Should You Use Astrology To Screen People You Date?

My sister and I have studied astrology since we were kids. She told me that she hated people with Saturn in Sagittarius. I looked at her and laughed.  “Could it be because you’re a Pisces with a Sagittarius Moon?”

She raised her eyebrow because this had not occurred to her. Classic Pisces oblivion.

See, people who have Saturn in Sagittarius are going to hit my sister’s chart HARD. Not to mention, her Sun and Moon are part of a Grand Cross.

Who needs it?  She has a Grand Cross in her chart. She has enough trouble!

I am in similar circumstance. People with Saturn in a certain sign jack up both my Sun and Moon so think about this…

Say I’m going to get on a dating site. And say I know that everyone born in 19** has Saturn slamming my Sun and Moon. Should I pass those profiles up? I think so!

What’s the point? To find a partner, right?

Do I want a partner who constantly tells me I suck? Probably not! And this is how it is when someone’s Saturn is leaning on your Sun. You try to shine (Sun) and they tamp you down out of fear (Saturn).

So what about the Moon? Well, that’s even worse. I say I feel bad and what’s Saturn say? “Grow up, you baby!” Greeeaaaaaat! That’ll help my low mood!

Saturn moves slow. If you want to filter like this, well for my purposes, I am only going to date in about a ten-year age range anyway. Saturn has a twenty-eight year cycle so that means I am only going to box out the people born during one particular year.

Astrology aside, if you’re smart, you filter people anyway. Life is too short to spend it around people who make you feel lousy, don’t you think?

Of course if you are a masochist then you should reverse all this!

69 thoughts on “Should You Use Astrology To Screen People You Date?”

  1. I tend to find guys who are all at my age. That is one heck of a buster… They all have that Saturn-Pluto conjunction in their chart SOMEWHERE, if they are born in 1982 like me.
    That means, they can be a real buzzkill for my 8th house. And probably make me tick also, as Saturn rules my 12th house with Cap.

    I have tried 2 times to have a BF 6 years older than me. Their Saturn then squared my Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction. That bluidy hurt, because this stellium is opposite my Chiron, so they activate each other. On the other side, a BF with Taurus planets hit my Chiron as well.
    It’s not easy.

    I have had great experience with Sag people (at least they don’t touch my chart!) and Geminis, and Gemini is my cryptonite because it’s the 5th house and I am always carried away, and a quadrable Scorpio + 8th house type doesn’t like to loose their cool around them! Especially as Geminis can feel so fickle for deep and penetrating Scorpios… No, Sag is much better. Sag is my 10th house and 11th house. That should make for some power coupling, yes?! 😉

    Sometimes I have thought “I would really like to date a [insert sign] – and then, I do tend to meet these signs! I guess it’s that Venus-Jupiter conjunction… Be careful what you wish for! 😛

  2. Absolutely. There are certain signs, years of birth, and even aspects I avoid, to save myself grief downstream. I won’t even be friends with someone with say, Venus in Aries square my Capricorn Venus, because experience has shown they will want to compete with me, my lifestyle, and even my relationships! Mars in Aries the same. Yet, some of my best friends were Sun Aries.

  3. Not a fan of Sun in Aquarius, Sun in Pisces, Mars in Aquarius, Mars in Pisces, Sun in the 11th house, Sun in the 12th house, Mars in the 11th house, Mars in the 12th house, Sun/Uranus aspects, Sun/Neptune aspects, Mars/Uranus aspects, Mars/Neptune aspects when it comes to men.

  4. Well lets put it this way if i come across his Saturn conjunct my Sun, Venus, Mercury which is in my 11th house..using Synastry chart, I am not letting them in my door..experience of a man 16 yrs older and one 12 yrs younger than myself..because my business revolves around public they get all up my wazoo. and i cant peel them off of me. though in different ways it still throws a blanket on me and my finances..and of course none of my friends like them:-)

  5. But Elsa I thought, since for ex I myself have sagg saturn opposite my moon, I’m used to that energy already, and I won’t be affected that much wheninvolved with other saturns saggs? Thats what I’ve rad about synastry before atleast.

    But with that said, I totally agree with you!
    I have moon-saturn, and I certainly don’t need some more saturn energy straining on my moon :p

  6. I wonder why I have not seen a dating site that lets you set chart/plane placements?
    Seems like a much needed service.
    It would be like… looking for mars in Libra,Venus in Aquarius……
    Could save so much time, right?

    1. Perhaps such a website might be created and become popular with Uranus in Taurus. I think it would be fine to filter out specific outer planet placements. But doing the opposite could make you miss out on some unexpected matches.

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