Mercury Is Undervalued In Astrology – Big Mistake!

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Generally speaking, Mercury is undervalued in astrology. As if you can’t ruin your life with your thoughts or the things you say or the things that are said about you.

As if mental confusion does not cause problems, for anyone, ever.

As if getting the answers wrong on tests is unimportant.

As if thinking you are smarter than you are can’t possibly have an effect on your life and the lives of others.

As if it’s not possible to waste your time and intellectual potential.

As if you don’t care if your smart-phone breaks or your phone doesn’t ring.

As if you don’t mind being bored!

Read anything good lately? Had a serious or significant conversation? Or is the mind rotted on tweets?

18 thoughts on “Mercury Is Undervalued In Astrology – Big Mistake!”

  1. Mercury is undervalued because people give up and things can go wrong so quickly. Look at what Saturn in Sagittarius is doing right now.

    I have been so hard on myself lately because of HOW I am saying (I work in Sales) to customers. My speech rambles on or I confuse people. I am struggling with making sure my speech is perfect and detailed (my virgo sun says so). I just want people to understand my message. When it doesn’t, I look back and feel stupid or guilt because I could of done better.

    1. Lol such a Virgo! Me too. Double. My Mercury is in Libra
      People think Im wishy washy because I see both sides of an argument.
      I also take forever to email or text someone because I proofread then reread then walk away, come back and proofread again. Before you know it, its 15 minutes later and Its finally perfect enough to send . Lol

  2. This makes sense, because communication is what we need to do as functioning members of the human race. Mercury is communication! Now more than ever before are we communicating with each other (at least on the surface level).

    1. All the words above ring true to me, and it’s not the phone ringing. Just learned someone I know had a stroke, lost the language, and it’s doubly sad, as that person was the caregiver/advocate for another who is seriously ill. Communication is vital to us, as Goldie says above. And to Mike, don’t be hard on yourself; you explained your feelings very well. I feel that way sometimes too – I have Mercury in the 3rd house Sagittarius. I go to the grocery and I can’t stop talking, to everyone, other customers, the employees…and I’m doing it again (I’m writing and I can’t shut up. I’m thankful I read everyone’s words above today, and am appreciating communication as a gift, even if one is not eloquent, the “gift of gab” is meaningful as well, both at least and at best, for there is communication going on. Please speak a positive thought in private for the person who had the stroke.

      1. There’s a need to ensure the message is has enough useful information. I feel I give too little or too much useless information. But I think the guilt comes from this Saturn transit. I think it’s about cutting out the unnecessary so you only say what needs to be said.

      2. Oh my gosh! My houses are identical. Im a Virgo with sag in my 3rd.
        I talk to myself incessantly. I give speeches in my car. I practice expressing my opinions making sure Im clear and anticipate counter arguments. I express my anger out loud alone. People must think Im a lunatic.lmao
        I cant shut up and I talk to everybody and anybody

  3. Me again! I just had another thought about communication when I let my GSD (German Shepherd Dog) out the door: he’s a Gemini! Born June 1, will be 4 yrs old coming up here soon. This one is probably the smartest GSD I’ve ever had (oh, they’re all smart; it’s like having another person in the house!) My point as to this post is this: communication with animals. He and I communicate very well; I don’t have to say a word, just nod my head in the direction I want him to go. Example: one morning I let him out, and I was too lazy to call him back; he heard the door creek, looked at me, and I jerked my head back as if to say “get in here”. And he did! So I tried it on him another time, i.e., no voice command, or hand signal. I was in the back yard with him, and jerked my head to the side toward the back door, and he went in! Perhaps it’s inbred in a dog that herds … aaaand, he’s a Gemini. He was 18 months old when his Master died naturally at home; as they took Master out, the pup moaned, even tried to howl. I told the person in charge of this sad task that perhaps the dog wanted her assistant to come back and pet him again. The Woman in Charge of this very somber task of taking Master out “feet first” said to me, “No. Every house we go into where a dog lives, the dog cries when we take that person out.” They know! they are dogs, and they know. The last GSD’s Master and I had before this one was a bitch and a dog, her brother, from the same litter, born Memorial Day, 1999. I absolutely knew that my bitch, Bianca, did not have “garden variety diarrhea”, and that she was bloating(as in, they’ll die if you don’t act!)On my way to retrieve Bianca after recovering from surgery at the animal hospital, that’s when I heard the news on NPR: “a plane has just crashed into . . . “, and that became our collective history. I know about the book “Animal Speak”. I’ve been speaking to the animals since before Kindergarten. I capitalize Kindergarten, because that’s like getting your PhD. I’m no an astrologer, although my husband’s Aunt Betty was, and she taught me back in 1976 before we had computers. To describe the chart is quite another thing. You all know astrology more than I, and so I am hoping you might share any insight on the birth date of our wonderful dogs, or other animals. Question: if Mercury is going (r) and my dog is a Gemini, does that mean he’s not going to do as I say so/follow my commands. This dog is very, very smart. He uses his front legs to do things and he invents variations on the games I devise for him. Thank you for any and all of your thoughts, even if you think I’m crazy. BTW, I had a Himalayan cat that could Meditate you; Bubba lived 16 years and never weighed more than 6 lbs.

    1. I have a Gemini greyhound boy and a Leo whippet-Saluki girl they are both clever and very gorgeous. And like chalk and cheese. I never thought about the Mercury Rx I’ll keep an eye on him now. But he does do that Gemini thing that when he’s really bothered about something like he really wants a treat he pretends not to be. Just peeps out of one eye and lies motionless. Then springs for the prize!

  4. I have an unusual Mercury placement, in Virgo and smack dab in the middle of Uranus and Pluto conjunct.

  5. Avatar
    Warped by Wuthering Heights

    Gegenschein, sending prayers and healing wishes for a fast and complete recovery for the person who had a stroke, and many blessings for you and your wonderful dogs!

  6. I have Mercury conjunct Chiron in 4th House Capricorn. This goes to the “Do you need a villian post.” I’m exceptionally unsure of myself – my intellect, my ability to communicate – so I overcompensate by becoming responsible for things I shouldn’t and don’t want to have responsibility for. I talk myself into corners and then only want to be free of the responsibility.

    My second post today and I really know they don’t make sense to anyone but me. But I kind of need to hear them. Thank you for letting me follow my maze.

    1. Oh crikey I do that too. 4th House Saturn and Mercury in Pisces. Victim! Hence the Heathers post, I want to murder 3 little girls who are leading me by the nose right now. Feel like a bull on a chain and the pressure to keep calm it’s like a ton weight on my chest. Feel I’m fighting for my life psychically and reputation wise. It’s awful.

  7. Yay! Someone speaking praises for My Man Mercury. Thank you Elsa. Double Mercury here Sun in Virgo in the 6th and Moon in Gemini in the 3rd. As an educator I make my living by speaking, talking and …… L I S T E N I N G which is a part of communication that is also overlooked. And best of all Mercury – he’s so sexy with his long curly wind blown hair and cute hat!
    Aries Rising

  8. Hehe, I have a little Mercury flaw in that I have Chiron in the 3rd house and my Mercury is in the 8th house of Scorpio.

    As a real Chiron here, I sought out an education in the filed of communication… Since my wound was not being listened to enough and needles to say, my love language is words. I need and crave words of affection, like others crave chocolate. My Chiron is in Taurus so no words of affection => My self worth can be deeply wounded, even if they do hold feelings for me. I simply don’t feel it on a deep level.

    My Mercury in 8th house works best when I am with wounded people. People where life has thrown them a curveball. I try to heal them with my words, bring back their sense of self worth (Again – Chiron Taurus, heal others with what doesn’t come naturally to yourself).

    My mind looks into the matter and I know the exact words to tell them, what to say to make them feel better. What their issues are – although you gotta be careful with that, since people don’t like to have their family skeletons thrown into their faces…
    I don’t do superficial communications and thinking. I always wants to lift every unseen stone and ask the question “WHY”. I always wants to know the “Why”… it can be draining sometimes if a lover has rejected me.

    I can easily detect a person’s personality – including their sexual style of preferences. I am attracted to the more “dark” aspects in people, even if my Libra Moon in the 8th is somewhat appalled by what she discovers LOL.

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