Thoughts On Who You Can Talk To & Who You Cannot

Libra balanceToday’s newsletter was concerned with the current situation  where the sun and Mercury are squaring Pluto in Capricorn.  Saturn and Capricorn are associated with being crippled and/or oppressed.  I know all about it. If you doubt me, click to see the MRI of my spine.

Saturn is also associated judging and aging or maturing. It’s also about time. All of these things have come together for me this week and I have some ideas.

At this time in history, most feel they have to watch what they say.  This is certainly true for me. I’m tired of running into brick walls.

At this point I realize there are people I can talk to and people I need to be careful around.  In part, this is to be considerate. A lot of people have subjects they want to avoid.  This qualifies as a boundary which I feel should be respected.

I always want to talk.  I LOVE discourse. I also love to learn new things and have a better understanding of whatever. I used to think this was normal but I no longer do. I think closed-minded is the norm at this point. I also think it’s smart to figure out who you’re talking to before you start talking!

I realize not everyone will agree but these are my ideas and I have identified two groups, I feel are impossible to talk to…

First, it’s the very old.  I’m talking about people who are too old to learn new tricks or more likely – they are not interested in new tricks!  This is not necessarily related to age.

Case-in-point, do you remember, Mary? She was that old gal I visited for about a year, as she died of cancer. She was super smart and curious. She’d have killed for a new bit of info, on her deathbed, a second before she left this world. She was hungry to know things; new things she didn’t know before.

I think I am like her. I hope I am like her but not everyone is.  They’ve just had it with brain exercise, so to speak. They’d rather keep it simple.

This leads me to second group, impossible to talk to. These are people who want or like or need to control their environment or reality. I’m sorry but most people with a lot of Fixed signs in their chart are like this.  They do not like their deal messed with which concerns me to an extent because this Saturn / Uranus square is going to disrupt them for sure.

Back on topic, when I see someone like this, I back off sharing anything new.  They do not wish to have it and this is an important concept to me as well:

Giving Someone A Gift They Don’t Want

Some people don’t have time to open door to new things.  This is through no fault of their own!  If you work ten hours a day, have a commute, have children or elderly parents you’re caring for; a sick spouse or whatever… shutting down mentally is very nearly a necessity.

Last, some people are simply afraid.  They are afraid or threatened by the possibility they might find out they were wrong on some point. Like something slipped by them.

It’s funny, because the other type person would LOVE to learn of something that slipped by them. This happens to me sometimes… a person who knows something I don’t will email me a tip or a hint. It’s cooool.

I’m trying hard to discern at what level a person wants to interact with me and respect the line, wherever it may fall.  It is harder and harder to find people who want to truly interact, but they are out there and let me say this: I’m looking for you and I hope you’re looking for me.

I guess it’s my Mercury in Libra. I like to bounce ideas off other people and I like to hear their thoughts on things.  It’s hard for me to develop ideas with no “other” in the picture.

Can anyone relate?

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    1. Avatar
      Sagittarian Virgo

      Me too! The upside is peace. The downside is that it’s no fun. How can you grow and develop without communication? I think daily life is diminished (mine not necessarily theirs)

  1. I love learning new things, and especially love it when someone shows me a new perspective as I’m learning – this blog is perfect for that! Like dolce, I am currently unable to absorb as much as I would like, however, and it annoys me no end.

  2. My Mercury & Mars conjunction make me want to talk to others too, but with Pluto traveling deeper into my 12th house and with Saturn getting very close to my AC, my motor mouth has sputtered out recently. I am finding myself feeling that it is best to tame the ol’ tongue. I find that I am actually making an effort to keep my mouth shut on issues.

    This is a miracle for me.

  3. Oh yeah sent a foot long off the charts email
    Oddly to someone I really like
    About a realtor talking to me like I was a moron !!but expecting me to go get a copy of something they couldn’t acquire until reviewed but
    This little realtor!!!!!!
    Talked over me repeating herself
    How easy it would be for me to just
    Ask others for favors because I made a mistake and didn’t make copy of a report for her???yeah off the charts
    And I should of hung up and waited to be contacted by my friend
    But defensive strongly opinionated me, no I wrote a nasty review of what I thought her mental capacity
    Was all about, should’ve could’ve
    But me and my mouth just let loose
    I am regretting this,big time
    I am one most can’t handle what
    I think

      1. @ Raerae don’t beat yourself up over this Realtors can be very manipulative and try your trust and patience. I’ve been there.

        Re this subject, I can’t talk to anyone I like, like I can talk to my best friends. My one BF loves to talk and learn, debate and share info. She’s a very Cardinal Libra. We can talk easily for up to three hours on the phone. We like to look at all angles.
        As far as in general with others, I do tend to want to speak my truth, if not the truth. There’s a saying, and I can’t remember the first part,..”but if you speak the truth, people will hate you.” Truth is objective but anything that makes people think these days seems to upset them. So I stick to any wide scope discussions with my best friends.

  4. Ha ha – this resonated with me. I’m also going through the process of recognising not everyone is curious or wants to learn new things, whereas this is my raison d’etre.

    I have Libra rising and merc in Sagittarius.

    I think exploring ideas frightens some people and bores others. A list of topics that are ‘not allowed’ among most of my friends:

    Shit and making compost
    What are you going to do with the rest of your life? (They love that topic)
    Gender roles
    How to do things differently

    I’m learning to listen more and understand people rather than engage them in conversation. Every time I open my mouth I feel I’m saying the wrong thing, no matter how hard I try!

      1. @ Kate I can relate. These are hot topics and not easy to navigate. I have Merc in Sag too but also Saturn so I tend to put the kaibosh on things like conspiracy theories, though some have their roots in the truth. But yes that is a great list!

  5. I love discourse on almost any topic imaginable (Mercury opposite Mars.) Venus in Gemini trine Libra Mars, communication and learning are fun! MY Moon in Sag believes everyone is free to speak and belief as they choose. Several FB ‘friends’ have disappeared as of late due to my anti jab stance, one of many seemingly ‘controversial’ topics.

  6. It’s very, very easy to offend someone these days, have it get around the world on social media, and ruin your life. I am not a social media person so so far I’ve dodged that bullet, but someday it will come for us all, the way things are going. When you don’t mean to offend someone but do it anyway (I just did it at work…again…kill me now), everything goes to hell. I just keep concluding that the only way to be safe is to not speak and to disappear. Unfortunately “not speak” when asked a direct question at work isn’t possible, and then I get in trouble AGAIN.

  7. I absolutely relate and also recognize we are all navigating new ways of communicating. Having said that, I’m also very considerate (Mercury in Cancer) and have shut down many times after pushback, but now am hopefully standing in my personal values and recognizing that this is the way I am! Others can choose to play or not!

  8. I was just pondering this…

    Imagine a person living their life, having a very firm idea and context involving some part of their identity, let us say marriage: one is happily married, no one ever cheated.

    53 years later one learns that their spouse cheated the WHOLE time, had kids, etc.

    I’ve experienced learning a buried secret in my family.

    It’s upsetting to say the least, for everyone, but in very differing degrees.

    What I don’t understand is people NOT wanting to be steeped in truth, in constant learning, of letting go of old shit and putting on new shit.

    1. That’s a great example. Rather have the lies than discover the truth (even if it’s bitter). And have no idea the wonders that elude you because of your reluctance to open a door to someone or some thing.

  9. Well, well, well…it seems like the universe is still putting things out there. Just when I was getting so tired of just trying to keep holding on… I totally get what you’re saying that despite loving to learn new things and talking to other people, right now it’s just really hard… and the harder it is, the more important it seems.

    Anyway, I totally agree 1,000%..BTW, almost none of my friends is talking to me these days, maybe because they know I can never just stick to small talk. And pretending like it’s just not bothering me, umm, just isn’t helping. ?

    So if you feel like it, please email me or PM me on FB, kinda like a Q & A for existentialists…

    Ilisa ???

    Peace & Love

    1. Fully concur here. Same shit happening where I am.

      I have monthly existential crises. My heart is continually breaking and being put together.

  10. Oh Elsa, posts like these are why I read you, as opposed to the 989845938737 other astrologers out there!

    While my Mercury (conjunct Neptune and Mars) are all in Fixed Scorpio, I share your desire for new information. It seems all I do is dig and dig, looking for new perspectives and clues about the world we live in, and it’s unbelievably frustrating seeing so many people sleepwalking through life. With these planets in the 7th House, along with my Sun in Libra, I would love to sit and listen and talk with you if I could! I learn by relationship too.

  11. I don’t generally judge a conversation’s impact solely on the immediate exchange. Lessons, ideas, and information might need time, and maybe a safe space, to percolate. My fixed placements might initially react defensively but the Virgo in my chart likes to take that data from the conversation and sift through it. Communication really does require a level of discernment, but constantly biting our tongues may cause even more harm for self and other.?

  12. “Lessons, ideas, and information might need time, and maybe a safe space, to percolate.” Right on! Mercury in taurus 4th square saturn.

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