Mental Stress & The Effects On Your Health

My friend, Ben, just emailed me. He was looking for Monday’s newsletter which does not exist.  I’m swamped at the moment and I’ve just not had a chance to write one.

The newest changes to the already horrific aweber editor is another factor. Composing is so unpleasant, I am considering dropping the newsletter all together.

Saturn in Capricorn is squaring my natal Mars Mercury conjunction. I’m going to take a serious look at this… then Libra will have to decide.

Ben mentioned stress affecting a person’s health. I tried, over the years, to explain how and why it’s a mistake to overlook Mercury in a natal chart.  It’s not Pluto doing you in, necessarily.

In whatever case, I wrote this to my friend, ‘Stress is a killer. You must use your wits.”

I wanted to share this here…and now I’m going back to work on my work!

Do you mind your stress level?

10 thoughts on “Mental Stress & The Effects On Your Health”

  1. I wondered at your question today. Do I mind (as in tend or as in dislike) my stress level? And my answer is both. I have Mercury exactly conjunct Chiron in the 4th house squaring my Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra. I believe having this natally I cope fair well day-to-day. But when triggered by a transit I become very edgy and must be careful not to look for ways to lose myself (that extra glass of wine in the evening) or feeling sorry for myself.

  2. I do now.

    Spending four days in a hospital bed getting expensive tests done and feeling like hell will do that. Nothing in life is worth that level of stress!

  3. Yes, my stress level has power over my response to others, and ability to even have food around. It messes up my whole day.
    So, I left my gaslighting, controlling husband, the biggest stress cause of all. And, am taking standup comedy and improv classes, and lots of acting classes. I’m becoming someone else and having a blast. Now, I USE the stress for laughs.

  4. Yes I do. It has caused me disease and a feels big of no way out. My Mercury is not exactly conj my Saturn, but they are both in my first, so I have a hard time believing in myself, to pull myself up and out of the muck. I plan but the plans get blocked or dumped due to some outside event or circumstance. Using my wits is for me grinning and beating it…acting as if everything is fine.

  5. I get stressed out very easily. Long term stress has lead to a lot of serious health problems. Learning to manage it now though.

    Have Mercury square Uranus. Don’t know if this aspect might be related to stress.

  6. No matter how stressed I feel, I find the best way to deal with it. I attribute that to the almost exact conjunction of my natal Moon/Saturn in Scorpio. My intense Scorpio emotions are redirected to Saturn. I used to hate this aspect, but now I realize what a Godsend it is to me.

  7. The best way for me to take care of stress level is to not take on too much. I can get stressed if I am in over my head. I think that is Jupiter. Jupiter conjuncts my sun in virgo. There is always bounty in my life. I am not talking wealth or status by any means. Just a lot. Need to choose and move forward on that. Like you wrote, there are limits. That’s my Jupiter lesson, the way I see it now anyway.

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