A Man and His Mars – Part One

If you’re an astrologer and willing to admit it publicly, invariably you will be asked to guess people’s Sun signs. In a party setting I mean. This is exceedingly difficult to do. Legend has it that one renowned astrologer used to agree to guess, on the condition the person answer one question.

The question?

“When is your birthday?”

Anyway, this is very hard to do for many reasons but I decided some years ago to see if I could master it. I was determined, and I tried everything. I listened intently to what was said to me. Not just the content, but the delivery. The tone, the speed of the speech, the inflection. I noted a person’s appearance, both physical and how the self was presented. I noted the environment.

Basically I took it all in and what I found was that I could not, could not, could not, could not, guess anyone’s Sun sign.

Now some would say it’s easier to guess a person’s rising sign than their sun since the rising sign shows your physical appearance as well as how you extend yourself. Your first handshake. Problem is most people don’t know their birth times, never mind their rising signs.

Even if they did, a planet conjunct the ascendant modifies it dramatically, and the worst problem for me specifically, is that I’m not a visual person. Obviously, this is an acute handicap in this situation.

So anyway, I thought this was a dismal performance. Not just for me, but for astrology in general and I didn’t like that, so I kept trying, and trying and trying and trying and then EUREKA! A pattern emerged.

I found I could name a man’s Mars sign and I when I figured out why and perfected the technique I achieved nearly 100% accuracy.

Boy did this please me. I was giddy, I had cracked a code!

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3 thoughts on “A Man and His Mars – Part One”

  1. Thank you Elsa. This is very interesting. When I try to guess a man’s sun sign, I usually find out that I guessed his moon sign. This puzzles me. Would it be because of my full 12 th house and/or my moon residing in house 12?
    A thing about mars signs that puzzles me is that the men who were interested in me usually had their mars either in virgo or capricorn, while my mars and venus are in sagitarius. Why?

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