Getting Comfortable With Your Pluto Transit

anchorPluto transits are well and widely known to drag a person into their un-comfort zone.  I had a gal call about Pluto transiting her first house.  I also have Pluto transiting my first. Our ascendants are one degree apart.  Reading through the lines of her note, I surmised she was calling me because she wanted to make peace with this transit.  Could I help with this?

Initially, I wasn’t sure.  Pluto transits a house for a long time.  More than a decade, sometimes closer to two decades. The planets has not been in first house for long, in the scheme of things. But I’d been working on adapting to the transit and I’d enjoyed a breakthrough of some magnitude some weeks before. Noted here: Benefits Of Pluto Transiting Your 12th.

I think the call helped us both.  We compared notes and could easily relate around where we were and what we’d been through.  I was more in tune with the transit than she was, in the moment. But there were reasons for this that could be defined. For example, her chart is more difficult than mine. I’m also older which translates to more “been there, done that”, under my belt.

I like that these facts brought us both comfort. I was on track, but so was she.  Capricorn always wonders if they suck or if they’re failing.  We were like two goats, who suffered a rug pull. We were both on our feet. I was oriented in a positive direction.  I think talking to me, made it clear to her she could do it too, and she was closer to this point than she may have thought.

This was humbling on my end because this gal’s chart was significantly more challenging than my own. With that advantage, I’d better have this in hand!

I explained my process so she might see how to take the next step; and also know what she could anticipate if she followed a similar course of action.  I don’t think people are necessarily similar enough for this to always work but in this case, our “realities” were lining up pretty well.

I told her I did not like having Pluto in my first house. I have Libra and don’t want to be a repulsive lone wolf!  She was a Gemini, which also does not care to have disgusting barnacles hanging off her when she’s trying to navigate.  But we know astrology and our intellects inform us, Pluto will be there for many years. Capricorn inherently knows it must grapple with reality.

The best way to get comfortable with your Pluto transit is to turn into it, because you sure as hell aren’t going to be able to get away. You can’t excise it. You can ignore it but no one else will; that shadow seeps in.

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  1. Ha! I’m a Gemini with pluto in my 1st house natally! Me no likey but me have no choices for sure! My poor Pisces moon in the 8th has been traumatized by it all as well. Add a Benus square Saturn and viola, a recipe for emotional Hell. At 62 yo however I have (mostly) found peace and self love though. I just had to through hell to get there.

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    Tess Charbonneau

    Hi Elsa
    …I have Pluto in Virgo in my 11h house natally with Libra rising and Scorpio sun in the 2nd…according to my progressed chart I received from you my rising is now in Scorpio…where does this leave my pluto now during this wild time? Thanks!…Tess

  3. Pluto has been transiting my 2nd House and not only have been working hard on self worth, but my finances, which can definitely feel the fear around that now, but am trying to tighten the reins. I don’t think I am the one in control here though I can work with the energy.

  4. I have had Pluto transit my 1st house since around 2007 (late Sag) … and it will STILL be there for perhaps another 8 or so years!?

    One thing to bear in mind, when an outer planet transits a house. It affects the OPPOSITE house as well, both houses work in tandem.

    Having Pluto transit the 1st house had directly affected 7th house matters; as soon as it entered my 1st – and especially when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, it was the beginning of the end of a long term relationship. Fast forward to now, a series of other relationships followed but none of them lasting (rather ironic for Capricorn!).

    Not sure what Pluto in Aquarius will bring, as it will affect the Leo part of my 7th house. Maybe a change in the dynamics of 1st-7th house matters. A shift in how I come across, with an accompanying shift in whatever next rocks up in my relationship world.

  5. I have Pluto transiting my 6th since 2008. It’s a vile one. My daily life has been filled with crises. Worked too much or had long (unwanted) breaks. Health issues yes,ended up in hospital with an allergic reaction from stress- probably. Unstable, insecure employment, pure exploitation of course. Either very late night shifts or very early morning ones. I became more “obsessed” with cleanliness (and it feels so good), did so many purges to my belongings. I got rid of all that is not needed and never again just hoarded stuff.
    It’s not a transit for the faint hearted..

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      Diana Bikanasova

      Same here Sophie, first in the 5th and then the 6th. My experience has been very similar to yours workwise. I have been stuck at home for the past five years with only temporary (and physically trying) jobs that had nothing to do with my previous work here and there at the end of 22/plus a couple in 2023. And I am STILL here with no job and no money coming in. I feel a lack of perspective and sometimes dread waking up in the morning.

      1. The transit through 6house is difficult. It’s the house of services and Pluto wants to humble us through jobs that you only get to be of service to others and nothing more. For me that was a big struggle my asc is leo and sun is in 10house, could not come to terms with it.
        I ve been through what you are describing as well.
        Then came Uranus in my 10th house since 2015 and completely “liberated” me from that kind of work or maybe work altogether.. not sure what’s the universe’s plan, I am having a hard time to support myself..

        1. I too am a Leo ascendant and used to have ambitions. I used to shine at work, but in a good way, bringing in money for my employers and doing it in style. I am a 5th house Sun, I like things done well.
          All that went out of the window. Uranus on my MC and then in my 10th since 2017 first left me upside down (due to health problems) and then without a fixed job.
          Are you seeing any movement with Jupiter currently in Taurus? I have not seen any so far. Pluto is opposing my Saturn in the 12th too.

          1. Jupiter is my saviour always gives something, however I have seen nothing so far and it went through my sun and mars once now going retrograde. I doubt it will give anything as uranus in Taurus is a very malefic energy. when Jupiter transited aries it did not receive any hard aspects from malefics so it did bring me money and it was a major relief.
            My 10th house sun and stellium is an ambitious one but never given a good opportunity. I always felt it is so unfair and I was ignored but that might be my natal Saturn squaring my ASC as well.
            It is exhausting living like that . After the initial shock of Pluto I just gave up and not try to make things happen. It’s on its way out of my 6th..

            1. Are your natal Saturn or Mercury making aspects to your 10th? O
              I don’t know if the retrograde goes back to contact your Sun and Mars, does it?
              Well, 10th house is saturny in style and spirit, and Taurus is notoriously slow. It in fact doesn’t do well with Uranus there as it disrupts the usual grind. I can see the ambition behind a Taurus-ruled 10th house but probably slow and steady is your way. It is Venus-ruled too so maybe estetically pleasing environment or job focus (in the past) but with Mars there it looks like there is/was some role play involved.
              Pluto is almost out of my 6th as well. It went over my natal Mercury in the past few years leaving me with zero convictions.
              It is reassuring though to find out I am not alone going through this with our similarities, Sofie

              1. my mercury is in 10th as well mars sun all in conjunction
                I do love aesthetically pleasing environments both in work and life as I also have natal Neptune sextile my mc
                Natal Saturn is conjunct Pluto in 4th which is opposite my sun.. this is what gives me hard time, so many things to work on.. Jupiter with its retrograde will go 3times over my sun and mars.
                I am curious to see what the big Uranus Jupiter conjunction will bring as it will conjunct my mercury and oppose my moon.
                No, you are not alone Pluto is a nasty transit many of us were battered..

              2. I see you have a weighty 4th house. I too have a Scorpio stellium (Moon, Uranus, NN, Venus), but an empty 10th apart from the SN.
                Let’s see what the conjunction brings you. Do post an update, be well!

  6. Pluto has been pretty powerful lately…But no war broke out..only another Mossad false flag attack…Seems more like Neptune…

  7. I like this advice. Not sure I can follow it, but I like it.

    I’m currently trying to get comfortable with the Pluto transits of multiple people in my life. My big Pluto transits have mostly ended, and now I have all these fixed planet people in my house, some little and some big, and they all have something in one of those fixed signs. All personal planets to boot. So I am going to try to somehow manage to be the stable one amidst all of this upheaval for them. It’s a tall order if I’m being honest.

  8. Great advice. There’s no hiding/running from Pluto, particularly when (as in my case), it will conjunct my Sun from Jan onwards. I have to face and utilise the energy productively. It’ll be in my 12th (damn it) opposite the 6th, so I am reading up on both houses.

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      Diana Bikanasova

      This sounds like the right time for making strides with a good therapist and alternative healing.
      I currently have Pluto oppose my natal Saturn so I felt like providing support. Take good care

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