Mars Opposite Saturn & Pluto: Avoiding Pain

cut neckMars and Mercury will be conjunct in Cancer, opposing Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn during the middle weeks of June. As I mentioned last week, I expect this period to be quite harsh and Seriously Stressful. Some people don’t like it when I issue warnings but sometimes it’s the responsible thing to do.

That’s my neck you’re looking at. Mars (cut) skin (Saturn).  It was caused by a freak accident a few days ago. My neck was cut by the stainless steel chain. There was a zero turn mower involved. I was home (Cancer) when I found my face and the mower jammed into a tree, necklace cut into my skin, just stuck there.

I freed myself by reaching around and a branch off the tree. I really don’t know how this happened, but I do know the bones in my neck are so compromised, there’s a risk to my carotid artery in the case of an accident. That makes this even more alarming than it looks, deeper down.

I get the idea I should slow down and be more careful (Saturn) and maybe you agree!

All my clients over this last week or so, are dealing with something that refers to this Cardinal opposition.  I bet that most people reading this are doing the same. Working (Saturn) to transform (Pluto) the expression of a natal Mars Mercury conjunction, for example.  But  I want to talk people who attempt to avoid pain.

tree with dogYou can’t blame a person for not wanting to feel pain. But when you try to duck and deny and delay something that is yours to feel or deal with, generally all you do is waste time and make the situation worse.  You can compare this to being in debt and continuing to spend. Or to being fifty pounds overweight and adding another thirty because you just don’t want to do the hard thing.  This also occurs in relationships. Maybe your partner is cheating and you just don’t want to deal…

But this Mars Mercury / Saturn Pluto opposition will really pressure a person to take responsibility for something. I expect the thing to be serious.  If you want simple instructions that will fit all cases, here you go:

Face your fear.
Act like a grownup.
Own and work with your anger.
Hold your line (boundary).
Be as careful as you can, but get the thing done!

If you don’t have planets in the mid to late degrees of the Cardinal signs, you may not be so personally affected. But this is still a good time to take on something that is difficult (Saturn) and challenges you (Mars). It may even be repugnant (Pluto), but you should can still take it on and see it through to the (potentially bitter) end.

Last, that’s my dog in the picture and that’s the tree that I cut my neck on. Doesn’t look very threatening, does it?

Are you trying to avoid pain? Can you see the effects of this opposition in your life?

42 thoughts on “Mars Opposite Saturn & Pluto: Avoiding Pain”

  1. Yes. I am trying avoid pain. I trudge along trying to do the right thing, then sabotage myself. Very frustrating! Not sure what the repugnant area might be, but I’m sure it will make itself known. I have Venus, Jupiter and Ceres in cardinal signs, all in mid to late degrees, and a smattering of Asteroids in one Cardinal sign, opp. And Squaring the former planets. A very tense time but trying to counter with meditation and Yoga Therapy, self examination and healthy living.

  2. PS: @Elsa, glad this accident wasn’t worse and that the worse you think it might be, is non existent. Sending prayers for healing! Sounds painful non the less and I’m sure was scary! But beautiful yard and very cute dog : )

  3. Elsa!!
    I was working in my garden last saturday. And bent down to pick up a plant. A bamboo stick that I have not seen stuck into my right eye.
    Blood in the eye and much pain! Thank God!!! no permanent eye damage. I was so tired when this happend. I should have rested and I should have continued the next day!

  4. Just had ear surgery. Doc replaced a bone. My son did not hear correctly about taking my meds. Mixed a BAD combination later the night of surgery and I almost died. Still haven’t recovered. Too scared to take any more meds. In lots of pain. Still can’t hear well. People say planets don’t do things. I disagree. This week is my proof. Where are the protective aspects and transits?

  5. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Only Mercury in the 5th at 14′ Cancer involved. This Gemini wonders what this is about since the Saturn/Pluto in the 11th hasn’t being doing much. Life is steady but money is a little tight.

  6. Good advice Elsa. I wrote it down. Thank you.
    Multiple things going on. A sixth and twelth house scenario.

  7. I’m starting a new fitness program on Monday that I expect to challenge me quite a bit. I haven’t done any intense workouts in a long time. But I need it. I’ve lost track of diet and exercise these past months due to work stress and it’s made things easier, but I just feel worse and worse about it. So I know this is the right thing. I need a total transformation.

  8. Dear (((Elsa,)))
    Sending blessings and healing energy to you, and yes I remember how much neck/nerve procedures you had a while back, so this must be very painful for you. I will pray to St. Bartholomew for the beautiful and complete healing of your skin.
    Love ? and Blessings?
    Aries Rising

  9. Elsa, I am so happy you are safe and are praying for speedy healing. I seem to remember another incident with a mower?

    I am 18 days past my laminectomy and L4 L5 spinal fusion. As you know, I am an athlete of over 40 years. A week after surgery, I started PT by walking. I am up to 1.5 miles in 30 minutes. I do that four times a day. I rest in between. It isn’t easy but I know when I see the doctor on Monday he will order physical therapy and it’s going to be painful. My surgery was a miracle given to me by God. I am free of the excruciating pain of the last three years. As we have consulted many many times you know that most of my planets are in cardinal signs. When I had my surgery on May 14th, transiting Mars was conjunct my natal Mars in the 9th house, transiting Saturn was pretty much conjunct my natal Saturn in the 3rd house, and transiting Jupiter was conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 3rd house. During the 2 week period in June, Saturn has gone into reverse driving me into another Saturn return in the third house, despite the one I had in december-january. Mercury and my true node join Mars in transit my third house.

    The Friday before Memorial Day I found out that my company’s insurance will not give me disability payments. I kept it quiet trying to absorb the reality of it as my son is graduating from high school this year and I’m looking at no income while I am healing. Luckily I listened to what you wrote last year and have been squirreling away and cutting corners everywhere. I happened to mention it to my mother who told my brothers. Yesterday my phone was blowing up with my brothers and my nephews offering to pay all my bills. This month I am okay and I keep trying to tell them that but full-blooded Italian males are very stubborn. There will be a lot of communication over the next two weeks with all of them I’m sure. It’s pretty much a given that I cannot go back to the job that I do and be harmed like this again especially when my neurosurgeon has told me that now my L3 and L4 will bear the brunt of my fusion and I will probably have to have those fused in 5 to 10 years. I will be 59 in September and trying to find work to support myself and my son will be difficult. But I looked at another one of your stellium writings for July and August and it looks like there will be something happening in my work area. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your newsletters even though I don’t understand a lot of it. Believe me if I could afford it right now I would be having a consultation with you. But I’m going to save my money for my birthday. You were right. You told me this would be a difficult year but every time a challenge came up it was solved by the grace of God. I’ll get through this too somehow.

    Well it’s time for another walk! I’m not overdoing it. As everyone says I know my body best. And I am following my neurosurgeons instructions to the T.

    And now that I’m trying to remember I think it was a mower that you drove over a cliff just a little while back. I think maybe you should try avoiding them mowers okay?!?

  10. Sun at 17 Libra, mc at 15. So ya. Stuff is happening!:) Tower moment. Luckily Ive been through enough of these to know that something better always comes from the destruction. Staying in a positive frame of mind and caring about those around me helps me stay out of self pity.

    On another note, Im sending my love to those who have gone through some shit or are going through some shit.

  11. Dear Elsa ~

    As of this morning, June 1, 2019 – I have joined/submitted my request to receive your astrological information/ insights… I’m extremely excited to read and receive more from you as, from all I’ve so far read, you’re exceptionally gifted and erudite… and this includes your powerful prowess with prose! (And, yes!… I purposely put that bit of “alliteration” in here just for our amusement!).

    I am sending long-distance Reiki to your lovely neck- the tree and dog photo assist with my higher vision of healing to you, so thank you for including those beautiful subjects.

    With much gratitude (and pure joy that I came across you “accidentally” today, so near our New Moon on the 3rd)… best always,
    Margot Mia ✨?

    1. Thank you, Margot. I hope you don’t have me confused with the better writers on this site. I am the blunt instrument. 🙂
      I’m glad you like the pics!

  12. Nothing much happening my way but I do feel extra tired…more tire than I have probably ever felt. I slept for 12 hours last night. I have a headache now, probably from getting too much sleep. Mars at 13 Aries.

  13. I have to schedule a long-overdue visit to the dentist.

    I have to find a cheaper place to live—possibly accept having to move in with one or more other people.

    I have to let go of some more of my stuff in case I have to downsize again.

    Medical bills and debt are piling up.

    I have to finally scatter some of Shiny Taurus’ ashes, which means a trip to the ocean.


  14. Wow Elsa does look like a horror movie. So sorry this happened, I’m in the hospital with divirticulitis so I read your newsletter loud and clear. Feel better soon Nd thanks for such great astrological sense.

  15. I was recently bitten by a brown recluse spider, and then three days ago by a snake! Painful, but I decided to doctor both myself, thankfully with good results. This was possible only because I was home at the time where my own brand of medicine is. Elsa – you said if we had Cardinal sign placements at certain degrees “you’ll be hit.” I certainly was! I’m on the lookout for rabid animals now and I’m keeping a wooden staff nearby, just in case.?

    1. Definitely, heed that. I know a man here, bitten by a brown recluse nearly a year ago and he’s still trying to heal. He’s got a machine strapped to his leg, to pump out fluid, plus they’ve cut a chunk out. 🙁

  16. Is it also ‘corpse’ time? I had an ex email me yesterday out of the blue. And another one from a decade ago nonchalantly show up at my house today unannounced! And uninvited!

    What the heck?!

    1. I had one too. A man that I interacted with last summer randomly texted.

      I dont know what I would think if one just showed up at my door lol! That would freak me out!

          1. Oh my goodness! The third one showed up yesterday via email and I had him blocked on the site I met him. He actually dumped me twice in September and October last fall. Here’s how clueless he is in the note he sent me. I would never even entertain trying again with him after that but his ego apparently thought so! What the **$#??????!!!!! This one is a Capricorn, the one who showed up at my house a Libra. I forget what sign the first one was.

            Corinne, I had tried sending a message that if I had known you wanted to get back together that I was great with it but you had blocked me on pof! Hope everything is good with you and your son!! Steve

  17. Ouch, bacitracin must have been scary, those self propelled mowers
    Can really pull on any slope hang some little bells in tree before next mow
    A guy one time told me scars are sexy ,sorry. Days are so long we are
    Doing double time, I finally broke down and took Tylenol I try to stick
    To firecidar for pain it’s that smelling like a little onion that’s tuff
    Hope you heal quick

  18. Elsa,

    I m so glad that you are safe. I guess you are right to publish prior warnings when such dangerous transit occurs.

    Personally, I m typical venus in cancer type person when it comes to pain who absorbs the negative energy in to relief the others (selfless me). But with time I have learnt to not to do so especially when the problem is created because of someone else and it’s their responsibility not mine. Now I tend to disconnect ( Mars in capricorn) I go Turkey cold when people walk up to me complaining of their problems which has nothing to do with me.

    Also since I have Mars @ 22 deg capricorn and moon @ 29 deg capri but I also have Jupiter @ 19 pisces, my question shouldn’t the saturn/Pluto sextile my natal Jupiter act as a protector as we brace ourselves for the transit?

  19. You could have been killed! I hope you are feeling a little better this afternoon. Aries Mercury and Libra Mars at 20°, Cancer Jupiter at 26°. Nothing ‘bad’ is happening yet. I’m going to remain cautious for a couple of weeks.

  20. Elsa – so glad you are healing! Well, number three just happened. My car stopped dead on the way home. This was after my Toyota service dept. stated all was ok two weeks ago. This will be yet another “bite.” Fortunately it didn’t happen on the expressway and only 25 minutes from home. AAAs and my ex to the rescue! Honestly, I’m beginning to freak! Think I need a consult…?

  21. This has been rough these past couple of weeks. It must be rough on my husband because he’s just been on me and on me and I can’t do anything right. It feels like 2011-2014 all over again.

    This Saturn Pluto is in his 2H and my 5H. I cannot anticipate his needs because I’m never right and asking also gets the the attitude from him.

    Can someone be feeling a second Saturn return a couple of years in advance? At 7° away?

    I’m really glad you’re ok, Elsa ❤️

  22. This Mars opposite Saturn feels really, really bad with the transiting Moon in Cancer, activating it. Last night I was looking up suicide transits and suicide solar return charts. I don’t think I would ever kill myself but the thoughts keep going through my head. This energy is depressing.

  23. Recently i was spray painting to try and fix an issue with my car. I placed the part in my home and inhaled dangerous fumes accidentaly. The toxicity shut my brain down and made me nauseus. the fumes were in my home so i had no security and had to get a hotel. I was a bedridden nervous ungrounded wreck for three days and now im finally feeling better at home. It definitely brought me to an emotionally new place to come at things differently and to make necessary changes. Thanks for your writing Elsa.

  24. i should have divorced him then. doing it now.

    that’s also when someone’s chemo started. it’s just about done. *crossing fingers*

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