Mercury Conjunct Mars In Scorpio

zorroMercury is currently conjunct Mars in Scorpio.

  • Courageous speech
  • Verbal challenge
  • Speak now, think later
  • Pushing ideas, lashing out
  • Cutting off communication
  • Quick thinking
  • Drive to figure it out
  • Information war
  • Rage
  • Aggressive driving
  • Tactical thinking
  • Getting triggered

Excuse me, but here we go again!

We dealt with Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo in August.

The planets came together in Libra in October and now we’re going to deal with this heightened state again. This is a Zorro aspect! I know. I have it natally, as do legions of my clients.

aries fireWhen planets in the sky repeat themes in your natal chart, it activates you.  Just think about all these cutting-mind type people being switched on!

Okay, that’s kind of funny but I have seen this. I’ve been inundated with it since August. Rage from various quarters.

That doesn’t mean I’m crushed or daunted by this. It means, I am trained up!

If you’re a Mercury-Mars bot like me, we’re back on, friends, foes & peers! It’s exciting. Can’t you feel your heart pumping and your blood rushing? I can.

If you hate this kind of thing, hang back for about a week or so.

This dog hunts!

17 thoughts on “Mercury Conjunct Mars In Scorpio”

  1. I’d love a bit of that ‘Pushing ideas, lashing out/Rage/Speak now, think later’ — all done by me,of course. In England, Mercury is still only on the point of entering Scorpio. But the conjunction with Mars is no good to me there: it’s my Fifth House. My inflammable issue is a Fourth House one. Does anyone own a share-of-freehold flat in Eng? I need some fighting tips, badly.:)

  2. I posted a comment in ‘A Day To Watch” but i gotta re-post here because this is crazy!!!

    People are dropping like flies around me and being diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, breast cancers, mental breakdown (i guess) loss of mental capacity/dementia (that was my 50 yr old boss who just resigned after a 3 month leave).

    I’m kinda in shock (not really but sad for peeps) that in a span of weeks i know of many people just checking out in some way or form or on a path to checking out. I will keep my opinions on the low side out there (mercury conjunct mars in Scorpio) cause they are actually happening in real time and it’s now speaking for itself.

  3. I went to a doctors appointment today with the “Drive to figure it out.” Instead all I accomplished was “Getting triggered.” Now I’m overcome by “Rage.” Currently trying to channel my energy by writing down my feelings, hoping to come up with a better plan for how to figure it out…

  4. Mercury/Mars here and I am trying to control my mouth/temper. This year has been so strange. We have lost a lot of people. Plus, weird things keep happening. At a store today something fell out of its box at my feet and I ended up buying it. Things started to mess up and I nearly blew a gasket a few times but caught myself and pressed my lips together hard to detach from the anger. Things did an about face and worked out to the best. Thank goodness because it was a major problem at first.

    1. Indeed you are right, sophiab! I can attest to that: Today, I let loose a volley of hard truths, and a decent load of seriousy abusive language, at the horrible little lying sewer-rat man who has been harassing me for years. And I feel good. For the first time since a long while, I am free of the angry resentment I have suffered from because of this vermin’s insolence. Je ne regrette rien!

      Should I have transformed to love that rat? Baa! No way.

  5. crowd surge at Houston Texas killed many and injured hundreds… also small crash killing all including a famous Brazilian singer

      1. Use discernment for this story~

        Was is really a stamped that triggered it all or was it something else. People don’t just collapse all at the same time, a bunch of young kids having cardiac episodes all at the same time is not normal. There are many heavy elements to this story that are being buried but kids have phones and they filmed what happened from people getting up on stage yelling at the concert production crews to stop the concert (they kept going) to groups of people giving space to those collapsing around them.

        Mercury Conjunct Mars In Scorpio

  6. My Zorro blazed with truth correcting flames (on a Peace Bringer, no less!) who pressed a tired old warrior with . I came back to temper the damage, without withdrawing the reasons. Nature vs. Nurture. Zorro did have a cave to ‘lick him wounds.’ Me too.

  7. Ha, that explains why BF and me is having so many headbutts these days.
    Like, we both wants to decide and lead and control, but then we butt heads.

    We both have moon in Libra. It has been ugly (a true Libra phrase) and we do not like it one bit.
    As it is in Scorpio, deep stuff is coming out of the cracks ?
    As I 4 x Scorpio I sort of thrive in it.
    As a sensitive Cancer my BF does not.

    So, as Gandalf says – this too will pass.

    1. This conjunction sits on my natal Mercury, which natally, squares Pluto in the 7th House (also in a stellium with Saturn and Mars) is a blazing rage. The Cancer man in this house doesn’t like it either, will it pass soon enough to salvage the investment so far? Zorro survived.

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