Astrology, Men And Mars: Does Your Dog Hunt? Are You Brave? Heroic?Tactical?

CK asks: “What do you consider a weak Mars?”

CK – Great question! Mars is a warrior and I would say that strong warrior wins the battle. In the case of that anecdote, the man wants a woman. A man with a strong Mars would get the woman! He would figure it out. He would do whatever it took. This man is not going to get what he wants and it’s because his Mars is weak.

Astrologically, Mars is best placed in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn. Mars in Aries acts. If this man had Mars in Aries he’d have made a beeline the moment he saw me. He’d have been dashing and he’d of conquered.

Mars in Scorpio is more covert. Mars in Scorpio would observe the prey, unnoticed to suss out how best to engage and sure as hell wouldn’t be discussing this in the locker room! When they did surface and make themselves known they would know more about me than I could possibly imagine which I would love, of course. You get the idea.

So here the man wants the woman but he is completely ineffective. He’s doing everything wrong!! You do not tip the competition to the attractiveness of the thing you want for Godsakes. Does that sound tactically smart? What happens when someone desires something? It makes others desire it!

And does an effective warrior send another warrior into the battle? Send another man across the gym to make contact with the thing they want? Pullllease!

A strong Mars fights its own battles, and would not consider hiding behind another man! And if you’re me?

Well I have a strong Mars, in spite of the fact it is broken (in its detriment) in Libra. And if you’ve been reading the Soldier story, you know I would not send him to fight my fights even though he was supremely equipped and willing! It was just not going to be that way. Do I want him to take the guy out for me? No I want to take him out myself. I want to use my prowess. And I am so keen for this, I won’t even tell him there’s a problem and why is that? It’s because he’s got a strong Mars and he’ll act!

Mars and Aries, when high functioning acts like a MAN. And like I wrote in that piece, I don’t think all women necessarily want a man with a strong Mars. After all you can’t control them! But I do. And I will happily go without until and unless one comes along.

Do you have a strong Mars?

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34 thoughts on “Astrology, Men And Mars: Does Your Dog Hunt? Are You Brave? Heroic?Tactical?”

  1. My Mars is conjunct Mercury in Cap, 9th house. A strong mars,yes, but with Mercury a strong mentality. In Capricorn intensely practical and am attracted to men who can build – carpenter types. (haven’t been in relationship with one yet, however).

  2. I do have a strong Mars, in Aries. It’s very busy, dancing all over the shop with all the other planets. You caught me in a good mind frame when all I see are positive things about its aspects.
    Truth be told, I am ‘brave’ yet my bravery has bit me in the ass. I broke up a fight once and ended up seriously hurt. I forgot how small I was, man that Mars in Aries can make you feel invincible!
    And sometimes, you are.

  3. My guy has Mars in Scorpio. It never occurred to me that’s why he knows me so well already after only a few months. He really does pay attention to everything I say and do and he uses that information to please me. It’s kind of like having someone with ESP except he really doesn’t know what I think – he just untuits what will make me smile. I’ve never had someone like him in my life before. If you’s asked me if I would like that, I would have thought no, because I’m very private person, but with him it never seem invasive, just extraordinarily serendipitous.

    I’m with you, Elsa. Strong Mars. With my Mars in Leo, I need someone strong or I’ll burn them up.

  4. I wouldn’t think of myself as an overly Martial person (although I have a hot temper for sure, and express it now more than ever).

    I think I use my Mars extremely effectively – it’s in Libra and I’ve never considered it weak, because it’s unusual for me not to get something if I set my mind to it. The gift of the Libran Mars is charm though, and making sure that what I get is acceptable to everyone – without the competitiveness of the Aries Mars.

    I have always steered away from Scorpio Mars – I do not like being investigated, and I do not like being possessed, so they’ve been a no-go. My husband is the first Aries Mars I’ve got along with in love although I would think nothing of using his force to fight my battles for me (well, some of them in any case) as it seems only sensible to get him to exercise his protectiveness somewhere and feel useful (although it’s a balance to maintain so that he doesn’t feel used, and Libra Mars tends to give me quite a good feel for getting that right).

  5. I seem to have mars in pisces, square to my sun/mercury/jupiter.
    I guess that’s a weak mars if there’s any. I wonder what that means?
    (I’m no good, uh?) 🙂

  6. Same as Becca, my mars is in Capricorn, 12 house with a big stellium in the 12 house which includes venus, saturn, and neptune.

  7. I’ve got Mars in Aries in the 8th house with a nice trine to Uranus in my 12th and a nice trine to Moon in 10th. Strong, you betcha! I’m not shy about sex. And up until just 2 months ago when menopause kicked in I had a very active libido.
    Waaaah! Where’s my Mars now? Come back…..

  8. Mars/Moon/Jupiter Leo stellium, Mars and Jupiter have the same aspects: square Uranus, trine Sun and Neptune and sextile MC. The Moon has all these aspects except the Sun trine, and it is sextile Pluto and Venus. And of course I only use aspects below 8 degrees, the vast majority are closer than 6.

    Leo Mars is a strong position and I have a lot of fire in my chart but Sag Neptune fogs it all up.

    I wouldn’t call myself assertive unless someone is trying to force me to do something. I do my own thing (Pluto 1st house, Uranus squares). I abhor conflict and competition but at the same time it can be very exhilarating once I make a commitment.

    I’m not indirect with my affections, but then again I’m not direct either. I put my arms out and women fall into them like mana from heaven (thanks Neptune and Moon!). It is really uncanny, I normally don’t lift a finger but I still get the girl much to the bewilderment
    of my fellow men.

    That said, once in a blue moon I fall head over heels for some Femme Fatale who I’ll pursue doggedly but have always been bad news for me and have never worked – not one of them. (Neptune square Venus)

  9. I have Mars in Gemini. I was reading about your Mars-related articles (that’s what each blog update is called, right?) and thought of my boyfriend who has Mars in Leo. He gets what he wants! He definitely went out and got it, even though he is a gentle cancer!

  10. Mars conjunct Mercury in Pisces, I always wondered if that means fighting for the underdog..oh yeah, the conjunction opposes my Pluto…

  11. Haha no. Mars in Cancer, 2h. Bad house AND bad sign. I have to encourage it and feed it a lot. Heh. It is conjunct Venus, though, which is nice, and gets some support from Jupiter.

  12. I knew I recognized this convo. I thought I’d already commented on it back then, but I guess not. Well it sits in my 7th in Virgo, so I think technically speaking it’s not strong–but it has a loose (9 degrees) conjunction with Pluto, so I think I’m able to fall back on that when I need to. It takes a real lot to get me going, but if you wind me up, watch out. This has only happened a couple of times in my life, but I surprised even myself. o.0

  13. Well, I have a weak Mars, in Gemini in the seventh, and a very strong Venus, in Taurus in the fifth, which explains a lot really..


  14. Although darn, it opposes my ascendant and from my viewpoint that description is prob dead on. It squares my MC, but that description doesn’t feel like it fits at all.

    Anyway, thanks Elsa, for bringing my attention back to how my Mars is.

  15. I’m Aqua Mars, 8th house. Still working on really “getting” it, understand so much better at least where the downsides of it have gotten me in lots of troubs!

    As for men with fire signs in Mars – do not want (a bit of a prob since I’m married to one, LOL! Mars in Leo. Squares my Mars so there you go.) And I know now exactly why: impatience. It is a huge, huge turnoff for me. Maybe it’s because of my Cap signs (though I really think it’s also a Chinese zodiac thing, another area the spouse and I severely clash very unfortunately b/c I knew diddly about this topic then and actually thought my Chinese sign was different from what it actually is) but I am a very, very patient person when it comes to closely relating to others. And someone in my life who can’t reciprocate that is not destined to be in my life forever, I have decided!

  16. Correction: Leo Mars opposes mine. It’s his Scorpio Venus that squares my Mars and Aqua Venus. Yeah…good times!

  17. Weak in Virgo and the 12house, but bolstered by conjunction to the Ascendant/Sun, with some squares thrown in for good measure. I have the ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome most definitely. I suppose having the conjunctions in the 12th mutes the energy somewhat.

  18. Avatar
    Mariana (Mex)

    Mars and sun 3th house in taurus, trine pluto,
    My man sun scorpio: mars in libra
    Ha hahaaa! We are a cake 🙂

    Our children:
    Sabrina mars in leo
    Iris mars in capricorn

  19. “After all you can’t control them!”

    Interesting example of how MEN can intimidate WOMEN. We sometimes forget that power and intimidation goes both ways.

  20. I think it’s strong? Not by sign(gemini) but by house(10th). And it sextiles jupiter/asc and saturn/merc. I love my mars!

  21. Oops. I was looking at Neptune (ha ha) – Mars gets support from Saturn.

    Oh the irony. But hey, Mars is exalted in Cap, so there you go.

  22. “Mars in Scorpio is more covert. Mars in Scorpio would observe the prey, unnoticed to suss out how best to engage and sure as hell wouldn’t be discussing this in the locker room! When they did surface and make themselves known they would know more about me than I could possibly imagine…”

    That’s exactly how I courted my husband! One of my best friends too, she says that the moment she met me, she could feel me sizing her up and watching every move, calculating. Mars/Saturn Conj. in Scorpio 3rd House

  23. To be honest, I hate Libra and Cancer Mars for both men and women. I think those are the 2 most flaccid, slutty, undisciplined, watered down, corrupted Mars ever. And I have Taurus Mars which is considered detriment but we don’t act like it. Taurus Mars is still earth and very strong, and that’s the most productive element for Mars to be in.

    My Mars is high powered- earth singelton, part of mystic rectangle, in 8th house, trine critical Libra Jupiter, trine exalted Libra Saturn, sextile Pisces moon (exact), opposite Scorpio Uranus, and inconjunct Libra Pluto. I’m a formidable opponent with Scorpio Mars but oddly enough, they’re my greatest allies, along with Cap and Aries Mars. Cancer and Libra Mars like me and usually will be friends with me but if war broke loose, they’d be too chicken to take up arms and stand up for themselves or others. I can’t get with that. The Mars that I hate the most is Sagittarius and they’re super psycho.

  24. I just love reading these older posts + comments. My Mars/Mercury conjunction is pretty strong. I get into a lot of arguments and will not hesitate to shout down my opponent. My temper consists of a lot of shouting. I have tried to write down the shouting on paper and then tear it into shreds, but it doesn’t help as much as the yelling. I don’t throw things like my mother did. She has Mars in Aquarius in her 8th house and broke a lot of items in her lifetime.

    It’s tough to have a Mars/Mercury conjunction.

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