Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: May 5, 2023 – Emotional Shock

Scorpio scorpion black and redThe lunar eclipse in Scorpio will take place midday at 14 degrees.  I expect upheaval with this as Uranus is involved.

Particulars are anyone’s guess, but with Uranus is in Taurus, the banker of the zodiac, the math here is pretty simple. Eruptions in banking, finance and commodities of all types, is nearly a given. We could easily see full blown chaos in these sectors.

If so, these movements would be prelude to the Jupiter square Pluto event, that will occur twelve days later.  It’s definitely going to be hairy out there. Expect intense swings resulting in fortunes made and lost. I also expect it to be cold… algorithms making moves.

Financial markets aside, if you have personal planets in Fixed signs, near 14 degrees, this event has your name on it. I’m in this group and I’ve seen this coming for a long time.  But even if you don’t there is enough energy here, you don’t have to be the target to suffer collateral damage.

The moon in Scorpio is concerned with the collective mood.  Uranus is concerned with rebellion, but emotional shock fits too.

You can see the chart here.  Note that Jupiter and Pluto are already squared off.  This happens on a Friday. It will be interesting to compare this weekend, to the weekend following the eclipse.  Let’s see how things change and transform.

Do you have planets near 14 degrees of a Fixed sign?  How do you feel about this?

46 thoughts on “Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: May 5, 2023 – Emotional Shock”

  1. Oof. Ok there’s a site (satanic) that gives 14 Leo to be the “murderers” degree.

    Supposedly it’s 15 degrees exact, however it says to round up .

    Anyhow I got my aqua sun at 15 something.

    *ducking down now*

  2. To be clear I’m not calling myself a murderer.. the website says I’m clear of that. Obviously the website is wonky.. archaic … dumb

    1. In correcting myself I called myself a jackass.. this hits my chart ruler… I guess good things can happen.. feelings wise? I hope I’m clearer headed

  3. scorpio moon at 15 in 3rd, mc taurus in 9th, venus/mercury leo in 12th. abs no idea. might stay in bed that day 😁

        1. Perhaps. I would look at the chart and see.
          There are very good elements in the eclipse chart. If could be very good. Point it, it comes in and goes out for most but this will set your emotional tone for a month.

              1. Me too! Scorpio moon at 15 in 9th house (although some astrologers use a different system and tell me 10th house)

                Mercury in Aquarius at 16… Pluto will also be coming back toward my Capricorn sun at 28.

              2. Avatar
                Miguel Melchizedek

                Here here!

                🦂Scorpio Stellium 🌔Moon at 15°35”, Ascendant ruler 💅Venus at 16°51”, Neptune at 18°10” exactly opposite ⚡️Uranus and more, all in the 2nd House.

                ⚡️Uranus has been there for ages exerting pressure on this Stellium, likely things will come to a head now, I welcome it.

                I find 🦂Scorpio 🌔Moon people pretty special and with •Pluto going on ⚡️Aquarius♒️ for 20 years 😅 it’ll be unforgettable 🤣

                Hey we should start a club! 🤣

  4. I will have Eclipse moon exactly conjunct my 14 degrees Saturn in Scorpio (in the Equal houses = 1st house, or Placidus-6th house).
    Scheduled surgery 5 days after eclipse for knee (saturn) replacement. (Also have Mercury at 10 degrees, Venus at 18 degrees and Sun at 29 degrees Scorpio too! ). The past 3 years the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses have kicked my butt! Can’t wait for them to go away! 🙏🙏🙏

  5. I have been concerned about finances and all that surrounds what finances can do for over a month, if not more, now.

    The grand cross which took place about a day ago aligned with me and another employee quitting our job due to the insane chaos happening with no solution in sight. I returned to my old job, which is also chaotic, with a slight raise.

    Just this morning, the job I quit offered me a large raise and a new, more intense position, to “remedy” the situations I should have kept to myself.

    I had not considered waiting to mack a choice, but perhaps I should wait a day or so.

    Natal planets: Capricorn Mercury 29 deg, Cancer Ascendant 26 deg, Aquarius Sun 14 deg, Scorpio Mars 13 deg, Scorpio Saturn 16 deg.

    I have no idea what to expect but I will meditate for sure.

  6. Scorpio stellium in 4th house. Pluto, Venus and Jupiter.

    How much would this affect this me?

    Thank you for everything Elsa!

  7. Oh wow. My chart just keeps getting hit by all these transits. My natal Mars is at 15 Aquarius and my MC is 12 Scorpio. Not to mention I’m still experiencing Pluto repeatedly passing over my Mercury at 28 Capricorn and squaring my natal Pluto in Libra at 29 degrees. Oh well, I’ve been asking for a change so seems I’m getting some 😉

  8. I am curious as to how this eclipse will impact me. I have natal Jupiter/Saturn (exact) conjunction at 14degree Taurus. My ASC is at 19degrees of Taurus. Then transiting Uranus is at 18degrees Taurus. All this activity is in my 12th house.
    A little ahead in my 1st house is my natal Uranus at 25degrees Taurus
    Also in my 4th house my Sun is at 12Leo. I have Mars at 20degrees Leo also in the 4th house.

  9. I have Venus square Saturn (Taurus – Scorpion 14 deg exact 8-11th house) as a natal signature.

    I expect to see some full blown emotional reaction to things that has been making me unhappy lately (bad relationship).. I can feel it building!

  10. Oh dear, this makes me nervous. It’s smack on my 14 Scorp Mars conjunct 11 Scorp Saturn opposite 14 Taurus Mercury conjunct 17 Taurus Moon. I’m heading up to Chicago for work this week. It’s going to be a busy week. Hoping I stay safe from trouble. To add, I work in banking.

  11. Avatar
    Deborah L. Strifler

    Leo 1H 15 degrees. Speaking, thinking? Collateral damage? Maybe I’d better not talk or think. I do need to listen more.

  12. Ooh, fingers crossed here. My daughter & son-in-law have been trying, or ‘practising’ for a baby for 12 months now 🤞 This Taurus Sun hits her natal Sun within 7 mins (14*48′ to hers 15*05′) in her natal H4. She was born on a New Moon & Uranus will be conjunct her natal Moon. Jupiter will be conjunct her natal IC & opp MC. I really hope for their success ♥️
    Maybe, we will get the ‘big news’ on May 17? 😁
    Thank you Elsa once again for such a different perspective on this – love it ♥️♥️

    1. Avatar
      Miguel Melchizedek

      Look up her Lunar Calendar on astro.com on their Extended Chart Selection page, select Special charts then last of pull down menu Lunar Phases Fertility Calendar then create her calendar, print it, nail it on a wall, start noting daily temperatures, mucus, start and end period days — it may be out of phase from taking the pill — and you’ll know when to “practice” and the 👶🏼baby’s gender beforehand — yes if there’s preference then she may elect to only “practice” in the months of the gender preference. ✨💪🏼Power⚔️✨ to you and them!

      Also you may ✅check her chart for how many children if at all over the 5th House ruler. ⚡️Uranus is 👶🏼baby killer.

  13. I have Pallas Athene @ 15 degrees in the second house. I can’t see the contact very well, but it might be making one to the natal Saturn/Uranus conjunction in late Sagittarius. My Uranus is conjunct the IC. Not sure how this is going to turn out. I’ll try to come back and write what happens

    Saturn also opposes my Sun. Pallas makes only one contact that I can see, but that one contact sets off much larger ones.

    I have gifts for Teachers Appreciation Week that I made for my coworkers that I plan on giving early. One in particular has has a particularly rough time (Capricorn Sun) .

  14. Lunar return for me at 14 Scorpio, True Node not far away, in the 2nd house. I normally do well with Uranus, mine is opposing Venus and Chiron in Aquarius since I’m born and Uranus is no longer the bad player out there, he’s done me good over the years. I dreaded Uranus through the 8th house but it’s been fine so far. As Sadhguru says, if you don’t take your life into your hands, the planets will rule you. That’s no longer the case, let’s see what this eclipse brings, it’s an eventful week for me with important meetings and reviews of stuff that started Feb and all the way through March/April.
    Thank you for the reminder Elsa, I’ll tread lightly and watch my steps.

      1. A water leak in garden, not covered by insurance. But the guys came out quickly, found and fixed it. No water at home is a nightmare though, we only found out because the pressure was ultra low and none of the neighbours had any problems. Could have been worse. These lunar eclipses often hit the home with repair demands, reminding me to be more diligent with maintenance. Go figure….

  15. My lunar return too. 1st house, conjunct Moon, Ac and NN. I’ll be watching closly this whole month. I’m doing small renovation in my apartment during this lunar eclipse. other then that no big plans. considering there is Uranus involved, if something else comes up it willl be a surprise.

  16. Avatar
    James Slattery

    Mercury at 14′ Cancer has to help because I have a Leo stellium at 12/13′ and 14′ Scorpio is the midpoint of my Neptune/Jupiter in the Scorpio 8th. Yikes.Shocks are not my favorite thing and I’m very worried about this.

  17. I already feel exhausted as it will hit my taurus mars in 16 degrees in 10th house and it is also my mc ruler. Uranus has been on my natal mars for so many months and now it will be hit by the eclipse as well. I have had enough

  18. Public humiliation, financial and public damage:
    Sun, Mercury and Uranus in 4H Scorpio at 0’28 degrees.
    May 5th: Went to hairdresser’s to ask for colour correction. Instead of blond, I ended up as a ‘burning’redhead. Could barely sleep, was in total shock.
    Presedence: February 24th, my hairdresser was not available, (maybe Jupiter in Aries told me to take risks in 9H), agreed to have my hair done by a new dresser. Instead of blond highlights, I got orange on top, white at the bottom. Same day, manicurist brutally shredded my nails, I only went to get basic manicure done and a coat of regular cream color I have brought from home. It damaged my nails, it’s been 2 months I am trying to sort it out. I only get my hair done 3-4 times a year, just some natural highlights, manicure maybe once every 2-3 years(!). Never had fake nails, gel polish anything. How could they screw this up so badly? I have paid a fortune, especially on my hair.
    April 21st eclipse, I was humiliated in front of students, colleagues by deputy head who woke up at the wrong side of the bed and took his frustration out on me. As entire staff, including me, was shocked, the union stepped in, but the damage is done.
    I am having a new hair appointment trying to get my hair fixed without further damage tomorrow. My Leo Ascendent is in pieces, my 3H Libra Venus is in tears to go in public. Just want to hide from 10H Taurus exposure and Pluto not giving me much rest in H6 opposite 12H Mars in Cancer.
    I know these are ridiculous personal problems (especially when there is a war next door in Ukraine), but I got ridiculed by students and have been feeling very awkward ever since. Just wanted to share my story how this emotional shock manifasted itself in my life. Maybe somebody can relate…
    Elsa, as from a loyal reader from Hungary, a great many thanks for your unique wisdom and regular update on astro events. It is such a great thing to ‘pop in’ to your website from around the world and to always find something meaningful here!

  19. Avatar
    Julie Migneault

    That was rough.

    My sweet cat was hit by a car and died right as the eclipse was happening. I had to go pick it up off the side of the road and bury it. Then I came down with chills, aches, fever and stomach bug. Couldn’t get any food down until today.

    My moon is at 15 degrees scorpio. This eclipse had a literal death in it for me…

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