What Does It Mean To “Transcend”?

Bean EaterJupiter in Sagittarius is squaring Neptune in Pisces. I just finished a consultation that required me to convey the meaning (Jupiter) of transcendence (Neptune).

I wrote that “transcend” was different than “endure” or “put up with”. I also said that “transcend” was not a platitude.

This square allows us to get glimpse of the beauty and the mystery of the “big picture”.  If you can get this, you’re probably well on the road to transcendence, in my mind.

This question has come up before but it’s never really been addressed. I wonder if people might weigh in.

What does it mean to transcend?

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  1. I have Jupiter conj Neptune natal. Trines my Moon and sextile Pluto, sun in 8th.

    I’m still finding the words to translate transcendence instead of giving a lenghty example, but it seems that it’s where the person has ingested the knowledge as a whole and able to incorporate it, utilize it or move past it onto a new paradigm.
    This can elevate this knowledge or the self

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      Gail Linda Hague

      Transcendence, in Logos, words of the word, John 1:1, (Guy Fisher, retired pastor, reference) is a depiction of the word itself. logic coexists with logos. It is logical that there are words within words including initials, is it not? For instance we know GOD, is Dog, backwards. Then there are words and initials within names too right?Transcendence has many logos that, explain what exactly it is. You pick out words and put them together this is what logos, stricken from Bibles in the 1800’s over 300 times were. Before the word, yes the words we speak, in every language, within the entire existence of TIME, were spoken, into the ether, three, there, a determination of them was made. Like the Druids believed, The beginning is in the end and the end is in the beginning, Amen. Transcendence! Why not let this be the first Logo you do? Check out the word science in transcendence, and check out the words and initials that go into Time the scientists don’t know anything about! All existences, everything we wanted to know right? Yes in Logos, The dictionary clearly states, The New World Order. Check out the planets, oh yes they’re logos clearly explain like Mars is Rams, It G.L.H.,light logo, gool, H.G. Lit, Gail Linda Hague, Holy Ghost Lit., God, Jesus Christ who is the risen singularity, one point Light, ( When he says he is the light he isn’t just kidding,) To 9 points black matter. These three people created us just like them. Everything visible and invisible was created with breath’s lace, love Gaily🤍💙💜💛💚

  2. I like DarkAquarians take on it.

    I think it also has something to do with seeing your part in the situation, which leads to empowerment which leads to transcendence.

  3. I like what Dark Aquarian and Libra Noir said. I’ve heard you mention this before. It dawned on me just the other day, I’m possibly beginning to get what it is you mean. I don’t have the type of life I’d ever envisioned for myself, and yet, I feel grateful for what I do have. It’s as if I’m hovering above what once would have ‘made me’ feel miserable. I’ve a Jupiter/9 trine Neptune/1 in my natal. Jupiter is also currently in Sagittarius, same as my Moon/2. Also I’m out of the physical pain that I’d suffered with for decades. Surely that has a lot to do with my attitude.

    1. Fantastic to hear. This shit ain’t easy, but if it were many of us probably wouldn’t participate.

      Due to my planet and house placements, I’ve had what feels like 11 lives, dying and being reborn. This same sentiment is expressed in my son who has a Pluto 1st house, the epitome of this topic.

  4. To transcend is to get to another level mentally, physically and/or spiritually…or in thinking, feeling and/or being. We are at one level and to transcend it is to get to another. Interpretations use above and beyond, but I think it doesn’t need to be used in a directional sense, although could be a travel in time in some sense, but not a direction, it’s a change. Being a platitude has nothing to do with it, this is a word describing something real and actual that happens, around us, outside us or within us. The subject matter and conditions cover as many areas and themes as there are/were people. Transcendance happens to all living things for that matter, depends on how you look at it.

  5. The technical definition of transcend is “to rise above or go beyond the limits of”. That does not sound like enduring or putting up with to me. Jupiter/Neptune are a different flavor than Saturn.
    I guess it’s like the difference between choosing to accept the limits of a diagnosis or disability with a resigned mindset, versus not letting it define you or how far you can go in life.
    My mom probably is a good example of this. She was born with an arm that never fully developed. People didn’t expect much out of her, growing up. To some extent she became insecure due to this, but she challenged their low expectations as well. She learned to drive, went to college, married (twice), had a family, runs a household. She quilts, for God’s sake. I keep forgetting she has a short arm.

  6. I’m on a crisis of sorts right now with Neptune in my 10th house making conjunct with my natal Jupiter and my Midheaven in Pisces

    The commoditization of art

  7. It helps me when I get objective about something instead of emotional, and accept it as part of a larger plan that will play out the way it needs to if I allow it. Looking back on a few things I fought against, they could have brought me to where I’d needed to go if I hadn’t rejected them in some way. And looking back on impulsive decisions (not based on my gut) that I thought would be for the best, they have gotten me really stuck in some not so great situations I did not foresee. (Sorry for the awkward wording)

    In short, sometimes when one door closes, another opens. Or, go with the flow. Or, be patient, there is more to it than you realize. Or, take a step back and let what will be, be.

    I have Saturn sq. Neptune and sometimes it’s hard!

  8. I have Jupiter in Gemini trine Neptune in Libra. Its one of my blessings in life because when the sh&t hits the fan, I can rise above it all and find the silver lining. That’s transcendence to me.

    It doesn’t matter what the situation is either. I have 4 Scorpio planets, including Moon/Saturn conjunct. I feel things very deeply, but that aspect is like a light to me in a dark tunnel. It lifts me out of my emotional darkness and gives me a way out.

  9. A common definition is « above and beyond », it seems correct to me.
    If you rise «above», I guess it gives a perspective, or a distance, looking at something from outside of yourself to be able to see it more objectively.
    But that might not be enough to evolve.
    You’d have to also go «beyond» for the situation to evolve and not just be a spectator.
    Agree with WinterMoon, this is not necessarily directional, just change – hopefully for the better, and sometimes in a spiritual sense.
    It’s overcoming something that is in your way.
    Like what NotMyCircus describes, about going beyond a handicap.
    Handicaps can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual etc.

  10. Responding as the soul instead of the whiny personality
    Having faith in the invisible ultimate righteousness of the world
    Going high instead of going low, not getting stuck in the muck of life

    1. I have to question that notion, for how can something have a profound affect upon someone without affecting the person? Accepting doesn’t seem enough. There’s an emotional component to transcendent matters but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there is also room for no real connection sometimes…which seems to not trigger transcendence but something else.

      1. Agreed. I think that a person who operates out of love will remain the same, regardless though. They won’t hold on or have expectations. I believe there are levels of transcendence.

  11. It also seems to be about not looking to something outside yourself to make you happy. The knowledge that joy is always able to be accessed despite what event is occurring. If I look for something to be miserable about I will always find it, and if I look for something to be happy about, I will always find that.

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    James Slattery

    With a Pisces Asc. I just get more dreamy minded and drift away with this aspect. I haven’t been great at handling pressing matters and I keep going over the distant past wondering how I could have done it all differently! I need to snap out of it!

  13. idk.. you unfocus your eyes and try to take a broader view, you “rise above” or go so deep that “illusory” boundaries are erased.. advaita vedanta style.. and you see how things are one rather than different.. or more the same than different

  14. I feel like the Piscean idea is that “transcendence” is deeper truth.. but also more of a birds eye/wider view. Neptune is hitting my Jupiter and sun.. I often find myself focusing on frog sounds, looking ducks in the eye, looking at a leaf and then at the tree.. thinking about shrooms..

    Isn’t transcendence a mystical concept, can find it in Hinduism (advaita vedanta), zen buddhism (the idea of fully inhabiting the present moment)..

    and yet.. being fully in the present moment is not transcending the present moment is it? I think the negative side of Pisces is taking such a long view that “what’s the point” and why bother doing anything.. and also the escapism..

    you’re meant to see the cell of the leaf and also the forest, aren’t you? to fully understand life as it is…

    I’m getting nervous talking about this. Need some choccies.

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    To move past, to be beyond. So i hear a lot of talk of trancendence sound hoity toity. As if i am better than you because i transcended. Which my mud and water personality kind of says yuck. So to put it in perspective i imagine how i would tell the story of this problem in 50 years? Is it something i can say i learned something from and integrated that learning into the rest of my life? A lesson i learned and do not need to repeat? Is it funny? Can i laugh about how much i struggled at this point? How does it feel to have moved beyond this issue? Do i feel calm? At ease?

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