Total Life Upheaval (Uranus Square Pluto)

chartWe’re scheduled to close on our new house in two weeks. Today, I hired a guy to come out and measure for carpet in this house. We’re going to have the carpet replaced as soon as we move, before listing the house for sale. We’re 80% packed.

It occurred to me, this is the biggest thing I’ve done since I got married. I fared well with that – I’m optimistic about this.  But it made me think of how infrequently you make a decision this important in your lifetime.  Sometimes these decisions are made for you and this is where it’s gets interesting.

I will not see Uranus square Pluto again in my lifetime, but I was alive when these planets conjuncted each other in the late 1960’s. I was a kid.  My life was thrown into so much upheaval at that time, it’s taken all these decades to get it back on the rails.

That’s what I think this move represents. I will finally be where I belong, with the person I belong with.   You just don’t realize this stuff until you do. It’s too big.

If you were alive in the late 60’s, can you tie anything that happened in your life at that time, to what’s happening now?

pic is a chart of the day we plan to close.


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  1. I hope this Community of Observers can help in this multiple complex aspect cycle, it does have a lot of challenges and changes and it will be felt again in July, while this is an important event with the weather being a part of the problem now….and I hope we can all be of good will and support…as things develope into 21st Century patterns such suggest and exist…we must remember that Pluto will rule the masses and population/..good luck too everyone…

  2. I was not in this earth on 60s. But my life has changed upside down since 2008 to 2015. I’m fighting for my possession and playing fair. Do you think the fight that started on 2008 will be ended on 2015? I’m tired.

    I believe, in life, one game ends and other games pop up. Still I want to end this fight and game. Praying to God to listen my prayer.

    1. Same here car less. Had a scooter what a nightmare. 2009 tricky upkeep Registered for the road car less since 2008. Tampa. Rug pulled out manipulated & unplanned for

  3. Yes ! My life was very much in upheaval in the late 60’s . Haven’t connected up the dots yet , as to the theme/s ……

  4. Born in 64. I’d have to say my early life was the start of my feeling worthless and I’m trying/hoping to discard that worthlessness now.

    1. Concur with you, Kandy and Phoenix. Born in ’62, and it’s been upheaval since. Finally, things are getting on track, but it’s been like the rug being pulled out at every turn (12th H Pluto).

      Lost my childhood to stress and abuse. Lost my 20s and 30s to meandering and thinking I could work it out, but I couldn’t, and was aimless and repeating old patterns.

      Then I lost my 40s to illness, which came on like a ton of brisks–I had to figure out all the issues and go deep into science to regain health. Finally, with my Chiron return, things have gotten more solid, but then, there’s been the Ur/Pluto square, which has kind of felt like a delay in getting things to 100%.

      Now at almost 53, I’m huffing and puffing and going, “OK, can I start life NOW?!?!?” Feels like I can, like I’ve got my shit together but it’s been a really really long road.

      Thanks for this, Elsa, hope your move goes great! I’m really interested in reading others’ comments, too, thanks for them.

  5. I ran away from home and moved into my boyfriend’s parent’s house. I was only 17, but my home environment was just unbearable because my father was a violent alcoholic.

    One night, my father went on a tirade and starting cutting up the furniture in the house with a knife. Then he came looking for me. I have no idea what I could possibly have done, but he attacked my locked bedroom door with the knife. I was scared out of my mind. My mother got him to go downstairs and when he did, I ran out of the house and never went back.

    My boyfriend’s mother took me in. I had no clothes except for the pajamas I was wearing. It was a very tough time, but I was so happy to not have to fear my father’s alcoholic tirades, I didn’t care. I was free.

    That’s my Uranus square Pluto from back in the 60’s. I’m hoping for something less dramatic this time.

  6. First our home burned down. That was pretty significant. We had to move in with family for a while. It was a bad time in my childhood. If I told you how and why it happened you wouldn’t believe it.

    My mother drove with me drunk and hit a telephone pole and broke my leg. Wonderful time…. really big fun.

    My Mother and Step father were in a life altering car accident that almost killed them both. A drunk crossed the center line and hit them head on with his truck. How my step father lived though it is no one knows. He suffered a severe brain trauma. He was in a coma, on life support and then had no idea who we were for months.

    That brain injury changed him forever. He was never the same. He eventually went back to work and carried on with his life but he had a completely different personality….almost zombie like. You could look in his eyes and see that ‘he’ was no longer in there. I always thought, how ironic. A drunk hit them????!!! They were alcoholics and a drunk hit them (while they were sober) and almost killed them both.

    It hurt my mother too. But she was less injured because he threw himself over her to shield her. So, he took the brunt of it. Had he not, she would have been killed that day.

    We were back at square one. Back with my grandmother again. Only this time not just me, my little sisters too. I stayed with my maternal g-mother all the time and sometimes my sisters were sent with my step fathers parents. Their Paternal grandparents. (my g-mother would rarely let me go around them for whatever reason)

    It was during that time both of my little sisters were sexually molested by their (not related to me) g-father.

    That’s some pretty messed up stuff. All truth. The worst part of my childhood was happening at this time. As the bar stool turns with crazy and nutty leading the way.

    There is more. Too much. I know my sisters and I lived in hell. But, they lived in a much worse hell than I did because both my grandmothers still had some control. My Paternal grandmother had an attorney send my mother a letter letting her know I was being taken away from her if she didn’t get her shit together. Cap and Gemini G-mothers were on the war-path (together) at that time and ready to raise a pretty big stink. Cap grandmother (my angel and savior) was ready to string my mother up! (don’t ever F with Capricorn, they do not play!

    Things slowly calmed down after that. Those two women had really had enough of their antics. (I have a different father than my little sisters)

    I have no idea how we made it out of there…….

    Total Life Upheaval (Uranus Square Pluto)

  7. And no….at the moment I cant connect anything that went on then to the way I live today. Of course it isn’t over and you never know when the other shoe will drop… but I have nothing in my life right now that resembles that in any way and unless something drastic happens we probably wont move soon. (I wish we were)

    It’s not over yet….I guess we will see….

  8. In hindsight, the cards were being shuffled. I think my parents were hit hard by events but they were steady cruisers and kept it all together. I am not seeing correlation with this square, but sometimes I can’t see what went on till it’s over and done.

  9. Oh and yes, tasting liberation and freedom, I would have to agree with that. Some people did not handle that very well though, did they?

  10. My mom was born in 64, she suffered horrendous abuse as a child a teen. Took a long time, but she’s finally at peace. Very secure and happy. I don’t know how it relates to uranus/pluto either but what do I know. She did seem to handle the square well.

  11. I was born in April 1962, had an emotionally abusive father and spent my whole adult life healing from it; learning about love, forgiveness, and most of all reclaiming my self-worth. Uranus square pluto has been making direct hits on my progressed ascendant and venus, as well as on my husband’s ascendant and venus, forcing us to deal with once and for all who we are as individuals, who we are as a couple, and to deal with and heal from our collective childhood wounds. We separated, almost divorced, reconciled, have been in therapy…we’ll see what happens after the final uranus/pluto square in March, but whatever the outcome it feels like a final conclusion to longstanding upheaval. A karmic cycle is finishing, and I finally found peace within.


  13. I will agree that you should not change the carpet, Elsa. My cousin put new carpet in her house before she sold it and the people ripped it out and put wood floors in right after they bought it. Sure it didn’t matter she is spending the money anyway, but why go through the process of moving your stuff all around and smell the glue and plastic bits that will be in the air for days after? Get a quote on what average carpet installed cost would be and have your realtor state it in the offer that you are giving carpet allowance and let the new owners go through that.

  14. For the record, I intended to offer the floor allowance. I am carpeting the house on the advice of my agent! I won’t be here (I’ll be moved), so the furniture won’t be an issue.

    As for hardwood floors, you don’t see them in this area for this reason: people are poor. A hardwood floor may be ideal. But it’s pretty ideal when a family is able to find a house they can afford, too. I grew up in a mud house (really) so I know.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this house sold to a family of ten people. It’s just not right to attack me like this when you have so little information.

    I would appreciate it if you would stop.

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