and at least 6 nieces/nephews are Scorp Sun.

    My sister and I joke we “birthed each other’s children” because temperamentally her kids are like me and my son is like her.

  34. The topic of inherited aspects/signs is so fascinating. I love it when I witness this as it reinforces my faith in astrology. Both my grandmother’s and I shared Aquarian suns and the one that I lived with up until 5, had a Scorpio Moon. I think this is represented in my chart as the moon-Pluto conjunction. I always felt (and were told) that I take after her. My siblings, niece and myself share Jupiter-Uranus contacts. From memory, I think I also share north nodes with my parents and grandparents.

  35. My two brothers had a lot of Aries/Libra placements (fathers side) while my sister and I had Pisces/Virgo polarities (Mom’s side). These came from two sets of grandparents but with different planets. My parents were very different physically but the traits split evenly between 4 kids!

  36. Everyone in my close family (which is relatively large) has a fire or Gemini Mars. I have Cancer Mars.
    When my dad remarried, a family of 3 Capricorn Moons was formed.
    My mom and sister have Gemini Mars in close aspect to their Mercurial Venuses.
    My sister and I have Virgo Suns with Fire Moons and 11th house Saturns.

  37. Scorpio,everywhere. I have a Scorpio circus. Scorpio twins 3 times,plus 6 other Scorpios,the rest are ALL earth signs. Also they have much Scorpio influence,Sagittarius and Pisces is very dominant in their charts. Also either Mars Gemini or Mars Scorpio. Uranus Conjunct Moon in my Son’s chart,my mother’s chart and the grandmother. 🙂 1

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