Mars – Pluto Opposition / Hitting Curveballs

The Cancer Mars – Capricorn Pluto opposition has really been drawing my attention, so wanted to explain a little more about what’s going on. Mars – Pluto oppositions can manifest in one of two basic patterns. The ideal that this aspect calls us to is acting (Mars) with love (Pluto), letting encompassing love direct your actions. What may also happen, however, are physical manifestations of control issues, either in direct conflict, i.e. power struggles, or internalization of this frustration and fear – with the potential for a later eruption. If instead of treating situations with love, by which I more precisely mean: recognition of commonality, treating others as yourself, understanding, patience, forgiveness – if instead of that, we are only looking out for ourselves, seeking to control what is around us instead of accepting what is around us, a real pressure can build.

It is a choice, though! A lot of people, wittingly or unwittingly, choose the latter manifestation – doing so is contagious, which we ought to remain aware of during this time. The contagious nature of our attitudes can work in our favor as well right now. If you don’t like the heat… see what you can do to share kindness. It only multiplies. If it’s hard to do this with humans, that’s fine! There are plenty of other conscious things in our world who would appreciate your kindness. As Pluto is in Capricorn, it’s important to practice this love in the physical world, letting your higher support filter through you making yourself a strength in your own right. Look out for the animals around you, going about their own lives. Or look up when you’re outside, at the trees, the flowers, the bees – all accomplishing what they individually need and helping each other out despite existing toward apparently different purposes.

Consider the whole, not just its parts – that’s the love that is exhorted here, and readily available on display if you look for it. Appreciate those things you cannot control, and thus give up your ego’s drive to fight against the current. A lack of control reflects a lack of understanding, which is sometimes just the name of the game. It’s humbling – sometimes deeply – but we are reminded that we encounter the incomprehensible precisely so that we may grow our understanding. We feel pride in finding our way and regaining our path only when we have first been lost.

(And besides, if you could control everything … how boring would that be! How boring if reality were limited by mere human imagination. That’s TV! We have infinitely more dimensionality than that.)

So, as Mars opposes Pluto, my advice is: embrace this imperfect-feeling, sometimes humbling (and sometimes glorious!) dimensionality. We really are all in this together. We can help ourselves and others out simply by viewing conflict as an opportunity to assess situations and acting from the heart. In some cases, it’s an invitation to let go and move forward instead of beating a long-dead horse, as this very clearly has no reward. In other cases, this pause for understanding may make us more certain in our already-held opinions, even if others oppose them. Even with this certainty, we must still be careful not to act rashly – wait until both mental certainty and emotional clarity exist, and then act according to these convictions. This opposition can be a beautiful opportunity to bring our selves into an almost transcendental sort of alignment, and I’m confident we can, individually and collectively, make the most of it.

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    1. Kri — it can be! I personally conceive of Pluto as a call to a deep spiritual choice. On an emotional level, this can show up as love (as this universal and transformative, but simultaneously very basic thing) or fear, which are intimately related, and which we may choose between. I thought about referencing the Tower card in tarot, as it displays this coexistence of destruction and the regrounding / reconnection that feeds our highest good, if we can let go of what’s outworn.

          1. Kri, I understand — Pluto’s been on my first house stellium and will be for the immediately foreseeable future. I wasn’t sure I’d make it either.. The thing to have is faith, and hope– and take it moment by moment. I wish you the best of luck!! You’ve got that Jupiter square to help you out now, so astrology and other metaphysical practices (or other things related to philosophy/ religion) may provide relief.

            1. Ooh you know what’s funny? The jupiter square actually exacerbated my anxiety and i starved off and on… the neptune trine to my moon is bringing me some happiness
              I started meditating, though it brings out Plutonian issues of schisms inside me and some days are spent lying around. To quote Lou Barlow (the beautiful super Cancer stellium guy that he is) ‘the safer we are, the more unsafe we feel.. it’s perverse.’ I wonder if im indifferent to my family, contemplate my own.. insignificance, try to tell myself that what happens is how you use your time, etc. Weird subterranean feelings.
              Also this stellium will conjunct my stellium and is very significant for me

              1. My friend gave me three life lines to check out.. meditation, career counselor, therapy.. think im gonna have to check it out. Cant stop listening to Lou’s new EP apocalypse fetish lately. He is a guy who knows from being insecure and unsafe. It’s hard to love people, my Pluto transit has been cutting the umbilical cord and separating me from my family, but.. this phase is tough.
                Ive been spending time with someone who is my age (31) yet his writing style is very light and full of hope

    1. Pearl, I’m so happy to hear this was helpful in some way! I felt somewhat called to write it. 🙂 Thanks!

  1. I’m afraid I did get engaged in a power struggle at work recently. I was flexible and got completely run over until I’d had enough. Well, that person is no longer working there. I did force someone’s hand. I basically said, her or me and they chose me. I did practice as many spiritual principles in this situation as i could access. I don’t know if I did the right thing but I do feel relieved which seems like a good sign.

    So I guess my question here would be: can love sometimes manifest in exerting some kind of inner power over a situation? I guess I feel like I used the power I had but I’m still not sure.

    1. Libra noir, absolutely. You are a part of your world, too, and deserve the respect due to you just like anyone else.

      And it’s a process, right? It may not go perfectly at first, but what matters then is humility and being able to use other senses (e.g. emotions) to discern what you’d do the same or change. Relief is a good sign. As is uncertainty– it asks you to keep an eye on what happens next. You’ll gain more insight as time goes on. Good for you for not letting yourself get run over.

      1. I forgot to mention that this opposition is compleitng a tsquare to my sun mc.

        There’s some lesson here for me. I think it has to do with exactly what you mentioned Caitlin. I’m here too. I’m important too. AND I don’t have to throw a fit when I’m overwhelmed with others demands. All I have to do is give myself what I need and I don’t owe anyone an explanation for making myself comfortable.

        Btw I’m loving this post. Your views on Pluto are the closest I’ve seen to mine. Pluto gets a bad rap.

  2. If Pluto destroys the false, including false beliefs and relationships, it will have both meanings at the same time…

  3. This is another message from the universe to let go and look up. I’ve been getting it a lot lately. I’ve lost count. Clearly, I’m not doing it enough.

    I know personally Pluto transits have been extremely influential in/on my life, lately. If there is a feeling of love, it’s going to be hard, considering I was dumped not long ago (not really feeling the love or giving it). So, I’m thinking love of work, daughter, dog, garden and home. Which fits perfectly with this transit, in my houses. Just go with the flow. Just show love, when feeling lost/frustrated. Right? And maybe the flow will be easier, I feel.

    Btw, I have work interviews during this, it’s all about a power position, competition and lots of struggles. Astrology is so funny.

    1. Sunnysadge, don’t forget love of self! Pluto often calls us to examine the outworn structures or attitudes that we are willingly subjecting ourselves to. This self knowledge/ love/ trust — is what enables us to go with the flow and demonstrate right action in difficult situations. Take care of and trust all aspects of yourself at this time (physical, emotional, spiritual…) to set yourself up for success.

      Best of luck with your interviews!

      1. Oh yeah, I forgot about me. LOL! That’s where I ALWAYS get it wrong. I forget about me. You’re right on the Pluto money 😉

        Also thank you, need all the luck! Competition is fierce.

  4. Pluto is opposing my 7th house Nars in Cancer at this time. So double whammy–Mars Return and Mars/Pluto. Relationships of all kinds feel challenging at this time. It’s also doing a number on my marriage. We’re hanging in there, sticking together, but fighting a lot.

    1. blue rose, Mars return for me too! Yes, for any of us who have natal planets activated by this transit, it may be quite a time. Sending good wishes to you and your husband.

  5. Hi Caitlin. Equating Pluto with love comes as a surprise for me. Unless it’s some sort of… deep love? There is a person for whom I felt love two days ago.. but our feelings of love for each other during the past two months seem to be out of sync. And she has some red flags as far as I’m concerned, but my emotions seem to have a life of their own.

      1. Thank you for the answer, Caitlin. I like that it’s short and to the point. It will help me remember it. I think I have to keep it in mind.

      2. Also, I’m really looking forward to your future posts. Please make one about Plutonian love. You seem to have an interesting perspective on it. This is the first time I noticed you as a writer here – welcome.

        1. Thank you! I really appreciate it. I’m in the midst of a lot of Pluto transits right now so I imagine I’ll have more to say!

  6. Interesting take on Pluto & interesting comments from everyone here.
    It’s a relief to think it doesn’t have to be always negative.
    Pluto is currently (since very recently) squaring my n Mars. I have moments of free-floating anger, it’s weird! And I feel impatient, not sure for what. Right now I feel blocked, and don’t know what to do about it (Libra Mars is 12th…)
    Don’t want to contriol anyone, just get myself moving.
    Yes, perhaps focusing on others/outside my inner (anti)dynamics might put me on a better path.
    Thanks for all the encouraging ideas!

    1. I started transcendental meditation and i have mars in the 12th… it helps with that.
      I feel like yoga as well as thr martial arts or boxing or exercise or um the shooting range/plate breaking can help. Get that anger out. Think theres a post on mars pluto transits that deals with releasing anger.
      Is anything unfair happening? Are other people being dicks to you? Maybe find the root of that anger to advocatr for yourself

    2. Satsun, yes, I think this positive/negative dichotomy is one of the things we are still figuring out in modern astrology. Or, rather, contemporary astrology, as I think looking at influences in a dualistic way shows more of a post-modern inclination.

      Pluto – Mars is definitely good for getting moving! Something I have found helpful when I seem to have trouble with connecting to a planet, is to find correspondences that I can integrate into my day in a lowkey way. Like Kri suggested, physical activity is great for Mars, maybe even a taste of competition. Or else, colors, places, things associated with the planet — you could wear red or have a bonfire for example. Maybe chanting meditations (as they are more ‘active’).

  7. I’m very much in tune with this energy so I feel I can understand.

    I like what is said here. Seems to me that the topic is about ego death. I’ve experienced this on a couple of occasions, and it’s humbling indeed. We all could use a dosage of ego senescence.

  8. The full moon squares my Mercury/Neptune which conjoins my ascendant, Pluto transits exactly conjunct nadir opposite Mars on the MC, and Jupiter is in the 7th. A Grand Cross. The planets really describe the events, but I’m not sure of the results: my lawsuit against my employer is in court just days after the full moon… Will Jupiter provide protection? Or does the Grand Cross = stalemate?

    1. libra rising, you may get better descriptions of a specific outcome from casting a horary chart rather than looking at the natal, which as you note can show more of the bigger picture. It takes a certain level of grounding in traditional astrology to read a horary chart as it is very detailed. If the undecided outcome of the suit is really weighing on you, it may be worth consulting a seasoned horary practitioner.
      Best of luck!!

      1. Thank you so much for your response, Kiri. What date should I use: date the lawsuit was filed? (I don’t know the hour.) Or date and time of the adverse action, which I know. BTW, I once tried to do my own horary chart for date and time of our wedding vows. The person marrying us knew the reason for the timing and wound up speaking forever just to get the exact time for pronouncing us husband and wife. My sister said her speech lasted longer than some marriages!

        1. What you’re describing are event charts, which use different timing. A horary chart is cast for the moment the question is understood by the astrologer. The process of formulating a question / understanding what it is you’re really asking about / focusing on is key, and there are a good deal of resources online to start to get a feel for what may be at play and whether or not you’re able to give yourself a clear answer (mixed opinions among professionals whether one can accurately read one’s own chart, esp if it’s a matter of great importance to the querent). But it really is a fascinating system, and well worth the study if you have the will to!

          1. Thank you so much for the explanation, Caitlin. I reread the posting on the full moon in Capricorn coming up (4 days before the court case) and I’m scared. My IC is 19 Capricorn and my husband already moved 2 hours away for his job (without prior discussion), so I’m upset on all levels — even though I know Pluto only clears out what needs to go. But at my advanced age!!!

  9. whoops – correction, it’s jupiter in the 1st, not 7th — a T-square, pointing to the 7th (open enemies, lawsuit!) The planets really tell the story, but I can’t figure out how it ends,

  10. Hey Kri, thanks for the suggestions!
    The anger is (luckily) not all the time. I think it pops up when I’m in limbo, not doing anything specific, not applying my energy, physical or mental. Sometimes just going for a walk can help me focus on “whatever” and away from thoughts that bug me.
    Meditation sounds good, I’m attracted to the idea, but afraid that my “busybrain” syndrome will make it difficult. Although apparently, meditation is good for precisely that problem.

    1. I think mindfulness meditation or concentration wouldnt be for you. Unless you wanna try the headspace app. Transcendental meditation is the best and technically effortless (no concentration involved) but not cheap (fairly expensive) but there are payment plans and discounts for students and things.
      Id suggest doing any kind of eastern spiritual practice such as yoga, pranayama breathing, qigong, tai chi (in a class not online!), etc. Cause of how hit or miss mindfulness meditation can be. Especially using some of the yoga stuff available free online or to get a dvd. I was gonna buy someone the shiva rea or barbara benagh yoga for beginners. I use Rodney yee dvds myself. Online brett larkin, tara stiles, and yoga with adriene have free videos for beginners and also to solve different issues like to work on stress and sore muscles and things. Can do chair yoga if needed cause thats also a type of yoga. Really any yoga as long as it’s instructed carefully and clearly.
      Id do 10-20 min at least in the AM if possible (or PM). Any yoga you do, make sure to finish in savasana (google that) with eyes closed for about 5 min, then turn to the right. Then come up to sitting crosslegged with eyes closed, then slowly open the eyes when ready.
      12th house mars needs more fluid ways of getting out anger. Mars in libra may also favor a dance class or nature walks or graceful things. Do consider my suggestion of martial arts tho

  11. I have Mars in Pisces, similar to 12th house placement. Old classic movies can really relax and transport me, even early silent films. And I emotionally process as I get caught up in the stories.

    My Mars has some hard aspects, but also a close trine to Saturn. As I get older I find that focused, concentrated work is also a way to ground my energies.

    Transiting Saturn squaring Mars again is very challenging, I’ve had some setbacks and negative experiences to overcome. The more I’m proactive and come to terms with what I need to do (instead of moping, freaking out, or seeing others as the problem) the more things improve and opportunities start to come up (but so slowly, the delays are unnerving).

    Wise words about Pluto in this thread. Sometimes you need to toughen up for the next step.

    1. My friend has Sun Saturn and Mars in Pisces and finds it very hard to motivate himself to work on his craft. How do you motivate or release the anger from Mars iin fish?

  12. Also Caitlin, your comment above about the positive/negative dichotomy in astrology is intriguing, I hope you write more about that sometime. We can have a lot of information about astrological influences but still be confused about what to do. Preventive steps aren’t always an option. And sometimes I read very detailed and insightful posts on various sites about astrological activity and suggestions about how to transform, work with it, etc and I think, “Whew, heavy schedule!” (But I think the concise and practical tips here from Elsa are usually to the point and inspiring.)

    I don’t know a lot about Vedic astrology but I’ve read that remedies are an important support in handling heavy energies, such as gemstone therapy and mantras. I also like Donna Cunningham’s approach to using flower remedies for healing during transits or for challenges in the natal chart.

    1. Rennie, thanks for your interest, I’ll add it to my ‘ideas to be fleshed out’ folder. 🙂

      I think there are quite a few Vedic astrological precepts that are very useful despite the lack of Western correspondence. Remedies are one. I agree, there aren’t always remedial steps that may be taken in the physical realm, but we still have appeal to the mental/ emotional / spiritual and I think Vedic astrology demonstrates that alignment well.

  13. I’m going to save this post Caitlin because it is so helpful. I have a 1st house Pluto and I have never made the connection to love when thinking about this planet. It makes a lot of sense and really helps with a really challenging emotional situation I find myself in. In response to this situation, I have been experiencing the polarity you describe very intensely and I have been trying to work towards unconditional love rather than fears and control. Your post really gives me the support to keep going with what feels right. Thank you!

  14. Hi Caitlin

    Here in Bronx, New York, on June 30th 2017 at 2:55 pm. A 911 call was made for, Bronx Lebanon Hospital because an ex-doctor shot several people, one doctor was killed others seriously injured. He then killed himself.

  15. Allegedly that doctor had resigned under charges of sexual harassment and had a history of arrests for sexual offenses — mars/pluto.

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