Jupiter Square Pluto: May 17, 2023 – Worldwide Upheaval

Upheaval domeOn May 17, 2023, Jupiter in Taurus will square Pluto in Aquarius at zero degrees. The Moon, Mercury and Mars will be involved, virtually assuring this energy will be felt (moon) around the world.

The shot (Mars) heard (Mercury) ’round the world (Jupiter).

One way or the other, I expect the “status quo” to be turned on it’s ear if not completely wiped out.

With Pluto in Aquarius and Mars involved, expect this to be quick, like a blink, with aggression being a factor. Consequently, caution is warranted. However you may be the one who expresses the Mars energy, angry over the turn the story (Jupiter) takes!

Pluto in Aquarius’ involvement in this insures that some of what goes down will be unexpected and outside your control but you will have something to say about how your react.  Basically, you’ve got the wheel, charged with navigating events which are likely to be unprecedented, at least in my lifetime.

Taurus is an Earth sign.  We could see a major earthquake.

Taurus rules money and Aquarius ruler, Uranus is also in the sign. It’s almost a given, financial markets of all kinds will be rocked.  We just don’t know, who, when, what, where, but when it’s all said and done, I expect a significant level of transformation in this area.

If you have planets in the late degrees of the Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) signs or early degrees of the Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), you’re bound be affected by this.  Can something good come of this? Of course!  Jupiter is involved! However, if you are looking for smooth, easy gains, forget about it.  There is a violence to this that cannot be denied.

You might want to take a look at this. The chart is for earlier in the day, ahead of the exact square.   Looks “big bang” to me! 

That’s “Upheaval Dome” pictured.  The unusual dirt seems appropriate!

Do you have planets that will be affected by Jupiter square Pluto? How to feel about this?  What are you expecting to see here?

35 thoughts on “Jupiter Square Pluto: May 17, 2023 – Worldwide Upheaval”

  1. My mars and neptune are in the late degrees of Neptune. Oh boy I will be in Florida on Vacation. This is not giving me a warm and fuzzy.

  2. The Pluto-Mars opposition is across the U.S. 2nd-8th financial houses. They t-square Jupiter NN. Jupiter degree is Biden’s Moon degree. The U.S. chart for the May 5th eclipse has Sun-Uranus on the MC.

  3. I have Jupiter in the Uranian ruled house of Aquarius in Libra (20 degrees) as well as Mars in Scorpio at 4 degrees. This also involves my 9th House (my natal Uranus sits there) and my 3rd House (Aquarius) where my Chiron sits. So the effects might be like a pinball machine. Boggles my mind. No idea how to parse this.
    I’d have to go back and look at historical records of these transits to really know what to expect. But living in Southern California and already having experienced two minor quakes, and L.A. being the land of Earthquakes, a big one does sound plausible.

  4. If your ascendant is in late Capricorn, are you affected? I don’t think I could handle any more than what I already have.

    1. If you’re 28-29 degrees, yes.
      If you’re further back, I think you’ll feel this, but probably not a direct hit. But yes, it is quivering. I feel it too.

  5. I don’t think I can handle much more but I’m ready for a change. Will this affect my 2 degree Taurus sun, 5 degree Taurus mercury & 5 degree Leo rising?

  6. I am having a hard time with uranus in taurus since 2018 already, I have a taurus sun but all the aspects since 2020 have made it a struggle for survival. My ascendant is at 2 degrees Leo and my progressed venus is at 0 degrees Leo as well. Natal saturn at 0 degrees Scorpio pluto at 28 Libra.
    This is too much for too long

  7. Hmmmmm (let me think here;-)

    Pluto rules plagues and pandemics, secrecy, shadow, government conspiracies, shadow government and corruption all tied up with Jupiter.
    WHO just put out a ‘warning’ to the world about Sudan and a high risk of bio weapons release from the bio labs there (wait what?) and who might those belong to???? We shall see and isn’t the 90 degree (square) of Jupiter often associated with big earthquakes too (like you mentioned above).

    This could all be worldwide upheaval for sure.

    1. I heard WHO say yesterday that the Sudan lab had polio, measles and cholera, dangerous to Sudan’s susceptible population.

      1. depends what one considers “government” there is government and there is a layer we dont see and know much about, I dont consider any G20 leaders as governing anything. One needs to refer to such as queen Beatrix of the nethrlands and her Royal Dutch Shell oil and then meander from there. If one thinks a senile biden governs something then you are lost

        1. Hidden power perhaps is Plutonian? All natural resources are currently being inventoried with AI. We don’t understand the depth of control already disguised as “security”. I have an 8th house stellium in Taurus and I consider this house activation. We’ll see soon enough.

  8. Of pertinence, isn’t this the first square to the triple whammy of conjunctions between Pluto & Jupiter that occurred in 2020, the year of global widespread (Jupiter) upheaval (Pluto) via a p(l)andemic? This square must be related in some way to the CV saga…

  9. I guess I better brace, it may be for better or uh-oh. Natal Mars in early Taurus Square Aquarius Jupiter. Other planets are closely connected to one or the other like a web. I’ll take the good with the bad!

  10. Jupiter square Pluto would be like the ‘first quarter’ square in the current Jupiter/Pluto cycle that began in 2020.

    The conjunctions of Jupiter/Pluto were in April, June, and November 2020 – at 22° and 24° Capricorn.

    No prizes for guessing what was happening in the world back then.

    So I would guess the first quarter square of Jupiter/Pluto would be directly linked to the events of 2020, maybe new (and possibly earth shattering!) information about the pandemic coming to light?

  11. Also, not forgetting, the Nodes are tied in with this too.

    We have Mars In Leo, Jupiter in Taurus, and Pluto in Aquarius, all at 0° – and then North Node Taurus at 3°.

    With the South Node Scorpio at 3° creating a Grand Cross with Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto

    So if you are already receiving a transit from the Nodes (it’s been at 4°Taurus since February) then that may be greatly activated by Mars, magnified by Jupiter, and transformed by Pluto!

    1. Thanks for catching that slip of, of course, if the NN is with Jupiter the SN makes it a grand instead of t-square.

        1. The nodes are not planets, that is correct, but I wouldn’t underestimate the power that a nodal transit can bring. Or if your own nodes are receiving a transit from a planet. Especially the South node! 😮

          I always remember my South node receiving a conjunction from transit Uranus and from my progressed Moon, all conjunct at the same degree. Very life changing indeed. Things were never the same again after that!

          1. A Moon South node can be life changing. I have one under an annual Sun transit. I have a few natal Cancer planets on North nodes of the lesser used planetary nodal axis/s. When Pluto was in Capricorn on those South nodes, especially while Uranus in Aries also t-squared both nodes along with my natal Cancer planets it was on different levels personally life changing forever.

  12. Hmm 0* Aquarius is trine my natal Venus 0* Gemini in H7. He’s no longer about, so is this going to be about money or a new man/new people in my life or even, a new job? 😁
    Have not been looking, have not been interested at all – just been happy as I am so far. Time for a change? Mmmmm 😁

  13. A lot of us early 90’s kids have saturn in the late degrees of Capricorn or very early in Aquarius – mine I think is like 1 degree 20 min aqua. Saturn isn’t necessarily a planet at the forefront of my chart and I don’t have any other early fixed or late cardinals so I can’t really say I personally feel this energy.. Mostly I’m just a bunch of early, mid and late mutables so I’m having a different kind of a good time right now lol.

    But so what about the generational effect of this square? Will it just reinforce the curse for us born 89-92 that everything we believe in will crumble before our very eyes just as we’re beginning to understand it? Thinking out loud now but if this is the economy truly toppling over just as many of us are buying our first homes and starting families and really getting into our powers as consumers and adult members of society then I guess… yes?

  14. Hello and ty!
    My Mercury at 3 degrees of Aquarius: am I in for a total dismantling of how I communicate and expansion into something else?

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