Mars Transiting 7th House Effects

mars ariesWhen Mars transits your seventh house you can expect an uptick in social engagement. Typically, most of the encounters will be one on one but there are scenarios where other people can become involved. Your interactions are likely to be stimulating, challenging or both.

Mars is currently transiting my 7th house. While the majority of my clients are women, when Mars transits my seventh house, I wind up with surge of male clients. It never fails! I go from roughly 15-20% men to 50% or more.

But it’s not just men! I decided to write this post after finishing a consultation with a woman with five planets in Mars-ruled Aries. Earlier today, I spoke with a woman with a large stellium in Scorpio and an Aries Moon. Again, all Mars-ruled.

I also happen to be fighting with a male insurance agent over a fair settlement for injuries suffered when the gravel truck hit me. We had a male houseguest over the weekend. I have coordinate a repair with a male brick mason and I am working with a male plumber as well.

Suffice to say, I don’t usually have this many men in my life. Because of astrology, I know this will continue for a number weeks!

Is Mars transiting your 7th house? How’s it playing?

6 thoughts on “Mars Transiting 7th House Effects”

  1. Mars is in my 6th house rn. So I can expect men to show up in my daily routines? I don’t have a job…so no workplace males. My dog is a girl, I guess the only other 6th house subject matter is known enemies…men in particular??? I will ponder that, and keep an eye out for this long transit.

  2. It’s in my 7th. Dynamic, social and engaging transit. I don’t get pissed when mars is in this house. It’s another thing when mars transits my 3rd and 4th. Oh boy, oh boy.

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    Aquarius Lurker

    I’m experiencing a Mars 7th transit and I also have a male plumber & male carpenter coming to make repairs. I think it’s a coincidence though. Overall, I am interacting with tons of people, this is true. More than usual.

    1. We’ll, this is unusual for me and it’s one on one; repeated contact. My husband is preoccupied, caring for his mother.

      The plumber has to come back for the 4th time. I need a specialty faucet, and text him to verify what I searched. Two faucets and he told me his preference, aesthetically. We’re working together, is the point.

      I was also dealing with another man iso bricks that match the house. This is just not normal in my life. I work at home in the country, mostly talking to women. It gives me a hopped up feeling.

      1. I am going to go with female tradies for a change: Trans. Uranus square moon (3rd/6th) trans Mars in the 6th too…Why? because l am sick of getting lied to by blokes…particularly plumbers!

        Not, for the first time, or second time either…

        Health matters putting everything on hold, but l am chipping away at things slowly.DIY. A small pruning job today. Made a clean spot yesterday.

        Awful edgy moods come and go…Saturn slowing … holding a door open…or is it ready to close??

        I hope you have more success, Elsa.Sounds like you have made a good start.

  4. Funny observations, Elsa 😀

    For me, with Mars hopping along in the 7th I am answering to male-related stuff, taking action on certain things, and my creativity is definitely ramped up a notch, probably also influenced by my Scorpio stellium of Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in Scorpio (venus-jupiter is soooo much about artistic pursuit of pretty things for me)

    I find I have an increase in my libido (Leo = 5th house I guess) and a need to follow my creative energies where they lead me. And certainly a tendency to go overboard … Ahem.

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