Mars Problems: Sudden Attack Without Cause

Mars attacksI was talking to a friend about my recent posts on Mars.  She copped to suddenly and viciously attacking her husband (or others), at times,  for no reason.  It sounds bad, especially because she’s a Libra, but check the astrology…

Mars is Sagittarius in her 12th house… squaring Uranus!

I can tell you, this women is transcendent. She acts with compassion  and generosity on a regular basis. She does this, daily.  But this same person has the capacity to attack without mercy at some perceived slight.

Also, once she goes off like this, she can have a very hard time, landing the plane, as she’s just… lost.

Can you relate? Do you have something similar in your chart?

13 thoughts on “Mars Problems: Sudden Attack Without Cause”

  1. Someone just wrote me to ask if it was about them. No! It is about a real-life friend, I just finished talking to, exactly as the post states! 🙂

    She is the one who said this about herself!!

    But it is interesting, as the tendency runs in her family. We were joking about a series called, Mars Probs!

  2. I can relate – I have first house Libra Mars and Saturn square tenth house Cancer Uranus. When I attack it is almost always after a period of holding my tongue too long. I’m not waiting to attack, I don’t want to attack but I will if I feel my personal freedom is being disrespected. My attack is fast and usually my words are completely nonsense because I really don’t want to fight. I just want the disrespect to end. You do you, but let me do me.

  3. Yeah, sag mars square venus and opp moon. I probably do this and I can’t say I’ve nailed it down like your friend did at all. Like, is my reaction justified or not…

    1. She’s got the 12th house, involvement. She can be trigger by a mirage… and when she comes down, she has to issue massive (Sadge) apologies. She can be in a fog for days.

      “X(husband) says I’m being an asshole.”

      “You are.”

      “Oh! I better go apologize, then.”

      They are a strong couple! But he Definitely gets eviscerated for no reason. She a very good and nice person, so it’s disorienting when this happens. Like no one can believe how mean!! This includes, herself. She also can’t believe it.

      Bur Mars in in Sadge (like my Mars in 9th) and we do have big laugh over it.

  4. Mars and Sun conjunct in Libra square Saturn and Uranus. Yes, I can completely understand the rage when people push you over the edge. I can relate to this post as yesterday was one of those days. My dog was attacked by neighbors dog, took him to the vet and then went to talk to the neighbor to show him the vet’s receipt. I explained that he should foot the bill as it was his dog that caused it. He got extremely reactive and said he wasn’t going to pay for anything and that I should sue him and see how that goes. He is a retired cop, gun loving conservative asshole. I just exploded in a rage, the plane did not land either, I had to be restrained by my partner. It wasn’t pretty, but it just cames out, I have no control when people are assholes. When I come back to my senses I’m already on someone’s face screaming and cussing them out. Then I’m like “shit, this might have some consequences” and I go home and cry like an undignified Sun and Mars in Libra does.

  5. My mum has a 12th house Mars in Aquarius and she does that, the verbal random attack out of nowhere. I was thinking about it today, the 12th h position, it’s a completely unstable Mars with no/little awareness of its destructiveness. Opposite Pluto to boot.

  6. i wonder if pisces mars has a similar problem, as my sister has that mars and i’ve seen her have road rage in the past when she was younger. her uranus i think is in sag so it’s square her pisces. i’m hoping she’s learned her lesson because it’s super dangerous to go chasing after someone for road rage. my husband has sag mars and he doesn’t do that; he’s quite calm. i believe uranus conjunct his mars, the only times i see my husband get upset yelling is when he’s watching a game and his team is losing. i’m pretty calm, my earth mars conjunct uranus.

  7. Yup!!

    When Mars was in Capricorn (my sun) on Jan 29 I took everyone to the mats out of nowhere. I have a Pisces Mars at 9 degrees and it trines Pluto.

  8. I had to check on my progressed Mars because I don’t *think* my natal mars is that bad. (Natally, I have taurus mars conj dc, sandwiched between my sun and mercury, but no hard aspects to it.) With scorpio rising, I’m a bit Mars-y.

    In my progressed chart Mars is opposite Uranus! Voilà! The answer! I have been experiencing sudden anger that comes “out of nowhere.” This is relatively new. I shock myself because I feel possessed when it comes on. I really don’t enjoy feeling moody or like I have another personality. I really don’t *want* to be a bitch. I hope my friends would tell me if I hurt them or let me know if I was being a nightmare. This looks like its going on for another 4 years… just in time for menopause to really kick in!

    Thanks for this. It was truly enlightening. I love that you inspired me to really think about it and dig into what this could be.

    1. You’re welcome and you make a wonderful point. If you’re blathering on about how you are and you haven’t updated you spiel in twenty years, well…

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