“How Tragic Is Your Scenery?”

jupiter enthronedWith the pressure brought on by the conjunction in Capricorn, I’ve noticed something remarkable.  Ten years ago… five years ago, fifteen years, people spent a lot of time and energy, looking back.  They would look at their childhood, past relationship breakups, whatever difficulties they had. They’d sift through these things looking for a variety of things, I suppose.

Today, most of clients are IN SOMETHING and looking forward. This seems remarkable to me. I think there is a cut off point here. An amputation between a person’s past and their future.

It could be the future looks so daunting, no one wants to be dragging anything non-essential into it. They choose to lighten their load.  It’s not longer about how bad it was but how bad it is or it is going to be.

Can you relate to this?

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  1. The Cap stellium is in my 12H. I, like the rest of the quarantined world, am eager to resume my public life once Tr Saturn and Tr Jupiter ingress into my 1H next year. Enough navel gazing already! I agree with you that we will be embracing a new Aquarian normal; “less is more.”

      1. And me too in the 12th. Though all 3 planets have been in sextile to my 18degScorpioSun, 12degSat, 24degVen & 0degMerc at various times, by this point in the 3rd decan, they have been conj to natal Chiron and opposite natal Jup/Ur in Cancer all thru this yr! I agree, the past be done with me! Get out of my way.

  2. I was thinking about this the other day, specifically how our fears are shifting along with Saturn’s gradual move from Capricorn to Aquarius – the fears are no longer rooted in what’s past, but rather in the future. This to me, is likely the same sentiment that prevailed when humans progressed from an agriculture based society to an industrial revolution around 1750.

    It’s interesting that ~1750, we also had Saturn sq. Uranus, similar to 2021.

    ~1750: Saturn in Scorpio sq. Uranus in Aquarius
    2021: Saturn in Aquarius sq. Uranus in Taurus

  3. Interesting. Sat/Pluto something has died and you can only recycle the past for so long. It gets exhausting carrying all of that around. People want to look forward.

  4. Yes, I am not that optimistic about the future. Cant change the past. So staying in the present even if its boring. Boring beats pain and anguish I guess.

  5. I can definitely relate to this. I’ve been undergoing big changes and have had to drop a lot of who I was (identity- late degree Cancer Sun) to lighten my load and make sure I can go forward. I think this is going to be challenging, but not bad. If anything, the future looks promising, because I think I am moving towards a more authentic version of myself.

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    James Slattery

    I think you have nailed this configuration down really well Elsa! Things, activities and people have been outgrown and pruned out. Goodbye to them all! My 11th house is affected.

  7. Yes, I can relate to surveying my scenery, and using astrology as one of the tools. The Capricorn stellium is in my 1st house, backing up to make sure I pay attention to any old habits and memories hiding in my well-concealed self. (I have lots of natal fixity:) I consider this a good thing! Before I more forward as a grandmother, seasoned old-timer, it’d be a good thing to loosen up; recognize the hybrid-language and culture fashioned over time (my lifetime and my ancestral past) and make room for new stories to tell with my ancestor coming.

  8. That is a fantastic realization Elsa. A mass thing. What do you believe caused this? Pluto in Cap? Do you think when Pluto was in Sagittarius it caused people to try and philosophize things? Bc now I just don’t want to look back I want to “get on off that thang and get on up”
    Post script: how do you feel about whole sign? I believe you have said you prefer equal house system. But a few brief thoughts on whole system would be groovy to hear from you, love Ash

    Post post script: lol? and my world is very frightening right now. True that is what’s going on best word to describe it. Not hard (though that is part of it, but the big things in my life I am having to deal with right now, are in fact, frightening. I do feel supported but the circumstances are out of control. As in no body can easily fix what is going on. Hopefully we can all pull through this!

  9. The feelings still rise from past abuse. When they rise, I let them fall away without connection to the events and circumstances that causes them to linger. As with experiencing the effects of a short uncomfortable transit, it passes if not indulged. If it tags behavior of mine I do not like, yes I will still imbibe in examination toward letting the thing go, while moving to the future. A better future.

    And there is just plain and simple alot of denial going on out there. I don’t have to indulge that either. Walk on by. Because I don’t have time for others baggage behavior either. I will listen if the person is honestly trying to address their underlying problem, but not subject myself to the abusive behavior.

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      the laughing goat

      “And there is just plain and simple alot of denial going on out there. I don’t have to indulge that either. Walk on by. Because I don’t have time for others baggage behavior either. I will listen if the person is honestly trying to address their underlying problem, but not subject myself to the abusive behavior.”. AND “Find the joy.”

      You have put into words part of what has evolved in me during this Mars square Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto transit – I will be writing your words down and putting them on my bulletin board – love it!!

  10. Also, if you have ever had to face your own mortality, had your brush with death, and survived, you know the importance of every little thing in the biggest way. It is gratefulness for all that one has. I know it was not just my own experience because I have had this discussion with others who have experienced the same thing. With this death pall all around, and if one can get beyond the survivor guilt of being okay when so many are suffering, gratefulness can be found. Life takes on new light, being thankful and grateful for being okay and for the beauty of the day. It could be fleeting, and in the long run it is fleeting. Gratefulness for every moment. No time is wasted experiencing that. I think Jupiter in the mix is the saving grace. Find the joy.

  11. The whole stellium is in my 4th House. In this time, I lost my mother, settled her estate, then sold or gave away everything I owned for what I thought would be a permanent move to a different country. COVID-19 brought me back to my hometown with nothing but 3 pieces of luggage, since I did not want to be stuck in a place where I did not speak the language, the expat community had fled, and my one local contact was stuck in the US on business. So I have spent the spring and summer rooming with friends. Now I am in my own apartment again, but am living the minimalist life. Not sure what’s next, really living one day at a time.

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