Mega Capricorns Born 1990-93 To Benefit From Saturn In Pisces

capricorn sea goat modernIvs writes on Jupiter Square Pluto: Worldwide Upheaval, minor edits for clarity:

“A lot of us early 90’s kids have Saturn in the late degrees of Capricorn or very early in Aquarius – mine I think is like 1 degree Aquarius.

But what about the generational effect of this square? Will it just reinforce the curse for us born 89-92 that everything we believe in will crumble before our very eyes just as we’re beginning to understand it? Thinking out loud now but if this is the economy truly toppling over just as many of us are buying our first homes and starting families and really getting into our powers as consumers and adult members of society then I guess… yes?”

Hi, Ivs! First, I’ve been aware of your group since your were born. This is because that stellium in Capricorn crossed my ascendant, etc. It was an unforgettable experience and I’ve been watching the Mega-Capricorns since.

The Mega Capricorns Born In 1990, 1991, And 1993

The collapse of structure and accomplishments and such is due to Neptune in Capricorn. It’s a Saturn Neptune exchange (like Saturn in Pisces). I have this signature in my chart as well. Things do melt on you, but also, support comes out of nowhere. Somehow we eek along.

Saturn in Pisces will support planets in Capricorn. Rather than doubling down on the awful, it’s more likely the veil will lift, showing you how to better work with this energy.  You have an innate faith that supports you as well. If you’re not aware of this, the transit may help you master it.

As for collapse, no one wants to see it but, where Taurus is the banker of the zodiac, Capricorn is the builder.  So if in fact, there is a wipeout and a total collapse, your group may actually be the one who reconstructs society. I would to see this, because outside of your natural faith and building abilities, you inherently know the right thing to do.

However, this positive outcome is contingent on your not falling prey to fear leading to self undoing.  Instead, maintain your posture and continue to pursue your goals as your reality swirls around you.

You can see the threat in your post.  You’re in process of building your life, afraid of a giant flood.  This is important for Neptune in Capricorn / Saturn in Pisces – just because you’re afraid something is going to happen, doesn’t mean it will.  As a matter of fact, if you track this, you will probably find that your overwhelming fears never happen.

Bottom line, you are uniquely qualified to deal with this time period.  I hope it goes well for you.

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  1. I am a Scorpio (25 deg) born in ‘92 with a stellium in Cap. My Venus is placed there as well. Needed to read this. With so much “doom” feels out there, I personally have been feeling like my personal vail has been lifting over the past couple of years. I can def see where I have been stuck in some mindset as well (Venus related) that I am trying to work through, this time with more clarity and less depression.

    I feel like I have been finally been able to form a grip on which direction I am headed into (personally and financially) as a solo woman at 30.

    Thank you for all your refreshing insights, Elsa! I come to your page quite often for said insights I can’t get on other astrology pages. 🧡

  2. “So if in fact, there is a wipeout and a total collapse, your group may actually be the one who reconstructs society.”

    This is fantastic. Keeping it in my pocket to share with nieces who will be surfing this set of big waves.

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    Second place

    I think it will be especially good Saturn in aqua. I think this way, cause although Saturn ruling both cap and Aquarius, the ruler ship ends up in Aquarius. So it’s sort of like a mutual reception. Maybe right maybe I’m wrong

  4. Hi! LOVED this response and what an honor to be featured. I feel like you somehow confirmed something that I wasn’t sure I knew about me and my generation. You mention our fears not materializing: I feel like a lot of us – me included and maybe especially now after the ingress of saturn into pisces – have seen the rug being pulled out from under us several times.. “Us” as in us personally, but also “us” as in the collective. And each time has felt like a world ending event, but somehow it really hasn’t been. I think I just now understood why. Thank you so much for your response, it was better than I could’ve imagined.

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