Mars Conjunct Mercury: Strategic Thinking

A friend emailed me this morning, concerned she was under some kind of threat. She included evidence to get a second opinion. I concluded the threat was real. I told her I would prefer to talk on the phone.

Once on the phone, I peppered her with questions. I do this to clients sometimes – I have to. I need to check some part of their story or find out what they have or have not thought of.

I’m aware this can be challenging. However, if you’re in trouble, you want to face the hard questions from a friendly person before they’re asked by someone who is trying to take you out.

Often times, a person is more fortified than think. It helps when an outside person can prove this to them. If a person is not shored up or ready for a fight, the quizzing helps define their weak areas which can then be addressed.

Each situation is unique.  Via asking questions I’m generally able to discern the most effective way to proceed. This is a wonderful (for me).  A person shows up, scared. They leave, thirty minutes later, with a defined goal and the map in hand that shows them how to move from where they are to where the want to be.

I have Mars conjunct Mercury in my chart. It’s a wonderful aspect for this kind of work. My conjunction is in Libra. I must have said this, several times. “I’m sorry but I need to ask…”

This is one of the things that distinguish me from other astrologers. If you hire me to do so, I will absolutely go for the throat. I’ve said it before…I’m the astrologer you should call last.

You can call me first and save yourself, time and money. But when you’re really in trouble and need a strategy session, I’m your gal.

I think this comes from living on the edge for so many years. I really understand stress and how some problems need to be resolved, toot sweet!

9 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Mercury: Strategic Thinking”

  1. Ha! Reading this as I sit in an authentic French bakery run by a beautiful French family! And anyone who hasnt used Elsa’s services is missing out. She is spot on target, to the point and is worth every penny. In fact, she should charge more than she does!

  2. Mars Mercury is very common in chess champions.

    I found this out after analysing a friends chart who beats me every time, despite me being a very technically proficient thinker.

    1. It’s near her Chiron return. I don’t relate it to that though. Saturn transit…to conjunct her Mars. I think she’s going to have to fight. I told her to get on it.

      This, after I have told her for five years, no sweat.

      But then things change.

      This reminds me of another client. I was always able to tell her she’d pull it off. Years passed. The last time I talked to her I was not at all confident she could continue as she had. She was a bit pissed. But “okay” now does not necessarily mean, “okay forever”. That’s often no the case.

      But this gal…it’s a fight, but I don’t feel she’ll lose. One of the reason she will not lose is because she talked to me, early and I told her to get on top of this.

      It’s all free will. She does not have to listen to me.

  3. You are that gal Elsa! I love you’re straight forwardness! You helped me years ago when I thought I lost my job. You helped me fight. You gave me a plan based on what you saw. Forever grateful Elsa❤️!! Thanks! Claire

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