Mercury Conjunct Mars: I Want Red Wheeled Things… Fiercely

This post continues the story of the red wagon…

I coveted that red wagon and brizo mentioned in the comments, I also coveted my red handtruck and she is certainly right about that. I also used to own the red truck, pictured and in all three cases, I was spellbound by these objects from the moment I laid eyes on them.

I told my husband I felt the same way the first time I laid eyes on him. To me, he was a red wagon and the minute I saw him, I coveted him and knew he was mine.

Of course I went into  a panic that day. I ran get my roommate to go procure him for me, scared to death the object of my desire would get away! Two days later, he came over with his red motorcycle, which was also mine. He gave me that motorcycle a year later, it was my first car.

There was also a red, floor jack, prominent in my life and all of these red (Mars), wheeled things (Mercury) can be tied to the Mars Mercury conjunction in my chart.  In each case there is a stimulating, outrageous story (9th house) involved and I wonder if anyone else can identify a theme like this in their chart.

Can you?

14 thoughts on “Mercury Conjunct Mars: I Want Red Wheeled Things… Fiercely”

  1. I have a similar theme. Moon/Mars opposite Jupiter. I had a Red Ford F250 with a straight six engine and 4 speed standard shift. I felt bigger than life driving around in that truck.

  2. I’ve got Mars in Libra that tweaks my venus. I think that would make sense of my love of red. Red metal makes me drooool.

    But I also love sparkly. Not diamond sparkly..but glittery rainbow sparkly. Silver, sequins, opals, christmas light things. I think that has to do with something else.

    I’d love to link my preoccupation with sound to something. Voices..hitting a deep hard barrel..the low tones, that is what gets me. Bass, not the thumping bass that you hear teens blaring from their cars..but that low steady from a muscle car. Omg, it lights something up for sure.

  3. Yellow. It’s got to be yellow, or golden. I taught my daughter to tell me, “Mom, you don’t want or need that. You’re only thinking of buying it because it’s yellow.” I didn’t get interested in my husband until he got that yellow sports car. I loved to drive that 5 speed with the top down. My husband is a blond, too. After 30 years of marriage he’s going gray, but I’ll keep him.
    Why yellow? Maybe it’s Ascendant and Jupiter in Taurus. I’ve had 3 gray vehicles – basic Capricorn. They didn’t make Ford F150s in yellow when we bought ours.

  4. hey, wait a second, isn’t sending over the roommate chasing?!?!


    i have mars/mercury conjunct in the 12th—maybe the house placement is why red has always been one of my least favorite colors.

    i am fond of fast speeds, though. and fishtailing vehicles along the road as if they were underwater. . .

    @Sue Ellen—i have to tell myself the same exact thing, only about burgundy

  5. Lona, hell no. In my culture, it is perfectly acceptable to invite a man to dinner. In fact, this is how it’s done. You send a male family member (the roommate) to do the inviting because inherent in that, is a threat that if the man comes to dinner, he is to treat me with respect or else… my brother / roommate kicks his ass.

    My husband accepted the contract and committed to me within 12 hours – asked me to be his girlfriend.

  6. Elsa is your scooter red too?

    I have a thing for anything blue. I have to police myself to not buy something just because its blue.

  7. Heheheh – Friends in the car with me 10/15/20 years ago were familiar with me muttering or swearing about what I call RBC – “Red Car Behaviour” – on the road. That was the end of the ‘Thatcher era’

    I don’t know if a certain sort of reckless aggressive driver used to buy a red car, or driving a red car made them drive like that! There seem to have been far fewer of them on the roads in recent years, or maybe as I don’t get around much I don’t see it

    My main astrological behavioural quirk is due my Uranus conj MC and sq Asc – constant changes of direction

  8. I am driving around in a sofa on wheels these days. I feel like I am about 25 years too young for that. Time for an upgrade.

  9. I think it’s cool that you can track a pattern like that and easily relate it to your chart, Elsa.

    I’m gonna have to think about this. I do have some things that consistently attract me, green/blue rocks, silver, handmade items, antiques, jewel toned glass… gosh, there’s more than I realized. Just not just how to relate it to my chart though.

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