Love Letter to Scorpio

love letter scorpiScorpio, I love you.

I love your deep passion. You are brimming with joyful zest for love and life. Your trademark Scorpio intensity is just another word for living life with every ounce of your soul. That’s because you know that life is too short for half-measures. If you can’t do something with your whole heart, it’s simply not worth doing.

I love how you bring that wonderful philosophy to your interactions with other people. You don’t just love, you invest. You support and adore your partners with everything you’ve got. You become the structural underpinnings of their life. That’s because your energy, more than anyone else’s, has the magic ability to nurture life.

And I love your fierce loyalty. You will do anything to protect the people you love. And contrary to your popular reputation, you are incredibly forgiving. It takes a LOT to lose your loyalty. You understand that people are messy and that lifelong relationships require room for change. You know that people aren’t at their best while in the midst of transformation. So you make space for the icky, gooey grossness that comes with the territory. You give them every opportunity to bounce back and become better versions of themselves.

I love that, even in the midst of all this love and loyalty, you are able to take protective action. If you do come to the point of ending a relationship, it is usually richly deserved. No matter how much you care, you know that nothing comes from investing in a black hole. If someone has betrayed you or simply sucked you dry, you will sorrowfully but decisively choose to cut off the limb to save the body.

I love that you know when to act. Virgo may be the one known for discernment, but to me it’s a close race. You are so strong and have so much to guard and protect as well as so much to give. Deciding who to trust, where to place your energy, when to let down your walls, and when to make a cut are all delicate and difficult operations. Luckily, you have a powerful and innate understanding of human nature to guide your way.

I love your acerbic wit. Your humor is sharp, Marsy, and hilarious. While the rest of us are trying to dance around uncomfortable topics, you come out and start dropping truth bombs, laughing as the rest of us gasp and scramble to react. Some might shy away, but to the right people (and you always know who the right people are), your humor is thoroughly refreshing.

I love your soft side. Behind all the armor lies a sensitive and compassionate heart. Because you have had to tangle with power and pain, you have enormous empathy for anyone in an unfair situation. You are endlessly caring and are probably the sign most likely to care for rescue animals, work as a victim’s advocate, or put your body on the line in a protest. You know what it is like to be on the receiving end of abuse of power, and for that reason, there is no innocent or underdog you won’t rush to defend.

What I love most about you, Scorpio, is your wisdom. You know that all things – and all people – have seasons. Things change. They bloom and wither, grow and decay, molt and regenerate.  And you also know that there is a root, a thread of continuity that never changes. So you give people room to grow and offer infinite grace through the process of their becoming. This is because you bond with the root, never the ephemeral blooms. In that way, you love more honestly than many of us could even imagine. And that is wisdom the entire human race would do well to heed.

I love you Scorpio, with the same deep intensity with which you love the world. Thank you so much for existing.

12 thoughts on “Love Letter to Scorpio”

  1. I love how you’ve understood the fierce loyalty of the Scorpio and our firm belief in giving people room to grow and transform. This is a very insightful piece! Love it! (Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn in Scorpio; in the 8th house no less)

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    Shimmering Light

    I love your love letters Midara! I feel loved and deeply understood. It’s rare that someone gets Scorpio ‘right’. Also helps me understand others better. Thank you so much! Sun-Mercury-Ceres-Neptune and Venus in Scorpio.

  3. Moon, Saturn, Pluto in Libra in the 8th.

    Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in Scorpio itself, 8th and 9th house.

    Reading this was like “Duh – of course?!” LOL.

    Lovely letter, it’s 100% all in, just like Scorpio itself 😉

  4. @Midara, This love letter made my day! You understand Scorpio even better than I understand myself! It is helpful too to have an outside perspective because I feel these things inside but but these Scorpio gifts are not always recognized.
    Thank you dear Midara from the bottom of our passionate, pulsing ruby red hearts!?❣️❣️❣️We love you too!

  5. Midara I am her for it!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 planets in Scorpio
    Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune! (gots me a Stellium!)

    Kiss from SOUP!

  6. Midara ~

    After reading this I feel as though you have been following me around my entire
    life; what a great feeling!

    Thank you,

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    Sag with Cap rising

    Your Love Letters are so beautiful! I’ve really enjoyed reading them. Thank you????
    MH, Mars, Neptune, POF in Scorpio ♏️

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    Hildagarde's Noviciate

    Its wonderful you celebrating one of the most misunderstood signs. It reminds us that every sign has a superpower and imparts its own energy on the world
    A sort of soul energy footprint.
    I certainly hope this is the beginning of a series of love letters to all signs. I mean..What a wonderful way to help people understand each sign’s energy. And maybe how that energy might manifest and express itself in their own natal charts. Thank you Midara.

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    Hildagarde's Noviciate

    Sorry Midara, havent been reading on the site as much as I have been so I didnt see your recent love letter to Libra. Im so glad youre doing this series. Wish these comment sections had an exit option Yipes!?

  10. Absolutely beautiful… I’m a Scorpio 10/26 and you’ve just made my heart melt once again for all human beings ??♏️

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