Mars Or Aries In The 7th House: Projecting Your Aggression

mars god of war paintingIf you have Mars in your seventh house, or planets in Aries in the 7th, chances are you have a tendency to project your anger or your raw male energy. This can manifest as passive aggressiveness but it can also show up as what I’ve referred to over the years as an “unconscious Mars”.  You can search the blog for more on this topic. It’s interesting.

I have a (male) client who has been targeted by a woman who is hell-bent on ruining him.  She’s not been successful but wow! She’s gone out of her way to attack him and cause him grievous harm.

He’s not provoked this. People can see this which is probably why he’s been able to survive her assault, but it’s mind-boggling to watch.

The woman has significant Aries in the 7th. “That’s you!” I explained. “I don’t think she knows, she’s aggressive! Like she’s got no clue at all how aggressive she is.”  It was watershed moment.

The woman has gone way our of her way to destroy the man. He’s not returned fire and he has no plan to attack her back. It’s not his way or even in his “wheelhouse”.  However, there is no telling when or if she might relent.

You’ve probably witnessed something like this or perhaps you’ve been part of something like this, one side or the other.

If you have Mars showing up in your 7th house in some way and you think someone is angry and violent and a danger, you might want to make sure you’re not ten times as aggressive as the person you’re trained on.

Have experience with this? Tell us!

15 thoughts on “Mars Or Aries In The 7th House: Projecting Your Aggression”

  1. I have Mars in Gemini conjunct my descendant. When I was younger I was always getting into inexplicable conflicts. Sometimes it feels like people go out of their way to start a fight. I’ve learnt to be very careful not to provoke people!

  2. No natal planets in the 7th or Aries. However, I have Mars in the 3rd (Cap), squaring Mercury in the 11th. Used to drive like a bat out of hell, and verbally eviscerate anyone, not proud of that at all, and try my best not to do that anymore. Used to be a big screamer, not proud of that. This celestial energy can get a hold of you. Have learned to calm the f down. Thank you Universe! Always used to think aloud, not anymore. Does this ring true to you?

  3. You just. Can’t. Realize it. It just takes time. That’s why you called it an unconscious mars, no? Everyone around me that I live with is uncompromising or a dick in some way in my head. Hmm.. I wonder why. Why so many conflicts? Hmm. I am probably demanding and I want things my way. So does everyone and how does one control the frustration? I guess the solution is to decide which things are dealbreakers. And which you can bend on. Or what the other person wants from you. I have trouble getting along with people and I read your newsletter talking about habitual patterns and conversational obstacles.. it seems that it just is like that with some people and is our unalterable chemistry. But like hiding from people is impossible. I only know how to change by shutting down some topics. I have a progressed Libra moon. A good time to work on my social issues. I tend to lose preemptively in whatever I do to relieve the pain of losing and failing. I relieve the pain of not trying.

    Just like I blame men for not liking me while not putting in an effort or changing.

  4. Elsa, you’ve described my sister. Her 7H Pisces Mars opposes her 1H Virgo Venus-Jupiter conjunction. She has no issue making excessively aggressive comments. I couldn’t understand why I seemed to be a frequent verbal target of hers. Turns out, her Libra Mercury exactly conjuncts my Libra Sun! Doesn’t matter what I do or say, she’ll attack. My stance with her now is to keep it superficial and infrequent. Thank you, astrology!

    1. Good point! What happens if you have Mars in the 7th, I think, is that you are not necessarily projecting your aggression all the time, it can also describe being attacked and defending yourself; it just means there will be conflict.

      Since I know that there will always be conflict I try to make sure I’m the one initiating and controlling it, by provoking someone in a gentle way, or starting a fight I know needs to be fought, because to have someone launching on me when I don’t expect it, for no reason, is horrible.

  5. And btw I’m a Libra Asc, Saturn squares my Mars. I have been abused by my ex so I suffer from ptsd now and I have a lot of anger and even hatred for him. I don’t know whether it’s my Mars/7th house or ptsd that brings out the worst in me because I thought I was nice before this abuse. Argumentative but a nice person.

  6. I don’t see it. My mars in the 7th house but in Capricorn. I don’t think I’ve ever acted like that or projected my anger like that.Maybe I’m just not able to see it .

  7. I am a Libra rising with Aries in the 7th and I have Saturn there too. (I also have a packed 8th house). I wouldn’t waste my energy on pursuing anyone, much less trying to destroy someone especially “unprovoked” – not my nature. However, I will stand up for myself if I am the target of someone else’s anger, lies, or if provoked for no reason…………….. and heaven help them.

    1. I have an empty 7th but for the SN (ouch?). However, I think you and charlee make an important point about the provocation. Probably the biggest provoker who caused me much misery in my life has her natal Mars in my 7th house. The thing about the provoker is that I never know how far they are going to go. With some, I think it best just to get angry so they think they have control over me, and move on. Of course, in an ongoing relationship that can become a tiring game. The vengeance game is something else though.

      The heaven help me of yours reminded me of an incidence with the provoker as she did not just do it to me. She was doing her provoking and the little woman who she was provoking called her on her crap. She raised her hand to strike the little woman and the little woman stopped the hand coming at her in mid air with a grip a steel on big woman’s forearm, and growled ‘don’t you ever raise a hand to me.’ Whoa! But they continued their relationship. I guess that’s how people behave toward each other. I be gone.

  8. I have Mars 5 Leo conjunct DSC and Saturn is close at 29 Cancer, all square Uranus 3 Scorpio- I attract people who threaten me or I am witnessing / expreriencing a lot of someone’s aggression, I attract dangerous paternal figures in power.
    Sometimes I help victims of such people in need. Now I am hot red now with Uranus transiting Taurus and squaring my Asc-DSC a axis and Saturn opposing my dark natal combo of Mars, Dsc and Saturn.
    I am.naturally hot tempered and aggressive, swear a lot. It took a lot of work to become more like my Taurus stellium.

  9. oh, i know i’m aggressive. i’ve had to learn to target things worth fighting for
    it’s a way to transmute pain. i project it out towards problems to solve… if i have a direction to focus aggression i can pull myself out of the well. by which i mean it’s helped keep me alive.
    (aries sun, 7th house pisces mars square neptune)

  10. Sun conjunct Mercury in the 7th in Aries on the Descendent square my Mars in Leo, Pluto conjunct Ascendant. If you want to get something done that everyone else is afraid to do, or instigate change, I am definitely the person for the job. Change is the name of my game. Speaking of, changing my natural aggressive tendency to fight when I was young to a more mature problem-solving approach has been a constant life reinvention.

    I have learnt to constantly be conscious of my actions, NOT be vindictive, aggressive, or retaliate. I usually give people a warning that they don’t want to mess with me, please leave me alone, and that usually works. I had to laugh about the “heaven help them” comment above. Yes, agreed to this as well. Heaven help those who decide that I’m someone they want to get into any kind of fight with, mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. Walking away is always the option I will default to unless blocked. Avoiding the fight in the first place is half the battle.

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