The Astrology of Golf: Saturn And Neptune

young golfGolf is my game, and I suck at it. It is one of the few things I do poorly that I still love to do. I consider it a fascinating blend of Saturn and Neptune energies. The Saturn influence is clear in its inflexible structure of rules and fundamentals. Neptune is the magic that brings it to life. You have to hold all of the minutia of form and learned skill in your head while simultaneous blurring them out. If you focus too hard on what you’re doing, you’re sure to tank your shot. There’s a zen beauty to golf, complicated and simultaneously simple with the added element of divinity, rising above the physicality of it all. The more meditative I am the better I perform. Sometimes I even recite a mantra as I prepare to swing.

I have a grand trine in water with Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter (sport). When playing golf I find myself utterly in my element. However, with my Mars position, squaring Jupiter and quincunx to Saturn, my fortune at the game is, well, challenged, and my skill (Mars to Saturn) is uneven. That is to say I generally suck. The game itself resonates harmoniously with my grand trine. My skill level is abysmal. Oh well!

Do you participate in a sport? Can you see the astrology of it?

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  1. Only thing I do is swimming occasionally. Mars aspects Neptune. I might try martial arts, that could fit too. I also used to walk the coast path here a lot till my son started toddling and it got too dangerous. Ok with him in the backpack, running along the cliff, NO!

  2. Basketball is my sport. I have a goal in my backyard where I still shoot.

    I get into some kinda rhythm state when playing in the yard. The feel of the ball, shooting motion, the sound as the ball goes through the net.

  3. Horse-racing:

    Saturn – it has a very complex structure and all must abide by the Rules of Racing; and it’s fanatically disciplined for young and old alike – punctuality and good manners are mandatory. The hierarchical nature of the sport is obvious to all involved, and respected.

    Virgo – Attention to a million little details is essential

    Sagittarius – it’s athletic and international. In the UK people drive all over the country to meetings, every day. Horses fly round the world to race, along with their jockeys and trainers. Horses and jockeys have to be supremely fit to race, let alone to win

    Aries – it’s very competitive

    Pluto and Uranus – fortunes, reputations and lives can be and are won and lost on the turn of a moment, especially in jump racing. Death is never far away – courage and skill are ever-present; injury changes lives and careers in a split second

    Cancer – the horses are beloved and nurtured, and whilst in training want for nothing

    Leo – the superstars are feted, and celebrated, and their names live forever

  4. I am abysmal at sports because I simply don’t get caring that much about the whole thing. I have serious Libra in my chart, incredibly Libra-heavy, and I sometimes wonder if it is a combination of my love of the underdog and my lack of desire to really take sides that causes this.

    When I was a kid, no one wanted me on their team, and I totally understand why. (And, well, I didn’t really want to be on their teams, either, frankly — the pressure!!) If I had the ball, and I saw that someone else really, really, really wanted it? I’d just, ya know, pass the ball over to them — even if it was the other team! Because I didn’t want the ball that much, and it seemed to really upset the other people not to have it, so…..

    Yeah. I was horrible to have on a team. Sun, Mars, Mercury, and other planets in Libra.

  5. I used to play racquetball pretty seriously until my right arm doubled in size compared to my left. I tried to play left handed for a while then gave it up.

  6. I used to play all sorts of stuff! I like volleyball & baseball, I used to be on every sprint team at school but my big thing was showjumping. I Have ridden, like forever & was very competitive for two decades or so. I don’t ride anymore because I don’t bounce as well =D (I HATE BEING A GROWN UP SOMETIMES!!!)
    I think it was being able to be in tune/sync with a horse (Neptune) combined with danger brain (Aries). I LOVED it!!!!

  7. Cross Country! I need the freedom of running for long distances, through the hills. I love the fact my lungs are getting a work out. I am such a Sag. I have a running partner too! My dog.

    Then I have the whole dancing thing going on as well!! Sag, Pisces (moon) and Scorpio (jupiter) colliding, the need to express with out words creatively.

  8. I have the same grand trine in water with Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune, along with Mars square Jupiter and Mars quincunx Saturn. I’m great at shooting hoops without pressure from opposing players or a game on the line. I also have the same ability in baseball, yet I’m the least competitive sports person, I don’t engage in any sport for leisure on a regular basis. I do however, shoot hoops in the driveway, play street hockey and catch with my kids. My Mars is conjunct my IC in Libra.

  9. Mars in Aries – I compete against myself… in sports that usually involve weapons… archery… competitive shooting… martial arts, like bojutsu (wielding a 6 foot long wooden staff all “kung fu” like). LOVED IT!

    But I also have a Sagittarius 6th house, and worked with horses ALL of my life. LOVE them too!

    And with all my 8th house Aquarius energy and with Neptune in a Scorpio 5th house, I was always about analyzing the deeper and more spiritual “zen” ways of doing all of this. I didn’t do martial arts to be a “bad-ass,” I did it as a meditation, really. It was cool. 🙂

  10. I’ve got Grand Trines in Earth – Asc/ Sun/Venus and Moon – I never wanted to ride competitively, bending the horse to my will: what I loved was going out riding in the countryside, feeling totally at one with nature and the landscape through my mutual empathy with the horse

  11. I loved gymnastics. I did the balance beam for years (injury kept me from competing). I loved it. Dance as well, especially Ballet and Tap. I love the discipline and graceful control of ballet and the cheerfulness of tap.

    @Satori- I was a golf widow for years! I went to the driving range one time and never tried again- I also sucked at it.

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