Coping With Pluto Transit Conjunct My Ascendant

apocalypse nowI’ve been scarce this week because coping with Pluto transiting conjunct my ascendant becomes a priority at times. I had that back surgery last year with this transit active. Two surgeries in three days. It was an incredible success so I’m glad I took the time for that!

I’m in a similar situation today. No pain or anything. I just have to deal with some things, NOW.  This is not because I’m in any trouble. It’s just the opportunity to sort something out and heal has presented. I need to grab that brass ring, the same as I did when I headed to the hospital for my twisted spine. When the surgeon is there, you go!

There’s also just the whole repulsiveness thing to deal with. It’s just something you go through during this transit. I compared Pluto transiting my 12th to be akin to being a submarine sunk deep in the ocean, hugging the ocean floor. I’ve surfaced now but people are talking to my periscope, which is not really me!

It’s not their fault! I’ve been off the grid for YEARS. If people are going to know me or reconnect with me… well, we’re going to have to see it it’s possible.

When any planet crosses your ascendant, it begins a new cycle. I’m starting from dead, basically. So I’m trying to get off on a good foot.  Capricorn, right?

Anyway, I’m around. I’m just under another type of construction.

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  1. I hear ya. Pluto crosses in to my first for the last time in a few weeks. I’m sort of surfacing but not completely

  2. My ascendant is 24degrees 52min Capricorn. Natal Venus is at 24 degrees 24min. Double whamie. Knowing that Pluto is transiting my asc helps me understand why everything around me seems so intense… why am I questioning my set of values over and over…

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    Sag with Cap rising

    T Pluto is conjunct my ASC in March 2022 and crosses over for the first time in April.
    Was just ? the other day how much of a hermit I’ve become since 2010. Much of it seemed forced by circumstances but now, after nearly two years of pandemic and all the other crap, I almost like it.
    I have natal Saturn in the 12th, too, so maybe I’ve always hidden out to some degree.
    Still no idea who I’ll be presenting next April but time will tell!

  4. I can relate to the submarine, sort of. It wasn’t until Mars was almost on my ascendant in 2017 that I realized my solar arc progressed Mars had been in my intercepted 12th for 48 years. Processing calls!

  5. Mhm, it’s not only that. No matter what, even at the end of the house, 1st house it’s you. Pluto transits are long. Pluto transit in my 1st house lasts 28 years. That’s a long way, it doesn’t have to be always in dramatic and traumatic ways. It can be very subtle too. ”Change before you have to.”

    1. those changes are very frequent but I got used to it. I moved a lot, I had various amazing experiences. those who have the transit of Pluto find it much harder to bear than we who are born with it.

      1. Oh, a fellow plutonian. Don’t know, there’s been seven years of this transit for now, I’m still here and not giving up. It’s up to us to deal with what life throws at us in the best possible way. Even if it’s difficult or seemingly impossible, you owe it to yourself to try again. It’s not your fault horrible shit happens, sometimes from the outcome of our own action or inaction, sometimes just for pure circumstances but it’s our own responsibility to heal ourselves.

  6. My ASC is at 5° Cap. This transit saw me moving countries, getting divorced, getting my MBA, getting married again, and buying my first home. Nothing major or anything….

  7. When Pluto was crossing my 6 degrees sag asc I was literally getting a divorce from my first husband. It was a completely new life for me, So much freedom !!

    1. It’s a transition. I meant for the picture to convey this.
      The man has been underwater, unbeknownst to anyone. It’s dark. Pluto in the watery 12th house.
      He is emerging… and will eventually be on the land and in action (1st house).

  8. Dear Elsa, I follow slowly your footsteps with asc in early Aquarius opposing both Saturn and then Mars on DSC. So much pain while Pluto is in my 12th, both to my spine and my soul. It will be the last big slow moving Malefic that will transit my Ascendant in this life. Any other before has shaped me anew.

      1. I send my best vibes and wishes and love. You went through a very long ordeal. I am so happy that your spine is so much better than earlier ( this MRI of yours ) was terrifying.

  9. Elsa My ascendent is 1 degree aquarius so pluto is 7 degrees away. Do the effects of the conjunction start now or after pluto is exactly on my ascendent. Also pluto is sextile my venus and sun in pisces right now. Any thoughts?

    1. Welcome, Nate. It’s subjective! Most count 7 degrees separating as a conjunction, but it’s out of sign so you’re sort of like a stepchild. However, this limbo situation will not last long.

      Soon it will be six degrees, five, four, three…

      You’re in the land of the inevitable, I’d say and the gap is closing. I’m sure you feel something but can tell you for sure, it’s will intensify, profoundly.
      Good luck! 🙂

  10. Not only is Pluto on my ascendant and with the USA Pluto return, Venus and mars are there with it now. I think I feel dizzy. But my ascendant is intercepted by Aquarius, and I have found very little info on this. Would this change this conjunction/transit? Of course Pluto is going to sit there a long time… Thank you, Trina

    1. Hi, Trina. Sounds like you and I have our ascendants close together. I am not sure what you mean, “my ascendant is intercepted by Aquarius”. I’m guessing you mean you have a late Capricorn rising, so Aquarius is also in your first house? This would be normal.

      If you mean, Pisces is on your 2nd house cusp and all of Aquarius is in your first, it’s your terminology that’s wrong. Try searching, “Aquarius intercepted in first house”.

      Good luck!

      1. I was only using the terminology I was given a long time ago on the chart. That’s exactly what they said : Capricorn rising about 28°(27 56) intercepted by Aquarius. The other part of what you said about the houses it’s a bit over my head. Its in the first house.Although my grandmother was a professional astrologer I’m only a student. I did see a book about intercepted signs once But seems esoteric to research. thank you I’ll give it a shot …maybe it’s not that important, Because most places don’t say anything about it?

        1. This clarifies it. It means that you are a Capricorn rising, which is one thing.
          Your first house contains Capricorn and Aquarius.

          You ascendant can only be one sign (Capricorn). Aquarius is intercepted in your first house rather than in your ascendant.
          Hopefully this did not muddy this further. Try searching “first house interception” or something along those lines. Good luck!

  11. I too have Pluto conjunction my asc and Neptune op my moon, I feel like my brain is mush, for example I went to get meds for my dog, Luke, and I was talking to the cashier and I took the receipt and left the bag of meds WTF that’s just one example of my life these last few days! Frustrating!!!

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