Snooping, Narcissism And Libra

On the topic of snooping, this is from today’s PostSecret blog. I read it and felt sorry for the gal but then I realized it’s all about her.

She is aware she cost herself but what about what she did to him?

Can you see the other person’s perspective?
Got Libra?

8 thoughts on “Snooping, Narcissism And Libra”

  1. What is it about women who snoop? And men who stick with them? I think this isn’t the first you’ve posted about snooping women. Certainly I’ve read a lot cries for help in other forums. Do men snoop?

    I’m female and can’t imagine snooping though a man’s things. What can I hope to gain from that except to lose my self-respect? My brother had a girlfriend who would read the text messages on his phone, and his email. Luckily they’ve broken up.

  2. If it’s a romantic relationship, snooping is almost always a trust issue.

    I feel secure in my relationship, so I feel absolutely no need to snoop.

    Sometimes I found things I wish I hadn’t, not from snooping but from everyday housecleaning. I just ignore it and go about my day. Not anything relationship-threatening)

    I have three Libra planets, including the Moon.

  3. pluto in libra.
    uh. i just don’t. i’ll google someone but not go searching through what’s intended to be private.

    the world needs some mystery. and people need their time and their internal space….

  4. I empathize with the postsecreter. In fact, I was just about to send a postcard with that exact same message.

    I screwed up. he told me to stop snooping. I had no reason to snoop. But I did. And I too found my engagement ring.

    It’s not about trust for me. It’s about control. In my twisted head, I think if I know everything that’s going on that I can somehow, control it.

    I too ruined the happiest day of my life.

    And it’s not about me. It’s ruined because the man I love is being cheated out of real emotion from my part. My reaction may be different.

    I feel sick and guilty, like he doesn’t deserve me. I want to tell him but that will only make me feel better. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to feel but sick. very very very sick.

    i am trying to be a better person.
    he deserves better than this.

  5. I am confused….is this a Libra trait? Because if it is, I can tell you that this has been an enormous issue between my sister and I…she has several planets in Libra and several in Scorpio and I cannot trust her in my house by herself. She is a horrific snooper and will deny it to my face, and it makes me seriously angry and has caused so many arguments and definitely severe trust issues. She has done this all her life and it is aggravating…she used to snoop and find the Christmas presents my parents had hidden and ruin our day!

    Many times I have told her that she would have made a fantastic detective….if she could hone this talent into something that was needed and the outcome was good or at least bring relief to some parties involved. She used to be able to find her boyfriends’ backgrounds on the internet and check their past…..too weird.

    Julie….it takes alot of guts to come out and say what you did and you obviously feel really bad about it….that in itself is a big step!

    This a sore point with me only because I have felt snooped on so many times by my sister and my husband and I are strong proponents of the silly saying, “touch only things that are your own, leave other people’s things alone”.

    My sister has gone so far as to tell me with a grin on her face as if she were so smart and savvy that she found out how much our house was worth by looking it up on the internet??!! What!! Why!! Who Cares!!!! Argh!!!! I have been quick to temper the last couple of days….don’t know why…..

  6. It is all about her. Eek. But it sounds like her boyfriend knew this. He asked her not to snoop. This is a strange request unless he already knew that she would snoop.

  7. this is definitely a “trust” issue. I don’t even like when someone looks through my diary when I was 12 or 10 years old.

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