Interpreting Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces is a switch board. They are receivers.  They will appear to be having that conversation with you (compare to Mercury in Scorpio) but really they are just feeding you whatever psychic stream they are tuned to at the moment.

Sometimes its the frenetic chatter of a lost soul trying to get someones – anyones – attention.  Other times its the low resounding Aum of the universe.  There is a tendency to suddenly drop out of conversation, especially if you drive under an overpass.

This receptive ability makes them excellent listeners.  And even if you feel like you can see the words streaming out the other ear, you still get a feeling like they cared enough to take it in, even if only for a moment.

This does not mean that Mercury in Pisces people have no thoughts of their own.  These people have quite a rich internal landscape.  Its just that if you had 800 channels of high quality satellite TV in your head, you would sit there and watch it all day too. When these people do finally decide to turn off the tube, put some pants on and express themselves, it comes out as art.  If they want to tell you something, they will write you a song or paint you a picture.  That’s how you know its them talking.

If you have this placement, you probably get your best thinking done in bed, in that twilight consciousness just before sleeping or right after waking.

Pictured: Kurt Cobain and his Mercury in Pisces.

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  1. WoW! Thanks Nota! I’ve never ever been quite able to put into words what it is like to have Mercury in Pisces- Thank YOU! I’m finally starting to get a grip on it, and your description of having 800 channels playing in my head really helps- I’m going to start visualizing my own personal remote control and using that mute button once in awhile!

    Here’s a personal example of how this happens (often). I’m having a conversation with someone about a deep issue (I’ve also got a bunch of Scorpio)- my ears perk up, my focus is on the speaker, and in addition to everything they are saying, I can fill in many of the blanks they are glossing over. If I am later reciting the conversation, say to my husband, I find myself adding dialogue that only I heard, and sometimes feel like I’m exaggerating or not being accurate.- Now, say the same conversation switches gears and we make plans to meet for coffee or lunch the next day… This typically goes in one ear and out the other, without stopping. My close friends are very aware of this and joke with me all the time- they have to constantly send me reminder emails or call the next day to tell me ‘again’ about our plans.

    You definately nailed that I do my best thinking in the first wee hours of the morning- seems to be less static in the air… 🙂 Thanks so much for this post Nota!! You ROCK!

  2. “If you have this placement, you probably get your best thinking done in bed, in that twilight consciousness just before sleeping or right after waking.”

    VERY true. I love my Mercury in Pisces.

  3. Thanks Nota.

    I’d just posted in the subject about the love of words, and said, words are like music to me. I have House 3 in Pisces and I write poetry in free flow – automatic writing. I don’t think, it just flows from my hand, and it makes sense too! I’ve always had a dream to become a song writer, but I have to find my musician first. I also have my natal moon conjunct jupiter in house 3, both trine my neptune in House 12 (Sagittarius). Unfortunately I did not come from an artistic family background and so no one encouraged me in my natural abilities. But life is not over yet so… we’ll see what happens 🙂

  4. Thank you for this! I have the Sun-Mercury-Venus in Pisces in the fifth. I do express myself through writing notes, and sending cards. My thoughts get jumbled alot (my mercury is Rx too) I didn’t speak much as a child.

  5. Tee hee.. funny, and so right on! LOL just mentioned I had this placement this morning on the “soul journey” thread on the boards. Yeah, do my best thinking in bed for SURE! and also, in the shower! 😀 must be the water. 😉

  6. interesting.

    i know a pisces woman who listens to me more attentively than anyone i’ve ever spoken to. i might even say animatedly; her eyes react to words and phrases, her head moves a little too, like she’s catching (or dodging?)words as i speak them.

    recently discovered she’s Mercury Pisces.

  7. @Bob- It’s funny you should mention the physical reactions your Pisces/Merc friend has while listening to you. My husband is always amazed at the private details people (even strangers) will confide in me. He believes that the reason why, is because I physically make them feel that I’m hanging on every word. He’s commented how my body will actually shield the speaker from the rest of the room- and I’m not a big person- so, this is subtle, but obviously effective.

  8. OMG
    PEGGED TO A T!!!

    I (mercury in pisces) constantly struggle with getting across what I mean…and so it usually just turns into me visualizing while someone else is talking…and I don’t bother saying anything anymore.

    and whatever I’m thinking coming out as art is exactly right – painting and film.

    Great Post!

  9. This is a very illuminating post, Nota! Other Mercury placements, particularly Mercury in Pisces and Scorpio, are hard for me to wrap my head around. Pisces is hard for me to pin down in general.

    I was talking to a guy with Mercury in Pisces and tons of Neptoon. I don’t like him that much so I let him do all the work (aah, Gemini can just sit and figure out how normal people lead a conversation), but of course he didn’t get very far. “Anyway…” “Ask me something about myself.” I’m not asking you anything about yourself. Mercury in Pisces is not the kind of placement you can allow to go on autopilot, Mercury in Leo, Sagittarius, or Virgo, maybe.

  10. My mum has Mercury in Pisces. Her family barely spoke (out loud) at home and she didn’t go to school until she was 7. She speaks in fragments a lot of the time and recently became deaf in one ear.

  11. My Mercury is in Pisces, and I know I have better focus than that. What might distract me would be sound distractions in the immediate sphere due to a hearing issue. I tend to soak up an atmosphere in its entirety, but I (try to) remain focused on the person speaking. It’s problematic when there’s a lot of crowd noise going on and I’m trying to ferret out a soft voice in the midst of blurred chatter, but I’m definitely present for the person who’s talking. I also have a pretty decent IQ, which also goes against what Merc in Pisces is supposed to be about. Not all who wander are lost. 🙂

  12. ah I love your post Nota! My husband and myself both have Mercury in Pisces, and we were lying in bed talking about that very thing this morning! He has his sextiled to Jupiter and he has a way of making people laugh and feel so understood, I love that. He’s also a dreamer and floats off into another world, as do I, usually at the same times..then we suddenly come back to earth and grin about that shared tendency. Mine’s in a grand trine with Uranus and Mars,although also part of a tricky yod with Jupiter and Saturn inconjuncts,so I would say I have an intuitive and complex mind that’s forever assessing, weighing, balancing, and often far too busy!

    I listen to people and tune out the words sometimes, I hear “them” instead and find myself tuning in to their deeper issues, that they may not be choosing to discuss, so I instead do small things that show I tuned in. So much goes unsaid, but very little goes unabsorbed.

    I forget myself, I forget faces but I never forget feelings, never forget the tiniest kindness, and both my husband and me do get lost in dreaminess..and forget the time!

    Best thinking is done when in the shower, yes, lying in bed too, or on the move, out walking or when we go for a long drive in the car, we get excited about the journey because we love that opportunity to talk together. We’ve never run out of conversation in 35years..either that or our forgetful Mercurys in Pisces mean we’re repeating ourselves, blissfully unaware! 😉

  13. Wow, thank you Nota! What an insightful article – it’s as though you visited my brain!

    I’ve even told people before that my mind is like a room full of television sets streaming at the same time… I am a painter and singer/songwriter – the voice that are mine.

    Mercury in Pisces… in the 12th House ruled by Pisces… Square Neptune

  14. Avatar
    Aries God (man of war)

    I am that proverbial Aries Male, tempered by the dreamy state of Mercury in Pisces….this is such a wonderful description of how we go through life – always seeing and feeling it all without really ever jumping in all the while excited at the very next thing that happens. Bedtime is great too! 🙂

  15. This is great. It’s wonderful to know that so many great, great people have Mercury in Pisces like I do. It inspires me.

    But the 800 channels thing, wow, it’s so correct. I just wish I was willing to press mute more often~

  16. Avatar

    I have my Mercury in Pisces, so I totally understand what it means to have “800 channels of high quality satellite” in my head. . . It does makes falling asleep at night rather challenging. However, this is a brilliant placement as far as creativity and psychic ability goes, so I wouldn’t change a thing.

  17. Ha! Ha! Ha! This is such a brilliant post! This is me totally. 8th house Mercury Pisces, trine Neptune, trine ascendant. ‘It’s just that if you had 800 channels of high quality satellite TV in your head, you would sit there and watch it all day too.’ You’ve nailed it!

    People unbosom their darkest secrets to me; friends send me shopping lists telepathically; I can read energies and thoughts around me like a road map.

    Transiting Neptune is right on my Mercury right now, amplifying the whole shebang.

    I’ve got a Pisces friend with sun on my Mercury, and we’re just in another dimension in our contact. She knew straight away when I was back in the country, before I even said hello. She felt my energies, she said.

    Ha! Ha! Thanks for making my day. I laughed out loud. Now, time to get some pants on.

  18. I’ve got Mercury in Pisces in the seventh. I was working as a hostess in a crazy busy barbecue restaurant in downtown Fort Worth the day I found out Cobain was gone. Country music was blaring but I saw Kurt’s face on the news on the suspended television and I knew. I reference him in the novel I’m writing. I cried for three days and listened to Nevermind in mourning.

  19. So good. I have a friend who deliberately switches to talking gibberish when he sees I’ve zoned out. He’s an Aries! Funny.

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